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Plan C: Week One Run Three: The Run Commute!

Good morning my dear fellow C25Kers.

This will be a much shorter post than usual. (Whaddya mean "thank God for that"?!) I'm at work, posting from my phone. I ran to work, as you may have already surmised. I'll post in this thread in more detail later as I've a lot to touch on.

I decided yesterday I'd run to work today. I just got a feeling it was right. Problem is, it was very last minute so I wasn't at all organised. My rucksack was heavy but should be lighter next time as I'll be more prepared and will be leaving some stuff here at work. Including cereal; my three chocolate Weetabix was dust when I got here. Dust. The CRM survived though and tastes sooooooooo amazing.

That was the hardest run yet; 8K in 43 minutes but was very hard work, I assume because of the weight of the rucksack and also the heat as it was later when I set off: 0615. It was my first time using a hydration pack too. That took some getting used to! And, of course, it added weight at first. Lots of it, with about 1.5L of water in.

I decided to run along the towpath today, which was lovely - so scenic and relaxing - and no hills! Devoid of muggles too, though there were plenty about before and after the towpath. It was also shady as well, which was very welcome.

What I learnt today:

Be more organised and leave stuff at work to reduce weight.

SLOW DOWN! I did try but still kept getting back to my usual pace. The last K was a Killer. K for Killer!

Rucksack straps hurt when they rub. I have a rucksack designed for runners that I'll use next time; it's smaller so I took a different one today.

I wanted to give up after 3K, then 5K, but I'm glad I didn't. All in all I enjoyed it, but the added weight really made a huge difference. I guess the rucksack weighed about 3-5KG or so.

So that's it for now. Happy running/resting, always.

With the new system I hope this doesn't post in HU Fungal Infections Support Forum or summat! :D

Onward! To dusty Weetabix!

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Mornin' M_Y!

All this time you've had a towpath lying around and yet you chose Yorkshire Everest District to train in!?! Astounding!

Where will i find the FISF? I may have an enquiry .....

Happy Days for you Mr Swift ... you just ran to work! The very first of very many times to come!

Cool Runnings to you :-)

ps big shame about the destruction of the Weetabix (hope you weren't "bouncing" as you ran ;-) ) - i once had a mad addiction for Weetabix (before chocolate ones were invented) and Marmite .... have you tried them with PB as a change from RC???



Now somebody translate for the American: what is CRM?

And to me, PB is peanut butter. Peanut butter on wheatabix? Alright then, but what's RC?


You're a real-life American Nilzed? With jelly not jam?

M_Y's CRM, it's public knowledge so he won't mind my telling you, is Chocolate Recovery Milk (post-run).

PB is indeed Peanut Butter.

RC is ........ Rice Cake!

PBRC (pre-run)

Several forum folks are becoming heavily addicted i believe!


Yep, live in Glasgow, married to a Brit.

Chocolate milk, i am there!

Rice cakes? I went through a phase with those. Never again.


Thanks, Nilzed!

I often over-abbreviate. I have a love of abbreviations and acronyms and tend to overdo it! :D RICE cakes are dreary on their own, but the peanut butter enhances it massively. :-)


Good evening, BP! :-)

Ah yes, the towpath! It's reachable from where I live, but it leads away from home, so I wouldn't have got back in the C25K time, although I suppose I could have done a couple of 'junctions' and headed back. I'll use it much more now though. It was lovely, this morning. And I didn't fall in! :D Actually, with lack of hills, the run seemed odd! I couldn't have handled it though with the rucksack, so it's just as well. The slope up out of the towpath nearly finished me off!

With the new system here, you could well end up in the FISF! I ended up in the lung issues (or some such, anyway) forum yesterday, completely randomly!

Yes, I'm really proud of myself as it was one of my goals when I took C25K up. I got a lift just over half way back this evening then walked the rest, about 1.5 miles or so, but that was nice too, I enjoyed it.

Weetabix and Marmite?! Now, I like Weetabix, and I like Marmite, but can't imagine the two going together! I haven't yet tried PB either with it. I stopped off at a shop and got some banana Weetabix (they didn't have choccie) to leave at work, saves the destruction! I don't think I was bouncing, at least I hope not!

Cool runnings to you, BP, and very good luck for your next run. :-) Thank you also for your encouragement. :-)


Now, you like Weetabix and you like Marmite, but which one do you like most? There's only one way to find out..............



:D :D :D


Hey Kitty. :-)

The chocolate Weetabix is very tasty indeed! It does have an unusual taste about it though.

I really am proud myself today; it's my first biggest post C25K goal and I'm so pleased to have managed it! It was a nice start to the day. I think I prefer my early runs but it's a nice change. When my mileage increases I'll run along the towpath all the way to Rotherham. The towpath I can reach in the alloted latter part of the C25K time, but it leads well away from home and would be a tricky loop in the time we have for running, but it's ideal for getting to work.

The rucksack will take a lot of getting used to! I'll try the smaller one next time, see if that's any less chafing!

Oh! Oh my God! Compression socks! COMPRESSION SOCKS! How I wish I'd got some of these footwear wonders when I first started running! I've got no leg niggles! At all! Even my ankle seems much better. I wore them all day. It's a bizarre feeling at first; my legs feel 'free' wearing them! I've ordered another pair.

