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New Shoes and new PBs all over

New Shoes and new PBs all over

Wow. I feel fantastic. Got all kitted up got Rico on the lead went out the door and he just lay down. I don't know if the shoes were too bright for him or if he just thought embarassed to be seen with me. So back in he went and I set off.

Walk up the hill into the woods. Music on, Endomondo started. Shoes felt great. Walked for 6 mins as I wanted to get through the first bit of the woods where I have previously crocked my ankle twice. Started running then a walk for tree roots, run and walk then endomondo says my first mile is complete 13.27 mins (not bad I think) then I'm out of the woods and onto the bridle path up hill now, down hill taking it steady as I'm still wary of my ankle. Onto tarmac little faster and it's zipping by, walk as I get into the car park for a little recovery then off up the hill. Second mile 9 mins 38 seconds woohoo that was quick despite the slowing down hill and little breather. Carry on up the hill hit the tarmac path to the saw mill going nicely.

Out onto the grasses - this is wonderful, across the grasses up another hill slowed down now. Mile 3 complete 8 mins 56 seconds - unbelievable and then it happens a streak of white from my left. Rico has caught me up (my wife had taken him for a smaller loop) she was nowhere in sight so I decide to jog back to her oh well the 5k time will be off. Quick chat you keep rico and I'll run home.

Off I set up the hill again until I get to the place where I am sure 5k is up but I keep running up the final hill then here Rico is again.

Guess that's the end of my run. Wait for wife, walk back, cooling down, I feel great.

So total mileage including the walks 3.87 miles in 45 and a half minutes.

PBs 1k - 5m 13s

1mile 8 mins 46 secs

3 miles - 30 mins 54 secs

5k - 32m 15 secs

total ascent 774ft, descent 758 ft so more up than down probably because I didn't start and stop endomondo at the same place.

Apparently Rico got my scent when he crossed the grasses, checked where my wife was then just put his head down and ran. He did the same thing a bit later on which is why he caught me up. So despite all the PBs my dog is quicker but I feel fantastic as I have completed my run injury free and with new outdoor PBS. What a great start to the day

Happy Running all

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Sounds lovely! Rico sounds like a good boy, although I am thoroughly jealous that you have woods to run in and a dog to run with (when he feels like it!) Congratulations on your times, too :)


Thanks wouldn't mind running on the beach. Tried it at woolacombe a long time ago and it was really tough but lovely


WEll done GF! That sounds like a really enjoyable run, apart from doggy distractions. Your new trail shoes will really come into their own when the weather turns and it's wet and slippery out there


Thanks MW shoes really did feel great. No blisters. Surprisingly light compared to my old ones.


Great, sounds like you're getting on brilliantly. So cool that your dog tracked you down like that! Dogs are great aren't they?


He really is fantastic. He can be in the garden but if you open the fridge and get some cheese or smoked salmon out he's by your side before you shut the fridge door.


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