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Aussie210K - The 7K Knee Test

Aussie210K - The 7K Knee Test

Morning folks,

A rather hot and sweaty Aussie here (too long in the UK clearly) with a post 7K report! After carefully planning out a course in Garmin Connect last night to get me to 7K and running through this course mentally to determine where the kilometre markers were, I decided to completely mess with my head and reverse the course and change the starting point so I'd have no idea where the kilometre marks were and only a very rough idea of where I'd finish (hopefully near enough home!).

Setting off at 7am and it was already quite warm. I wanted to today to be a slow long run and to test my knees, shoes and stamina. The first few KMs were the usual (boring, let's stop, it's too hot, etc.) but I've learnt to deal with those demons... Once I hit 3.5km I thought I could speed up a little bit and I ever so slightly gave it a bit more until the 5km mark. This is my "mental wall" point and this morning I just went straight through it. I was on a slight downhill and I just sailed on past 5K without a worry in the world... soon enough 6K rolled on and I decided to see if there was anything left in the tank for the final push... there wasn't actually! 6 seconds slower than the km before... mind you, I think I got a bit excited after the 5k as the 6th kilometre was almost 20 seconds faster! Premature Aussie... :)

It was a beautiful run through Richmond Park and the surrounding roads. Squirrels, deers, dog walkers, walkers and other runners were about. I made a point of gasping "good morning" to all this morning...

I feel great - my knees feel great and I look forward to a nice relaxing weekend! 17km this week on new shoes and a new lease on life and my 10K is firmly back in sight.... Couldn't be happier right now... I'll never be a world record holder but for someone running for only about 4 months I think I'm a bit of a hero - like ALL of you!

Happy running! And happy 4th July to those on the other side of the pond...

Take water out today folks... it's WARM!

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Couldn't you have just run in a straight line from start point to finish point?? It would have been much shorter!

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Hahaha... Would have been a lot easier mate! :)


Nice one Aussie ... your knees are doing you proud!

I do like all these brain tricks ... it's all part of the running thing; what can i discover now about how my brain thinks it controls me! And if i'm now plotting to trick my brain who am i and who is that in my head???

You ARE a superhero! We ALL are .... fly the flag!!!

Oh and i also liked your "gasping" hellos - sounds like me, tho i normally stick to a vague wave (cos i need to keep the air) and/or a bicycle bell impression if they're ambling pedestrians threatening to ruin my rythmn!!!

Cool Runnings!


Thanks BoPeep... I am too clever for my brain now. It wants me to stop running sometimes, it thinks I'm crazy... I know better... it's the one who's crazy... (no wait, hang on, maybe I am crazy)... :)

And - you're right - we're ALL superheroes... this programme really works and continues to bring lots of reward to everyone... I have finally found something I love...


He's only gone and done it! Well done Aussie, this sounds like a fantastic run.

I like your idea of changing things up route wise, I often set off with no plan these days because if I plan I've often decided where the 'crisis points' will before I've even started, very daft.

Really happy for you that 10K is back on the table, and enjoy you restful weekend :)


Thanks Em - it was a lovely run and I am SO happy my knees are better and that the gait analysis and new shoes appears to have done the trick. It was so de-motivating coming back from a run and not being able to even hobble about...

I'm resetting some of my goals around the 10K but I am determined to be there and to finish... the 7K today and the earlier 2 rounds of 5K this week have convinced me that I can do it... and I'm going to do it! Don't fail me now shoes! :)


Well done Aussie ! Great to hear youre back on track and those knees are holding up , you are doing AMAZINGLY well, keep going :-) xxx


Thanks Poppypug... feels great to be back out there and "in the zone"... This time of year it is SO nice out there.. I love it... we're sure to be pushing each other out the door in December before we know it and there'll be all sorts of suggestions on "high-viz gear", "flashing LED shoe inserts" and courses in "how to run on ice"... I'm so glad I can be out there now!!


Oh yes, I hope I will still be as enthusiastic as you come the dark mornings/nights , I think I can handle all that , just the ice that's worrying me , but hey that's to think about in the future. I like the idea of flashing LED shoe inserts though :-) xxx


You know you want some..



Hubba Hubba , come to Mummeee :-) xxx


Well done Ausssie! Eating up the miles now. It's great innit! Well not always, but we tend not to dwell on the duds. At least we have the "next run" option

Do you do any runs that are just free with no plan? I do and I love them. Just go out and see what transpires. Pick somewhere new with lovely scenery if possible


Thanks MW. I tend to like looking forwards anyway (particularly on trail runs... :) )

I am going to do a long run next weekend (my last before my 10K on the 26th as I'll taper off a bit from there) and I am thinking about driving the car into the corners of Richmond Park I haven't seen yet and just "running some of the trails"... I think you're onto something there - there is something exciting in the unexpected... I'm going to give it a go!