I was disciplined walking the half distance back; I did put a little jog in but it was only up one street. :-)


RC is rice cakes

I reckon CRM is chocolate running milk (or something of that ilk)

I think Miles puts peanut butter on his weetabix or rice cakes. I could see why he would apply PB to his rice cakes. They do need all the help they can get!


Yes, they're not great on their own, are they, but with PB..... Mmmmm! :D


Good morning my dear MY, or should that be Action Man! I am amazed at how you've come from running 20 minutes on W5R3 to running 8K in 43 mins... I did 6K in the same time, with no rucksack or anything!

How do you cope (if you don't mind me asking) with being all sweaty when you get to work? I got back this morning looking like I'd already had a shower, it was so hot!

So glad you had your first trial commute, and do explain this hydration pack wotsit. Have a great day, and a fabulous weekend :)


Good evening, my dearest Mousey.

Tee hee, for the vast majority of the run I didn't feel like Action Man; it was tough going but glad I pushed on through. 6K is bloody good and definitely an achievement! :-) I promise you, nobody is more amazed than me at the distance I cover in such a short space of time. Bewilders me totally!

It was hot this morning and I did struggle but I recover quickly and don't sweat a great deal. I never have. I mean, I do sweat, but not loads. We have no showers (yet) at work so it's a case of lots of deodorant when I arrive. After stretches in the kitchen/rest area. I didn't notice, actually, throughout the day, that I'd been running without showering afterwards; there was none of the discomfort one would expect. That said, I would use a shower if they actually installed one!

The hydration pack is great but takes some getting used to at first. I have this, amazon.co.uk/Camelbak-Anitd... which you insert into a rucksack which has a hole/port for the drinking tube. Fill it up and drink away. You can buy them just as a minimal rucksack too, just for water and things like keys... amazon.co.uk/Camelbak-Class... I have one of those; I got it as a present a couple of years ago.

They are good; you bite down on the mouthpiece and then drink. But I made a realisation half way round which highlighted my massive oversight: with one of those I couldn't tip water over myself!

Have a wonderful weekend, Mousey! :-)


Running along a tow path to work sounds like a great start to the day (as long as there is a shower available when you get there...). I'm sure once you've got it organised it'll be a great part of your routine - presumably you'll be able to get up a bit later than 3:29.

Just wondering why you needed 1.5L of water? The most I carry is 0.5L and I never finish it even if I run for an hour.


Hey, RNB. :-)

Sadly, no, no shower at work, so deodorant aplenty! I got up just after five this morning, so got a nice lie-in. I do think I prefer the early runs, but running to work was great.

Oh, I drink a lot of water as a rule anyway; 5-6 litres a day is about average for me. When I struggled this morning, I took some water in and it helped. I need to try and train myself not to be so reliant on it though as it won't be as readily available in races. On my early runs, I take my 600ml bottle of water and usually only drink three quarters of it, so I guess the extra was due to it being warm earlier.


Wow you have a towpath situated near you and yet you picked the hills for c25k, but the hills have built stamina.

Well done for the run commute - er you do know this means you have to run home again?

P.s the battle bunnies rather like weetabix


Lol, I can reach the towpath in standard C25K time, Spoonie, but it's a bit awkward to form a loop using it, which will get me back in the direction of home in the time I have. It could be done though, but I wouldn't have seen much of the canal!

I got a lift about half way back from work and just walked the rest, putting a lil jog in up one of the streets. I actually really liked the casual saunter half way back. It was nice to just mill along and not worry about trying to navigate my way through traffic on the bike. I actually decided to run in today as last night I got a bad feeling about bringing the bike in, for some reason, so I went with my instinct and left it at home and decided to run in instead.

Chocolate Weetabix is the best! *nods* Though I had Weetadust this morning!


Miles. You are now one of those crazy people I see running with a ruck sack!!!! They are serious people, normally in training for special forces!!

Congrats on the run to work. I didnt think you had planned that so soon. It looks as if my run commute will have to be put on the back burner for now as I am mo ing location. Its around 8 miles now so I am not quite ready for that distance. Not sure if there are shower facilities either :O

BIG run for me tomorrow and am hoping to hit the 8k mark.

Have a good weekend


Good evening, Runner!

I didn't have the Run Commute planned; I decided last night I'd run into work today, so I had no preparation at all done for it, hence the heavier rucksack. With proper planning I'd have got the things I needed, like breakfast and so on, the day before to save me carrying them in.

How far away from you is the new work location? I don't have showering facilities at work either. Luckily I'm on my own most of the day so it's not a big problem!

Enjoy your run tomorrow, Runner. Take it nice and steady, and enjoy. :-) Hope it's nice and rainy for you! Parkrun for me; looking forward to it. Let us know how you get on with your big run in the morning! :-)


you beat me to it...the RTW ( run to work) challenge... I still haven't done another commute run...SO, you've spurred me on to give it a BASH next week as I am still in the LPP ( logistical planning phase)....well done you, progressing nicely :)


Thank you, JuJu. :-) Do you use a rucksack on your RTW? It's very much a trial and error thing, I've found, with a big LPP. The hydration bladder was good but did take some getting used to, and makes the thing weighty.

Good luck on your RTW! Glad I've managed to spur you on to doing another one!


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