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C25K Fun Run/Park Run?????

Obviously having too much time on my hands (she says, typing this, knowing she should be hurrying up for work) I've come up with an idea .... not sure if it's been suggested or done before but how about a 5K run with everyone from C25K who wants to take part. Even if we all just got together at a park run (swell their numbers a bit) we could all meet. It would be great publicity for the C25K site and a great opportunity to meet all the people who have inspired one another through the 9 weeks any beyond.

Would anyone be up for this? Possibly the NHS could arrange it *smiles hopefully*

Lisa :)

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Something similar was suggested earlier in the year. See

I don't think it ever happened. :(


If it was anywhere near me I'd love to (I'm in NE England). We're all so scattered around it'd not be easy to organise but what great fun it'd be. :-)


I'd be up for this too. I'm in Yorkshire.

Perhaps the admins could take the idea back to the NHS Direct team and pass to those responsible for Healthy Living and see if a bit of publicity would help.


Hi Lisa,

You might be interested in this meet up!

A park run meet up might also be a good idea.



You beat me toi it!!! I am looking forward to the meet up. Any one else up for this???.

Theresa - have you had your race pack?

Parkrun meet up sounds good too.... Think there would have to be a Number of locations as people are spread out all over the UK


Ali, I haven't had my race pack yet.

Looking forward to it!


Just seen in the website you pick up your number on the day


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