Good luck for Sunday! You'll rock it!


Been reflecting a bit today (outside in the sun) and I have to say that this forum is by far one of the most supportive things I've ever seen on the interweb and I feel that you're all there running beside me when it's going well and you all bought over the sweets and hot drinks when my knees wouldn't let me walk properly... this is something the NHS have absolutely "got right" and I know we'd all like to help them push the message harder but it's slowly working - just look at all the new graduates joining the ranks, all the newbies asking all the right questions and the "veterans" providing great advice and amazing support to everyone...

Thanks guys and girls - we're all pretty awesome and your advice and support has been much appreciated... Here's to the best "virtual running club" ever... I still can't quite believe I ran 7Ks this morning without stopping... honestly... that's mental...

Have an awesome weekend one and all - happy running!


Excellent run, and so glad the knees are behaving. I can really recommend this lovely scenic 8K route in the park that takes in a few gently challenging hills (hope this link works):


I've done a few off trail runs with the running club I'm trying out – I thought I knew the park fairly well but half the time I have NO idea where I am - I just follow the other runners!

I see you ran along that long straight road to Ham Gate. Did you notice the large house on your right just before you enter the park gates? It's covered with security cameras and often has Matrix-style security guys in dark glasses standing around outside - I've often wondered who lives there...


Haha! I know that house well and wonder the same... the game keeper has many secrets!

Gait analysis and properly matched shoes (and a strap on the knee) - who would have thought eh? :) I'm a very happy running bunny..

Thanks for the link - that looks a lovely little run with the right amount of hill work to keep things interesting... I might just give that a go and pick it up from the Ham Gate section (I assume it's best run anti-clockwise)... Thanks TT! You're awesome... hope your running is going well!


Sounds like a great run Aussie - glad yourknee is behaving. It is hot out there <quote from Good Morning Vietnam seems appropriate.

What's the weather like out there? "It's hot. Damn hot! Real hot! Hottest things is my shorts. I could cook things in it. A little crotch pot cooking." Well, can you tell me what it feels like. "Fool, it's hot! I told you again! Were you born on the sun? It's damn hot! I saw - It's so damn hot, I saw little guys, their orange robes burst into flames. It's that hot! Do you know what I'm talking about." What do you think it's going to be like tonight? "It's gonna be hot and wet! That's nice if you're with a lady, but it ain't no good if you're in the jungle." Thank you, Roosevelt. Here's a song coming your way right now. "Nowhere To Run To" by Martha and the Vandellas. Yes! Hey, you know what I mean! Too much?


Brilliant! Love that film... Have a great weekend! I'm off to light a BBQ and destroy a beer...


Well done Aussie, very happy to hear you are back on course for your 10k.....you better get your bag packed....the green & gold are still looking for some athletes for the Commonwealth Games! Downunder this morning it was a chilly 6 degrees, so no water needed, just some warm clothes! No squirrels, but yesterday it was something a bit bigger: mummy kangaroo & joey hopping across the road in front of me.....so cute, never get fed of seeing them.......unless they get a bit too close!


I'd take the colder winter down under over a humid London any day... I'm not sure how I'd cope with the summer now though (somehow I'd manage - hehe). It's lovely here this time of year but boy do I miss the wide open spaces!

What's that Skippy? Another runner? You bewdy... :)


I'm dreading the spring/summer weather, as it's going to be sooooo hot, I'm originally a Londoner, and although we've been here quite a long time the strength of the sun is still quite shocking.....I'll have to be out mega early or late. But I know one thing for sure I'll still be running....I'm now addicted to all things running; gadgets, clothing, apps.....ooh when can run again, where shall I go.....I drive the OH mad!

Will send on your regards to Skippy & his mates!


Fantastic run Aussie. I like your idea of tricking your brain during a run. I might have to try that. So pleased you're back training for your 10k and that the new shoes are a success. Have to say, I'm more than a wee bit jealous that you're knees have recovered so quickly whilst mine are still being troublesome. But hey ho, I'm not giving in to twinges. I'm sick of the injury couch, in spite of the good company to be found there. No more malingering, I'm following your lead and going out tomorrow :)


Brilliant! So glad to hear your knees are holding up okay and that you're having no trouble with them and the increasing distance; great stuff, very well done! :-)


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