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Step back and re-group


So after graduating a couple of weeks ago I've been running to my own music 3 times a week. Fab you may think, but no :( I've been struggling especially in my last 4 runs. Out of no where I've had a stitch at some point and had to have a brief walk. Not sure what's causing it as far as I know I'm not doing anything different than when I was following the plan. My run on Wednesday was horrendous, I couldn't face the big hill, my legs just weren't working so I took a detour and went for a flatter route and managed to run for about 25 minutes better than I thought I was going to do at the start. But got home feeling defeated :'(

So today I decided to go back a stage and take Laura out for an airing with W9 podcast and try my new running shoes I got in Lidl the other day. Laura must have a calming effect or similar on me as this time the run went well, I took the hill in my stride (pardon the pun). The shoes felt comfy and light. And the best of all no stitch at all.

Am I unwittingly going too fast when I use my own music? Maybe. So I think I will be taking Laura with me at least for the next few runs to get back into the groove and then work from there.

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Everyone's different but I like to know what pace I'm running at and use the Runkeeper app on my phone so I know when I'm running too fast. I see nothing wrong with "going back" to what you know and using the C25K podcasts, all that matters is that you get out there and run regularly.


I think many of us found ourselves a bit adrift at the end of the programme!

To go from such structure into the new, shiny free-range running world is quite bemusing really. I certainly found it quite beneficial to keep Laura for a few weeks just to get it all becoming a good habit and allowing me to work out what I wanted to do next.

I decided to run with no music after a while and I decided 3 runs a week of 5k minimum working on distance to 10k rather than speed was my thing. I use Endomondo on my phone and still check my pace regularly on the app to keep me right.

Good luck with finding your thing :)



I just discovered this morning (see post) that that is EXACTLY what I was doing that ruined my Running for the last few weeks - going way too fast totally unconsciously...

Had a great run this morning listening to tracks of around 120BPM - really helped me regain my all important old pace :)


Yep, the too fast syndrome can throw you completely. Even whilst on the programme I found some weeks the music made it easy and some made it hard. It was only afterwards I realised the BPM actually affected me! Week 7 for some reason was my favourite tempo and so if I want a nice easy feel good run, I grab Laura and week 7 and potter off😊


I've found the use of a tracking app really helps in that if I do have a "bad" run (ie stopping to walk) I can review what's been going on - often I find I've set off too fast. There can be other reasons too - brewing a cold, not leaving a long enough gap after a meal, running into a headwind.... I went through a bit of a dip about 6 weeks after graduation where I just didn't seem able to do a non-stop run of more than about 20 minutes, though it passed.... I sometimes think that it's as well because of having graduated, there's no feeling of "I can't let Laura/Sarah/Michael Johnson down"..... So your gremlin starts muttering "but you've done it, you can take it easy now".... It's been important to me to have targets - in my case a monthly Parkrun with an aim to slowly improve my time - to keep my mind in gear, the body can do it but it's the muscle in the head that needs more exercise!


been having similar issues!


Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. It helps a lot to know that it's not unusual to have this issue. I'll take a look at the apps mentioned and see if they may help me too. Looks like it'll be Tuesday before I hit the pavement again, this week looks crazy at the moment. I'm going to take Laura out and about while I figure out how I want to progress. xx Happy running all x


Interesting post and comments - thanks. I still like using the speed and stamina podcasts, Laura is reassuring I find. If I am not using Laura I just use runkeeper and no music so that gives me updates of pace, which helps. I hope you have had better runs recently - all the best :)

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