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B210K Graduation Run

Morning everyone,

Another milestone for me this morning as I graduated from the Bluefin B210K plan.

I wanted to run 10K again today but I changed my route to incorporate a hill (not that it shows anything very much on my Garmin Connect log lol) in preparation for a potential event in a couple of weeks. With the new route and with the hill in mind I decided to take it easy. It was also a bit blustery which didn't help things. Hence I only covered 7.56km in the 60 minute run.

It meant I didn't have enough time to run another 20 mins (ish) to get to 10K.

The hill I ran isn't a behemoth, it's not huge but is fairly steep, and hardly shows on my run log, but it was hard work running up it! Especially the first time as I had some pain in my right knee, just below the knee cap, whenever I moved my weight onto my toes/forefoot to push up the hill.

When I came back around for my second run up the hill it still niggled a bit but less than before. The rest of the run it was fine and is now, although it does twinge a bit going up stairs. but that's nothing unusual after a run.

I can only think there must be a tight something-or-other in there that needed a bit more warming/loosening up. I'll see how it is on my next run.

If anyone is interested here's the link to my run on Garmin Connect

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Well done for finishing the b210k!

Hills are hard work to start with, no matter how high and long... It does sound like a question of warming up a bit more, after all if you are not used to hills your legs are not used to that kind of motion [sometimes I wish the hills around me were like yours... ;) ] If the hill is at the start of the run I would tend to walk or run/walk

In fact I run/walk everytime I run for more than 30 minutes, and at the moment I am trying to conquer one particular hill - I manage to run 1 1/2 minute now, and walk 2 , (well - the hill is a bit steep and longish : ) The interesting thing is that my pace is not different when I run only or when i run/walk, and for me it is the only way I can handle long runs. Worth a try - at least for the first hills :)

Happy running!!


Yep that is a bigger hill than mine! :)

Having been to see Dr Google (as we all do these days) it sounds like the knee pain could be Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Which, as far as I can tell, means something hurts with no obvious reason why!

Apparently one of the possible causes is worn/improper cushioning in running shoes. I did do the run this morning in my older pair of shoes that I use for parkrun or wet weather. I've done about 300km in them, which is less than the often mentioned 500km before replacing, but I'm not the smallest chap and the majority of my running has been on pavement, so that combination probably puts extra wear on them.

If the weather is better on Thursday I might try it again in my other shoes and see if there is any difference. If it is better then I guess it means I need to retire my original shoes, move my newer ones to be my parkrun/wet weather shoes and go running shoe shopping! ;)


Congratulations! Another milestone :-) I've been playing with hills as I've found them in my runs too - just seeing if I can get to the top, really :-)


Well done Peter! A bit of advice from someone who has suffered injury through doing too much too soon ... firstly don't run long runs EVERY run, and secondly if you've got a niggle, don't be tempted to try the same run next time to see if it comes back - do something which doesn't aggravate it and just try to build up strength so it doesn't happen again. Otherwise you could end up having a few really boring weeks on the IC! Pain is there for a reason, and is ignored at your peril! If it's really just a 'niggle' rather than a pain, though, just tell me to naff off!


Oh it's definitely a niggle - no trouble at all from it during the rest of the run.

I don't intend to run long runs every run, I did the 10K on Thursday, parkrun Saturday and then the run today. I'm just trying to consolidate the 10K in preparation for that event.

When the event is out of the way I'll probably go to doing 1 long run, parkrun and 1 other run (intervals or some such) a week.

My other half has reminded me that I also complained about a sore knee after Saturdays parkrun - for which I wore the same shoes as today.

Don't worry, if I run the same hill in a couple of days, in my other shoes, and get the same problem I won't keep pushing it. I'll get in touch with the physio who sorted me out last time and see what he says.

And possibly have a trip to Sweatshop to try out some Kayano 21's ;)


Goodo. Sorry for the nag!


No worries, you nag away :)


Well done Peter - you got to the end of the plan well before me! Do take care with the knees, but I know you've already had lots of good advice about them... :)

Hope the change in shoes sorts it, and you stay well on track for your 10k :)


Because of time pressure before the 10K event, I did skip 1 run from each of the 4 weeks of the plan - those where the 3 runs in a week were the same.


LOL! My 10k run is this coming weekend, and despite the time pressure I've not quite managed to finish the plan! What with losing time to one bad run and a holiday I just haven't quite managed. Ah well - walking a bit will be just fine, I'm sure... ;)


How far into the plan are you?

Take it steady and I'm sure you'll be fine.


I did w5r1 fine; w5r2 was my disastrous run when I just gave up after 20 mins. Wednesday last week I was on holiday in Venice, so just did what I felt like which turned out to be another 20 minute run. Last Friday I re-did w5r3 which went fine; Sunday I ran for 50 mins and felt as though I could have finished the full hour. It's all a bit ad hoc now, as I'm aware that it'll likely take me around 75-80 mins to do the whole 10k, so don't want to do three full hour-long runs this week and exhaust myself before the big day!


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