Boxing Day Run complete!

Thanks for the encouragement to get out there today! Beautiful morning and NO wind to contend with, such a difference from Monday. Must say, being pretty tired I noticed a huge difference in my run feeling 'heavy' and sluggish but it's done and I'm so happy. Was fun to think of all you other C25K (and graduates) out there this morning too. Have a great day.


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11 Replies

  • I have just got back from my run. Struggled a bit today but completed my 30 mins. Can eat the chocs today without guilt! Lucky to live in the Algarve, Portugal, so a lovely calm, sunny morning. Rained most of the day yesterday though!! xxxx

  • i have been out in an interesting foggy frosty misty sunny very atmospheric morning. Runners and dog walkers appearing out of the mist... I was dressed all in black in new Nevica cosy top (sports direct cheap!) new ear warmer band thing and gloves and my now favourite Tracksters. I must have been quite spooky! Did day 2 of B210k programme which is 4 lots of 10 mins with 1 min walk in between - and no Laura! Also felt tired, heavy and sluggish but did it and feel much better for it. Beautiful sunshine now! Don't understand stats at all but seem to have travelled 7+km with a mix of running and walking inc warm up and down.

    Now enjoying late breakfast of porridge and coffee and thinking about cooking timeline for today! Merry Christmas to you ex-couch potatoes turned runners out there! Thanks also for getting me out there today.

  • Also enjoying my post-run porridge and a cup of tea! Yes - I made it! (The run I mean, not the porridge!!). So chuffed with myself as managed 5.26k. Took 37 mins which is 5 mins slower than best time, but I'm so glad to be back up to the distance again! Beautiful morning here, though quite frosty and slippy on the paths. Ran the Forth Rd Bridge and luckily the pedestrian path was ice-free! Gorgeous views and lovely sunshine. Anyway, thanks again to everyone on here for your posts and enjoy the rest of your Christmas break.

  • Sounds good run Do you find it strange to be doing prog where you back doing walking breaks I still looking for structure Post c25k to replace Laura

  • i do find it strange and am keeping my 5k park run just to keep myself from going soft. I have only done two of these 10 1 10 1 10 1 10 and I haven't been full of beans so I am working on total distance. One more and it then changes to 15 1 15 1 15 which means I am steadily building up total running minutes. I am OK with that as my now 55 year old body has been fine so far so don't want to change anything!

  • Thanks deb I've been lucky too with no injurys so guess just steady does it --- but just increase distance I suppose it's just like feeling when started c25k Can I do it and will it work Suppose just have to find prog to follow and have confidence in it and myself and go for it Wish Laura did 10k!

  • Did my week 7/3 run this morning in a beautiful crisp sunny near deserted Chichester. Feels great to have done it. I have had a lot of debilitating health issues in the past, so it was so wonderful to arrive back at my mothers for her to see me come in from a run - she beamed with delight.

  • I've just got back in from my Boxing Day run - which was my first run since Dec 16th (tut tut - lots of excuses, not much motivation).

    Hoping to get back into the habit of running 3 times a week...

  • I too did a boxing day slow interval run- Just pleased to be out there - it was a glorious morning.

  • Did an hours run this morning, had to! It was good run, I skipped breakfast (I just was not hungry after yesterday) and I felt I had loads energy, I normally flag a little between 20-40 minutes but today was fine, I'm guessing it was due to the massive carb backload from yesterday. :)

  • Managed my boxing day run but it was touch & go. I got up late had a piece of cherry tart with a milky coffee & then a banana & then out at midday - a big mistake. 1.5k down the road terrific headache. Recapped & decided that I was running on empty & sloped off home. Lovely lunch & lots & lots of drink (n0n alcoholic) & set out again at 4pm. Ran for the 30mins & just over 4K. Needed that 2nd run for my confidence. Thanks for the invite to run today. I'm really glad I've been out there & I'll remember, in future, to make sure I've put fuel in the tank.

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