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Me 1 Surrey Hills 1 - I just ran 8k

Powered by last nights Sheer Drop I set off this morning - shiny new garmin, new shoes and Sami in my ears. It was run 2 of B210k 3 x 15mins. This time I went a bit steadier but managed to keep going up and down all the hills but the last one. I feel so good.

Check the stats on the Garmin

Distance: 8.05 km

Time: 55:43

Avg Pace: 6:55 min/km

Elevation Gain: 112 m

Calories: 646 C

Avg Pace: 6:55 min/km

Avg Moving Pace: 6:55 min/km

Best Pace: 4:50 min/km

Now I need to give myself a good telling off as the garmin has another stat

avg HR 157 bpm

Max HR 176 bpm

Training effect 5 = overreaching

Has anyone else used this training effect - do you have to run in zones for certain times?

I think if I had my polar HRM the calories would have been over 1000 for the same run so how accurate is the forerunner?

Great start to the day happy running all

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Great run! Well done... I'm about to head out for a 10K training run so I'm glad it's a little cooler out there now (and raining). Let's hope the lightning stays away though!

If you know your Max HR then the Garmin will be pretty accurate with that training effect stuff and it's basically telling you (which you'd know already) that it was a pretty hard run and I would imagine you wouldn't have been able to hold a conversation! :)

I regularly end up in the "High Intensity" and "Race Pace" zones though so I wouldn't worry about it at all.. the point is that you can train at a lower heart rate if you choose to and that there is benefit in it. Running slow isn't as easy as you'd think though!

The important thing is you ran for 8K and almost an HOUR! Well done!


Thanks Aussie probably could have held a conversation for smoe of the run as I felt I was taking it easy. Not up the hills though which are pretty brutal and I find I go up them slowly then come down slowly as well as I don't want to be tired for the next one.

Enjoy your run. it was about 20degrees C but I did enjoy the odd drop of rain and also ran through some foliage for some cooling ;-)


Just back now! Bit humid out there but at least it's cloudy! As an aside, today my VO2 Max went DOWN on the Garmin as I suspect it noticed my Cardio system working harder in the heat for the same distance... I suspect we should take all these "stats" with a little bit of a grain of salt - they are no replacement for a lab test... If I believe Garmin, I've got less fit (via the VO2 Max reading) the longer I run... simply not even possible! :)


Indeed lies damn lies and stats



Don't understand any of it! But well done anyway.


Ha ha , me neither ! Dont really understand all the stats to be honest, but from what I can understand, you had a fab run and you did great , so Well done ! Its a Yes from me :-) xxx


Thanks poppypug


I need to read the manual ha ha


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