Me 3 Surrey Hills 0 - Calves on fire!

First of all - THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND ONCE AGAIN I THANK YOU - all you lovely people on this forum for your encouragement. I decided to stick with Sami and set off this morning and it was brilliant. Quick 5 minute walk then 3 x 18 minutes with a one minute rest in between and I only went and did it.

Total distance was 9.54k in 66 mins but why Me 3

1) I did it - so chuffed kept running for each of the 18 minute slots without stopping

2) I ran up every hill without stopping - even the final one and

3) Garmin PB longest run 9.5k

So extremely happy and a great start to the day

Happy Running all - it's lovely out there at the moment


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16 Replies

  • Sounds like very good going to me! :-) you're sounding very pleased with yourself, and quite right too.

  • Thanks I_will loving the postive glow ;-)

  • Oh yeah - there's nothing quite like it :-)

  • Well done you! You stuck with it and what positive results! :) happy running x

  • Thanks Net68 - I did feel the trees were patting me on the back as I passed them!

  • Blimey, I'm breathless just reading your account. If this is what C25K can do for one, best I get my crew off of H2WTP (Hammock to Walk the Plank) and on to this programme tooty sweetie :-). Well done!

  • Thanks Cap'n, Not bad for a 52 year old who started C25K in April. It really does work.

  • Not bad? Toppermost of the poppermost more like (it's a Beatles reference). You can have my tot today!

  • I told ya Sami was the girl for you!!!!! Wahay GF!!! I'm right chuffed for you. It's not easy is it but well worth hanging in there and nailing the bugger. I'm so glad you didn't quit, as I knew if you just stuck with it you'd get there, and feel as good as you do today.

    I know you had a celebratory nana but seriously you should mark the momentous nature of the occasion and buy yourself a new running vest etc. You deserve it! Make sure you have at least a day's rest. Make your next run an easy one and don't got too far

  • Thanks MW will do. Are you tracking me on Amazon I was going to buy new vest and socks ;-)

  • I've been chatting to MW, she said you had done this programme, I'm thinking of giving it a go....NO, I'm GOING to give it a go! Did you finish it?

  • Yes I did I had a few issues as it can be really tough but Sami got me there. Good luck

  • Awesome job GettingFitter! From one 52yr old to another :) B210K podcasts or the C25K+ podcasts?

  • Thanks Burgdude - B210K podcasts by Samantha Murphy

  • Well done GettingFitter (you certainly are)... not that long ago those hills thought they had you beat! You and Sami have proved them wrong... that's a PROPER run there - 54 minutes of interval work and 9.5K is a mighty fine achievement! Enjoy your rest...

    And - you're right - it was LOVELY out there this morning... back to a little bit cooler in the mornings now! The sun can shine ALL day now... :)

  • Absolutely Aussie it would be a bit warm now methinks

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