b210k week 1 run 1

I graduated last April, had 5 weeks off in the summer because of an injury and slowly built my time back up to 30+ minutes but I wasn't pushing myself any harder. This year I have signed up for a 10k run in April so having been inspired by some posts on here I decided to attempt the b210k.

My daughter and I did week 1 run 1 yesterday evening although we didn't use the podcast and just timed the running with a stop watch and listened to our own music. Because of this we probably allowed ourselves a little longer than a minute between runs - but no more than 90 seconds.

By the fourth run I was definitely getting tired - although my daughter didn't seem to be flagging at all! It had felt like we were going faster than normal earlier in the run but we definitely slowed down later in the run. I've just checked the stats and we did the first mile in 10.49 which is fast for me but the last mile was 12.33 - but there were occasions when we had to pause to let traffic go by and I wasn't super quick at pausing Endomondo each time.

When we finished we had covered 3.51 miles so decided to have a couple of minutes walk and then run an extra half a mile to make it up to 4 miles. I'm really pleased we did and we both felt very proud of ourselves - I can't wait for the next run!


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  • Well done Lucy (if I may!) I intend to start the b210K next month -- need to settle back into pre-Christmas shape first -- so I'm right behind you. WELL DONE!

  • Oh I know what you mean about getting back into shape after Christmas - although it was really between Christmas and New Year that I got most lazy! I was trying to run and walk as much as possible when we were staying with my parents for Christmas as I knew it would be hard to control the food and I didn't want to gain too much weight (I'm doing Weightwatchers) but once got home I stopped pushing myself to get out. My new year's resolution is to try to run 4 times a week. I'd been managing about 3 times previously but want to try more. Lucy

  • Well done Lucy. Fantastic that you are back running. I'm afraid I'm well-metricated but 4 miles is not much short of 6 and a half km!! So, that IS good. I am using the Sam Murphy podcast for B210k but I am sure it's not to everyone's taste. However you do it, take it easy and don't over-do things. Building personal capacity is the only way to succeed long term Good luck.

  • Thank you Janda! I think I'll try the Sam Murphy podcast for today's run - I just wasn't sure about it as I've heard it is hard to hear and I don't have great hearing!

  • Hey Janda & Lucky locket. I have also started B210k a few weeks back but learing at a slow pace and I do take more than the 60 seconds break recommended. However I skipped week 1 as I could not hear what Sam Murphy was saying on the podcast, and I am now doing week 3. Although I don't quite stick to her 60 seconds walks I can achieve 10k but it takes 1 hour and 15 mins at the moment and its a struggle. Saying that I prefer a long run to a short one and get a better sense of pride in myself for doing the distance.,

  • I can still only imagine running for 10k or any where near an hour so I'm really impressed with what you're doing! I plan to try again with the podcast today - but I'll have a watch too incase I really can't hear it. I'm quite liking having intervals again as I don't feel like I have a lot of stamina and psychologically I find it easier to run for shorter times then have a rest.

  • Well done Lucy! I am starting this tomorrow and really looking forward to it. I will use my own music and my watch too when back running in the evening next week but will try the podcast tomorrow; think the former will be more motivational somehow..... Sue

  • thank you! Hope your run goes well! Lucy

  • Awesome! Well done you!! :-D

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