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Toe and foot pain

So I've just completed w6r2 and I think I've managed to find a groove with my breathing, but I'm getting pain in my toe, the one next to the little one. It extends along the stringy bit under my foot (tendon?). It gets worse the longer I run but when I stop and walk it gets much worse to the point I'm limping. Curling my toes under and walking gets rid of the worst of it. Any ideas what it is or how to prevent it? Thanks x

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Could be worth trying different shoes if you can next time you go out running, or for a few runs maybe and see what happens.

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Do your shoes fit well?

Most people's feet swell when they run, so plenty of room in the front is necessary. Conversely, if your feet move forwards in your shoes they can squeeze toes.



Not sure if your injury relates to this...


Hmmmmm. I have a claw toe on one foot and a new pain under the ball of my foot the smaller toes on the other foot grrrrrrrrrr!

If I go to doctors - they may (and that is may) refer me to a podiatrist which could take up to a year


Poor you! It's bad enough with 1 foot! I too wish I had a shed load of cash to visit a podiatrist, I suspect I'd just get a bunch of advice I already know from the GP. Softly softly seems the way forward.


If you're limping, I'd suggest getting it checked out. Does it ease up if you rest?


Only limped after finishing the last run. I'm hoping it's my work shoes. Still hurts and had to do my run on the cross trainer instead of going out😞. I think you're right, may need to book in with GP. X


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