1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 Stamina Podcast

1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 Stamina Podcast

Woke up this morning should I go running? It was raining, it was 12 degrees, what should I wear? Of course I should but for how long? Long sleeve top, Garmin, HRM, compression shorts, shorts to cover the compression, socks shoes, select Laura Stamina on my phone, headphones and off I go.

Yes it was cold to start but balmy by the time I finished. It was wet, there were deep puddles on the bridle ways. It was tough. Start running at 155 bpm for 10 mins seems easy, slower than normal, 1st mile in 10:52. But a lot of uphill for me and I walked at the top. This is tougher than you think. Next 10 mins upto 160bpm. 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4..... Maybe it's not so bad. Doh another bloomin hill. Another mile in 10:45. Keep at 160 for 10 mins. Okay run past the sawmill, for about 5 mins, turn round run back. I know I'm on my way back now. Downhill is beckoning. 10:39 for that mile. Last 5 mins let's step it up to 165. You must be kidding - oh well it is only 5 mins.

I made 4 then had to stop to get my breath back and my heart rate down. Last 30 seconds - oh what the hell start running up the steep hill. And you've finished. Fantastic.

Laura says remember the satisfaction you get at challenging yourself. Wise words Laura. Now basking in my post run glow.

Get back and check garmin. Wow look at how consistent the pace is, my foot striking the ground, and how my heart rate keeps track of the hills ;-)

What fun I've had and it's not 9 o'clock yet

Happy running all!

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29 Replies

  • Love it. Looking forward to being able to run like that one day. Certainly motivated to go do the C25K+s now W9R3 is done :D

  • Congratulations Zev. I started in April and can't sing the praises of this programme enough

  • It's wonderful isnt it. I only wish that I'd seen it before. Better late than never! Just cannot imagine not running now.

  • I'm going to try stamina next week - without the hills for my first time I think! Cracking run, it is nice to go back to Laura now and then for a pep talk:)

  • Definitely worth a go. I think I will try it again to see if I can beat the hills over time

  • Hey KittyKat007, I did the speed podcast yesterday and it was nice and short, so I think that's a good one if you're feeling a bit reticent - you know you'll be back in the warmth with a hot coffee soon:) Hope you have a great run once you get out x

  • Cmon KittyKat you know you really want to. Just do it you will feel awesome after. Get those endorphins flowing now !

  • Well done KittyKat run like the wind and you'll soon warm up

  • Great stuff KittyKat

  • Good for you! Looks like you did really great :)

    I woke up at 7 and debated with myself whether to go for a run. But fortunately (!) I had a 9 o'clock conference call that needed some prep work doing beforehand, so I really couldn't afford spend 90 minutes on getting dressed, running, stretching and showering. With the comforting thought I turned around to the other side and snoozed another hour :)

  • Thanks Tomas. You'll just have to go later

  • what a brilliant post, I have always wondered about doing the stamina one but got more focussed on increasing distance when what I probably need is a quick fast sessions to improve times and get fitness up because I'm okay at the minute but feel to be plodding not running.

  • Thanks Rob. I know I can do 10k but I feel the need for speed too.

  • Way to go GF! Those Steppings Stones podcasts are way useful! Your pace there is metronome steady. The music is a bit wierd but it works! Good for you, and like you say all before 9.00 am

    I was out yesterday evening in the cold and rain but I was soon warmed up and the rain helped, I felt dead toasty by the time I'd done

    Enjoy the rest of the day basking in the afterglow GF!

  • Excellent MW. Weather doesn't hold as much sway over me now. As I was walking back I thought before this running lark the last time I went out wearing just a T-shirt in the cold (without alcohol) was when I was about 11 years old ;-)

  • I did that podcast again today too, kinda sneaky isn't it! I love all those stats, I've only got Runkeeper! How far did you over all together, over 3 miles? I managed 4KM...not sure what that is in miles..

  • Including the warm up and warm down (plus a bit extra as I was further from home) it was 6.7k. which was good

  • 2.485 miles Curly!

    I was a complete wuss in cold weather but you soon get used to it. I was amazed that I did. It makes you move your butt doesn't it. I do very brisk warm-ups when the mercury plummets. Like my legs will catch fire. LOL My arms too for that matter.

  • Thanks MW, but Is that all? Sounds further in KMs

  • OOh that IS good! Well done. I'm envious! I didn't include my warm up/down, I know that's about half a KM each way, so I set Runkeeper going as I start to run.What wonderful piece of technology are you using? xx

  • Garmin 620 which is marvellous but pricey. I like tracking my whole exercise as sometimes I end up quite far from home

  • Googling Garmin 620....ouch that is quite pricey! I#'d love one, but I'm allergic to metal, I can see metal on the buckle... :-( Never mind, at my stage Runkeeper works quite well.

  • The buckle is metal but you might be able to replace the strap. I managed to get it for £251 on Amazon so it was a bargain ;-)

  • No metal on the back? I have a great watch for swimming, because it has to be waterproof it's all rubber... guess that wouldn't work for a HRM...

  • No it does have a metal back as the holder it fits into is magnetic so that's no good for you

  • Thanks, that'll save me some money then!

  • How do you get your pace so steady? That looks so even, mine is all over the place! Must try harder. Fab run but no Rico?

  • It was the audifuel podcast drilling in 1,2,3,4. I have to admit I was delighted at the steadiness despite the hills. Also being able to see the cadence step up as the BPMs changed. No Rico today I wouldn't have had a hope of a steady pace with him!

  • Fantastic, great run, bet you are dead chuffed as you should be...

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