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Week 9 Run 3 complete!


Showered and refreshed with a glowing body having completed 40 minutes and 6.22k - including warm up and warm down walks - of my very last Couch to 5k runs.

I completed it once before, in November 2014, without the encouragement of this forum, and once done, the running stopped.

Because of this forum, I have finished this time thinking of things for the future - including Park Runs, (fortuitously just set up in my country) and some other 5k runs, so today should not be the end.

I have completed the runs this time at the age of 71 and a quarter, and after a heart operation five years ago for atrial fibrillation, so each time I set off I say careful goodbyes to the family..... but I kept coming back, even today.

So this is the proof that this course really does work and that anyone can do it. I promote it on my Twitter account every day, because as you all know life is so much better off the Couch.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone on this forum. I have a stack of stats if anyone else is nerdish enough to know how the nine weeks progressed.

Thanks again

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well done you what a fab achievement - it's a relief you kept coming back! Don't forget to get hold of your badge, you've earned it, so show it off with pride. Pinned posts to the right...


Incredible!!! Well done Duddles

Well done



Wow go you 👏👏👏👏 that's amazing. True inspiration xx


Huge, HUGE congratulations.. what a journey !

Go and get that badge... we are all waiting to toast your amazing success... and the best bit..this goes on :)


Well done.

You don't have to disappear from the forum just because you have graduated.

DuddlesGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks - I'll stick around to find out what to do next....

Congratulations on your second graduation Duddles😊🎉🎉🎉🎉

You are a fantastic role model for us all at 71 years young and still out running those kms...

Well done and I hope you carry on enjoying your running and writing up run reports. 😊x


Wowzers Duddles ?? 71?? I am not worthy...you are absolutely a-maz-zing....I am sending you a virtual high five 🙌....I don’t drink during the week so I will raise more than a glass to you tomorrow....wow xx

DuddlesGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Thanks, it was your post, about some struggles you were having a few weeks ago, which inspired me to see it through this time.

MummycavModerator in reply to Duddles

Crikey..just an innocent, honest post can lead to results like yours...fab-u-lous Duddles...brilliantly done xx


Well done!! Amazing achievement, yes it really does work!

Congrats, keep up the great work🎉🎊🍾


Well done! What a fabulous achievement Duddles! Very well done!

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