Has it all gone Pete Tong?

W8R2 I thought I would run a route I had been doing in reverse this morning.....hmmm, maybe not such a good idea!

It was defiantly more of an uphill route in reverse. Then I missed a turn, well missed a gate into a field actually, and kept heading along a really long drag up hill......had to walk! Eeek, first time on the programme I've stopped running! Realised I had missed my turn and then ran back to it and carried on, until I hit another (as expected this time) very steep section of the run....walked again! Doh! And as I was going up this hill, Laura told me that was it, time up! 28 mins done.

When I got to the top of the hill I ran again as I felt I'd sold myself short. So in total in should have been 38 mins this morning, (28mins running +10 warm up/cool down), I was out for 50 mins, so 40 mins running, less the hills I walked lets say 6 mins, so running for maybe 34 mins??!!! Now, where does all that leave me on the programme!?


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  • I wouldn't worry overmuch about it! Just do your next run as scheduled, and assuming it goes fine, then continue to week 9 after that. :) Sounds like you did really well this morning, especially with all the trials added in!

  • I think that leaves you totally ready for w8r3 :) And then on to graduation week :)

  • I would agree with RainbowC and just put it down to one of those things and just crack on with run 3

  • A reet cockup! Ha ha 😁 don't worry about it, it doesn't matter! Just carry on, your doing great as it is! 😊

  • stay where you are in the program, it is good to know you can do something more: next time you struggle think about this run and how you have finished it (even with the mental excuse of having missed a turn...).

    At least you realized it soon enough. I was in York once and decided to go for a nice 3 miles run. Did not check the map (first time in York) and ended up running/walking for 1h and 30 minutes (over 11 miles!!!). Everybody knows that men do not like to ask for indication but this was extreme! My excuse? I was enjoying the views ;)

    enjoy your next run and keep going


  • Carry on regardless ! (Isn't that a song ?)

    You made up for it and a hill in the process.. wow... Go you and just carry on.. :)

  • Carry On My Wayward Son - seems appropriate.

  • :)

  • Thanks folks for all the positive comments and support. Overwhelmingly, you seem to be saying carry on regardless, so will do that for sure...come to far to stop now! I think I'll make W8R3 a straight out and straight back on a route that I know!

    All good training though...as part of this morning's muddled route is the village 5mile trail race route...that happens at the end of September...now there's a thing!

    Thanks folks.

  • I'd be more concerned about where it leaves you on the map, Big-fella :)

  • It doesn't matter. You got more exercise than expected 😊 Move on

    Enjoy yourself. Go steady ☺

  • Oooh you did Week 8 and a bit of a post Graduation run all in one go . Ha ha :-D

    Ah don't worry Fella, its all good

    Just carry on onto the next one , no harm done :-) xxx

  • As someone wise said to me earlier when I asked a similar question: 'Aaahhhh! I guess it can't be perfect all of the time! Well done for persevering, you're so nearly there. Good on you! ' #justsaying! I guess it leaves you ready to finish w8 next run. (when I read the first line I pictured you running backwards!)

  • no no...definitely not running backwards....enough trouble running forwards!

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