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W6R3 turned into 5K .. whoops!

I set off this morning to run w6r3 with trepidation as I have really struggled through the first 2 runs of this week.

As usual, the first 10 - 15 minutes were the most difficult. (It always seems to take me a while to establish a running/breathing rhythm and, until I get into this pace, I tend to gasp and stagger along.) It was a beautiful morning, perfect running conditions and before I knew it, my endomondo app was telling me I had covered 4K with probably about 3 mins of the 25 mins left to run.

As I was feeling pretty good, I decided to push on and see if I could complete the 5K - and I did it, just within 30 mins :-)

stats (not including warm up and warm down walks): 3.14 miles (5.06K) in 29 mins 57 secs. Av speed 9.32 min/mile, max speed 8.19 min/mile.

Am going to stick with the plan for the remaining three weeks, but just couldn't help testing the holy grail of the 5K :-)

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Well done that's excellent.

i did this run this morning and i only ran 3.75K :-( not sure how this compares to anything but i'm hoping to join a local park run for Christmas hopefully i'll make it to 5K by then?


I did cheat a little bit as I chose a route which was mainly downhill, I think that's why I found it fairly easy. Going to do a proper route from next week with a fair balance of inclines and downhill - that'll really test me :-(


That's amazing, - no wonder you're called Dazzle! You must be running fast - imagine what you'll do when you're running for the whole 30 minutes. Good job!


Wow! That IS fantastic and three weeks early. Well done. As Vivwestie says, no wonder you're called Dazzle. Keep running.


congratulations! I like the idea of downhill :-)


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