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Can't believe only three runs to graduation!

Well I've got to the end of W8, just three more runs... I can't believe I've come this far! Please don't tell me 'Julie' reappears in W9, I've had enough of her!

Up until the end on W7 I was plodding slowly round the local park but these last three runs I've run a route combining roads and footpaths which is far less boring. All I need now is to keep motivated and reading all your supportive posts. I still find each run jolly hard but am beginning to think I'm becoming a runner!

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We'll say nothing about the week 9 music then! ;) Well done, Wizziewood - you're so nearly at the end (of the beginning...)! :)


Oh dear! ... but I can't do it without Laura so I'll have to grin and bear it.

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You are a runner!!! Yes you are.. and so nearly at that Graduation podium!

Varying your routes is great... I am a field and trail runner really, but today I did a bit of a shake up too, and got out early and did some pavement pounding... very quiet though and different! Saw three squirrels and a pheasant though! On the golf course!

if it is still quite hard, then maybe slow up a tad? Steady does it and you can look around at all the new things on your run!

The podium is waiting, so keep posting...onward and upward :)


Not sure I can go any slower!


😃 we can....always...always go slower..trick i...don't stop!! 🙂


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