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Sami's the girl for me

Sami's the girl for me

B210K week 5 run 2. Rolled out of bed at 6:30. I don't really want to run but Sami is waiting. Oh well, nothing for it but get the gear on. Garmin, armband with phone, compression shorts (stops chaffing), dri-fit socks, C25K shirt, Garmin HRM belt and off I go.

Out into the wilds of Surrey. Programme today walk 5 mins, run for 25 mins, walk 1 min, run another 25 mins, walk 5 mins. Simple eh.

Sami - on, garmin on and off we go.

Greet dog walker, headphones in don't know if he replied.

5 mins walk is up Sami says okay first 25 minute run enjoy yourself.

I head out to Polesden Lacey and it's the hills again long climb before the first mile ticks off at 11:42. Not bad considering it had the 5 minute walk in it. Across the road, down hill - don't go too fast and up heartbreak ridge a long, steep hill that even a pack horse would find difficult. Feel like I've almost stopped then I reach the top check my heart rate - it's high no surprise there. Carry on up the trail to Crabtree cottages and hit the road. Faster now - 2nd mile 10:13. That is quick for me.

Through the car park up the next hill not so steep but it goes on forever Sami butts in take it down for a minute. Hmm, feeling pretty good today.

Minute up it's your last 25 minute run (what again?). Start running past the sawmill, across onto another bridleway. Another mile gone check the time 10:03! What but that included walking for a minute? Wow.

Carry on up the bridleway, up and down hills onto the grasses. 4th mile is up - 9:36 now this is getting ridiculous. I'm trying to be good and keep my heart rate down.

On the other side of the grasses I get the benefit of all the hills I ran up it's a long slow run down hill. Towards Bocketts Farm, another mile gone 10:26 that's still pretty quick.

Check my watch 55 minutes are up and here's Sami well done end of your run - get some rest.

I wander home on my cool down - stop to take a picture, reach home and the music finishes.

I am in awe of C25K and Sami B210K. Started C25K in April, finished in June. Started B210k in July so here I am in Week 5 with one run to go and I feel brilliant. Total distance was 9.61K, Outdoor 5K PB 30:52.

Bring on Thursday - I'm going need to extend my route.

Hope you all have great runs today it's lovely out there ;-)

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Ooh looks lovely there. It's raining here! Great run and just to think you didn't really want to run! Your body obviously had other ideas!


It was only 14 degrees but such a welcome relief from the hot weather of the previous weeks


Great write up and photo. Thanks for sharing! You're doing AMAZING work on B210K... you've got this long run stuff nailed now... Well done!

10 minute miles are pretty darn good BTW - that's a 60 minute 10K (or thereabouts)... that's an GREAT time!

I ran today too (in Finland) - also a glorious day for it here!

Enjoy your rest...

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Thanks aussie. Even managed to keep the heart rate down today training effect 4.6 according to Miss Garmin


Well done GF! I can't recall Sami ever telling me to enjoy myself. She's a bit monosyllabic usually. She kicks butt though, as she says

That looks an idyllic route, sounds it too. Great to have somewhere inspiring to run isn't it, even if there are some hills


I was surprised when she said it. I'm sure I didn't imagine it. Will have to try a parkrun somewhere flat when I'm back from my hols.


Thanks KittyKat I still can't get over how great C25K is in laying the foundation that allow people to go on and achieve 10Ks, Half Marathons etc. This forum is fantastic in supporting people through their own personal running journeys. I would probably have chosen a different programme if I'd realised how quickly B210K stretches you but it is definitely working for me.


Oh very well done! B210k is really full on but you seem like you've got it completely covered. Fab run report and an excellent time too. Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks AM it really is a bit full-on but that just makes completing it feel even better


Finding somewhere flat is great isn't it. We're easily pleased. Ooooh flat road. Yay. Nutters all!

I'm off to find some now. Hitting the trail for a 5 k.


Have a great one Miss NotWobbley


I found one. Made heavy weather of it too. Tut


So I read and injured too. Rest up and get back out there I'm sure your next one will be brilliant again


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