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Julie is back for week 9

Haha! When I finished week 8 I thought, I won't hear about Julie again I'm going to miss her for some reasons when running w8 I couldn't wait to hear that song because when it starts I'm usually settled in a comfortable pace. After some hiccups of uploading W9 on my Ipod I've managed it so I thought I listen to make sure it's there before I go on my run what do you know low and behold Julie was there right at the beginning couldn't believe it I had to laugh out loud.

I'm hoping to start W9 later today if I have some fuel left in the tank after shopping, cooking, house chores etc. Weather don't look promising at the moment but I think it'll pick up a bit later, I shall see.

best of luck for those running W9 today. Have a good day all. :)

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Haha - yes, it's on the warm up walk isn't it? At least it is cut short and another song comes on for the second part :-)

All the best for your run today.


Once Julie is in your head, she never goes away! Great job bagging week eight! Nearly there!


Week 9 is awesome. Hope you enjoy it. 😀


Julie will be with you forever now! Only 90 minutes more to graduation! :)

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Oh no! Every time someone mentions it I have the song going round my head all day long :(

"...I know it's not fair

But I don't really care...!"


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