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Week 10 run 1

I am in a state of shock, my initial plan today was to run 7.24k or 5 miles. So I put on my running gear and went out the door not really giving the distance a second thought.

So I started my warm up, that was ok. So I proceeded to run but because I didn't feel tired I kept on running and running and you guessed it running some more before checking my pedometer. You see I thought I was half way, 2.5 miles. However when I looked at my pedometer. I had run 3.2 miles, so I turned round and continued running until I reached home, only to discover I had just ran 6.3miles in, wait for it!

54 mins.

I am totally gob smacked, 10 weeks ago I couldn't even run a bath without getting tired and today I had just ran 6.3 miles in 54 mins.

I think this definately deserves a chocolate doughnut. I am quite excited to see if run 2 is as good, I really hope so because I feel great after that run.

Wish me luck guys, my next run is Wednesday so hopefully I will have more good news in my next blog.

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Congratulations! Your line about running the bath is classic, and it will definitely become one of my favorite idioms.


I can only long for that day! Well done you that time is truly amazing




Isn't it marvelous when it goes like that? And a fantastic time, also!

(Loved the "run a bath" thing too...)



Wow that is fantastic, well done :-) I've completed the 9 weeks and although running 30 mins not up to 5k yet, but I'll keep going! :-)


That is a fantastic result for you, I am about to do run 3 wk9 as yet my best has been 4.8km in 30 mins so I can only hope my speed and distance comes as a good surprise like yours. I am looking forward to the day I will be able to write the same result you have achieved. You must be so proud of yourself and I certainly would go all out and have 2 doughnuts with triple chocolate. Great stuff


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