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W9R1 - First 5K WooHoo!!

First run of week 9 just finished - got to 30mins and Laura said you can stop now but I knew I was close to 5K so for the first time ignored her (sorry Laura) ;-) - pushed on until Endomondo chirped up 5K and it was 31mins 31 secs - my first 30 mins and my first 5K - I am over the moon !! :-)

This has been an amazing experience this course is great as is this forum.

Thanks every one - 2 more runs to go!! :-)

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Well done you!! That is brilliant! :-)


Thank you Elizadolots - I am chuffed :-)


Well done ! You have all the reasond to be over the moon.

It is amazing the sense of achievment isn'it ?

i completed this morning the W8R3. Looking forward my last week and my badge.



Many thanks - looks like we will both graduate next week - good luck :-)


Wow, thats a really good time - well done!

That seems a very long way off for me at the minute but I guess most people feel like that at week 4 :)


Thanks - sounds like you're doing fine - every week is a challenge but I don't think one particular week is harder than another - good luck :-)


Brilliant, well done that is really good, I graduated last week and have been continuing my 30 mins but not quite up to 5km yet!! but hopefully won't be long!! :-)


Thanks samjf25 and congrats on your graduation - all being well I will join you on Tuesday :-)


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