Surrey Hills 1 Me 0

Tough run today. Rico my trusty retriever refused to walk so I left him at home (2nd time that's happened). So with a false start I set off. Living in the Surrey Hills you expect hills but I found it so hard today. Started up hill walking, Bastille was my music choice, got to 5 mins and started running. Now downhill so took it steady don't want another corcked ankle. Then it's uphill a long fairly steep gradient that gets easier. Then my music stopped. Stupid smartphone has put 2 songs in one folder and the rest somewhere else. So I stopped to sort it out. Set off again but my rhythm was gone out of breath I stopped and started walking. Started again still uphill then downhill took it steady, uphill but fairly flat reached a car park and girded my loins for an almighty hill. Got up the top of the steep bit and had to stop when it levelled off. Gremlins chuckling in the background. Walked a bit, gave myself a good telling off and set off again. Managed to keep going up hill, across a flat section and downhill all the way to my 5k finish point. Got to that then walked again and tried to run up another hill and got nearly to the top then had to walk. Jogged on the flat then started the 5 min walk home.

Why was it so hard? Came back feeling really teed off with myself. Checked Endomondo - new outdoor PB for a mile 8 mins 41s, 3 miles 30 mins, and 5k 31m23s total distance 3.72 miles in 41 mins so actually it wasn't all bad.

So Bazza1234 and Sallycycle I agree I am but a babe in arms runner when it comes to pacing myself outdoors (so much easier on a treadmill). I didn't find the hills such a problem on my last run outdoors. Wondering if the B210K minute breaks have ruined my ability to run for 30 mins and whether i need Laura for a few weeks rather than Sami.

Such mixed feelings PBs but undone by having to walk.


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  • That's fantastic... Great times, well done you've done brilliantly :)

  • Thanks JJ be quicker if I hadn't needed to walk

  • Don't feel bad about walking, it's about making it work, and alot of people do that, but if you don't want to try very slow jogging to recover and you will soon not need to walk. When I first did 10k's I always walked after half an hour and I gradually reduced it and then not at all... It does work and you are doing brilliantly...

  • I'll try that next time JJ thanks

  • I think your times are very good. I'm hopeless at pacing and I always go too fast at the beginning and then get knackered! I agree with you - it's much easier to pace on the treadmill.

  • Thanks princess I'm wondering if the audiofuel podcasts would make things easier. Might take a look at them

  • You're expected to walk! These are serious hills. You are not a veteran runner, you're a newbie. Cut yourself some slack!

    You're doing just brilliantly. You didn't quit did you! You don't need Laura. Forget her. You're Sami's guy now. LOL

  • Thanks MW made me chuckle

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