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Z1R2, the initiation of the foot clouds and I'm sick :(

Z1R2, the initiation of the foot clouds and I'm sick :(

I thought I was just tired and that I would be right as rain after a run. Today was my 'short run' day and I had new trainers (aka foot clouds) to break in so I'd already planned on slow and steady.

So the foot clouds first:

Plasters are no longer an option so all that was protecting my poor bashed feet with the blistered raw skin. Was body glide and running socks. My feet survived. No new blisters, no worsening of the already bashed areas :)

The bouncing I will get used to, aren't road trainers squishy. It's odd after being in trail trainers, but I liked it.

The run:

Warm up walk and my head is pounding, it's like every footstep is a hammer pounding on my head. But it starts to ease. Somehow though I managed to get naughty Ferd this morning rather than good Ferd. Oh well. Start the zombies run app I keep the volume low. Off we go. I feel heavy almost straight away a zombie is after me, I couldn't do the chase but that's ok, I wanted a slow steady pace, new shoes after all.

Run up the trail. Erm Ferd where are you?


Ferd come.



Double back call for Ferd, it's ok he was having a wail of a time swimming in the canal, out he comes eventually.



On we go. Slow.

I get half way round and I have to slow to a walk a swan is up ahead and Ferd needs to go back on his lead and then we have to get past a fisherman. On we go. Oh poo is the lady and the really angry ankle biter, slow to a walk again.

On I go. I'm not feeling too great. Onto my nemesis. I make it up the first part of the incline and I slow to a walk again. I am really not feeling well.

Shuddenly I become aware of the A610, it runs pretty much parallel to the country lane I am walking up. I can hear the rush hour traffic and it has me clutching my head and folding over in pain. Noise overload with earache thrown in for good measure.

On I walk. I just want to get home now.

Not far. I walk the flatish bit of my nemesis and then run up the very last bit. That's it mission done.

I really don't feel great.

Walk the rest of the way home, by which time I've started to feel sick. I forgo water and head straight to the orange juice. Feed the mini zoo. Grab some pain killers and head straight back to bed. I could barely string a sentence together.

I still don't feel well now. I am tired. I have a headache and I am hot. Oh and my feet are throbbing.

I don't know if I have a mild virus or if maybe infection has set in, thought my feet don't look infected, I have been very careful at keeping them clean and using germolean.

So back to resting for me. But that's ok, rest now and I will be able to go out and play another day.


3.52 km

32.55 minutes

Av pace 9.21 min/km

Zombie chases 3 (2 failed)

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Oh Spoonie, if you will keep letting the Zombies catch you you're bound to come down with an infection sooner or later :D

No, on a serious note, I do hope you feel better soon. Rest up, and have some cuddles with good Ferd if he's around. I'm glad your swanky new trainers fared well on their first outing, it's good to know that by the time the rest of you is feeling better your feet might have stopped complaining too.

Feel better, Emily :)


Oh darn you are I must have caught something from the zombies, let hope I don't join the flesh craving shambling masses.

Ferd is very good when I am poorly and looks after me and I get cats and bunnies checking up on me :)

Feeling more human today but I still ache all over and my head hurts so of course everyone seems to have gardeners in today using all manor of noisy power tools.


So sorry you felt really poorly on your run. It must have been awful for you. Hope you feel better soon


It really wasn't pleasant, but these things happen.


Get well soon spoony.


Thank you


Not good m'dear! Really hope you're feeling better soon. Apart from your mini zoo feeding duties you've got the world to save from the zombie apocalypse! Take care x


A few days rest and maybe some iced buns and I will be back to saving the world, even super heros need some time out :D


So sorry you felt poorly on your run... Maybe you should have joined Ferd in the canal. Do the Zombies like water?


Ummm rat wee water lovely :'D

I don't know if zombies like water or not maybe I will have to try it next time.


Hope you feel better soon.


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