Aussie210K plan out the window - let's just run!

Given the recent stint on the injury couch messing with my "plan", I've decided now to "just run" and consolidate a few cheeky 5K runs in this week and perhaps plod out (depending on how I feel) an 8K this weekend.. I'm still really worried about the knees so it'll be "gently, gently" but I am equally determined to be ready for that 10K on July 26th... It's a fine balance though - don't want any injuries for the race, but need to be trained well enough to do it... tough call.. I can see why resting up days in advance of an event is a good thing though!

Here's the course for tomorrow - let's see how I get on ...

And a nice riverside 8K for Saturday or Sunday...

Happy running folks!

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  • That's the best thing, Aussie. Just do what feels right. I have a plan, but have learned to listen to what my body says; sounds like you're doing the same. :-) Try not to worry; you'll be fine for your race.

    Your river run looks a really nice route, by the way!

  • Thanks M_Y - much appreciated! I'm trying not to worry about it too much... I did map out a cheeky 10K for fun though... I considered running the course of the race as a practice but thought by doing that I'd be thinking ahead too much (ooo, only 3 more corners to go..) and I just want to enjoy it... :)

  • Hey that's great!! No plans takes the pressure off and you just run!! Increase when you are enjoying it and use speed when you fancy a short one. Simples! Waterside runs should be your long one though you will enjoy it so much you wont want to stop! Let us know how you get on, look after those knees though!

  • Thanks Carole - I'll be keeping an extra vigilant watch on the knees and I think from now on it will be "just run for whatever time/distance feels right today"... after all, the only race here is against myself... and I need to remind myself I've been running for about 14 weeks in my life so I probably needed a bit of a reality check... :)

  • That's a good and sensible idea - the best plans are flexible ones. I'm sure you'll be fine on race day, as long as you trust your instincts and take care of yourself. I found it took a bit of time after graduation to understand what those instincts actually are (I managed to injure myself by overdoing it and ignoring the signs on my first post-graduation run - duh!) but that's all part of the learning curve. Hopefully those lovely new Mizunos will make a difference too (I have Mizunos and am a big fan). Enjoy your runs.

  • Thanks TT - I think I got a bit over confident post-graduation myself... easing back into it now. It's nice to be able to walk after a run! :)

    Loving the Mizunos so far, been walking in them this evening too just to settle them in... they'll get a look at Richmond Park tomorrow morning... :)

  • Sounds like a good plan bearing in mind your knee issues and your 10k coming up. I see you've been playing with Garmin Connect ;)

  • What do you mean by "need to be trained well enough to do it" ?? Do you mean - at a certain pace? Do you mean non-stop running ONLY?? or do you mean, that you just want to cross the finish line in an upright position before they shut the course down?? I am fairly sure that most graduates here could do the last thing now - without even having trained for a 10K race.

  • Fair point Bazza - I guess it's all about setting realistic expectations. Finishing standing up in an under an hour was the original goal. Realistically, standing up and in under 1:10 would be awesome... finishing standing up is a result... :)

    Thanks - reality check was certainly required. I was putting too much pressure on myself for absolutely no reason... cheers!

  • I hope it all works out for you. So frustrating to be out of action for a while, especially when you have a plan.

    Sounds like you're going about things in a positive way :-)

  • So far so good - cheeky 5K this morning in 31:46 so not too bad for me and my knee!

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