A mixed bag - listen up - don't go out the door without a plan, even if it's only "just run!"

Where to start with this run?? Truthfully I don't know - I only know that you should NEVER GO OUT OF THE DOOR WITHOUT SOME SORT OF PLAN IN MIND!

Seriously, my running has been, at best, a bit adhoc this week. I ran Wednesday, which meant I should have done another on Friday, but then, I knew I was doing the Parkrun on Saturday, and a longish run planned for Sunday - and what is the first rule of Beginner's Running Club (apart from never mentioning Beginner's Running Club); yes, it is, NEVER RUN ON CONSECUTIVE DAYS.

To be honest, I guess, when it comes to the beginner tag, I was fooling myself, because I was hoping I was past the "beginner" stage; but then read on a runner's blog the other day that we are still beginners until we have been running for THREE YEARS! So, yes, I am still a beginner.

So, I left out the Friday run, did a decentish time on Saturday for the Parkrun, then went out today. I had already decided that upping the ten miles I did last Sunday wasn't going to happen, so I decided that about an hour would be enough; whatever distance that brought me to.


POURING with rain, and I wore my running jacket for the first time since last winter, oh well. Sometimes you have bad runs ... and I haven't had one for a while so it was time one came along.



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11 Replies

  • Carol your distance and times are wonderful, I can only dream of that speed. Now please tell me cos I've just posted a question "How did you get your Garmin uploaded onto here"? I keep getting a message saying file type not supported!!!

  • Old girl, I uploaded my Garmin stats to Garmin Connect via the pc, then I copied and pasted the URL address for the stats (from the address bar at the top? Where the www. bit usually is?) into the post as I typed it. Hope that's clear? If not, message me and I'll explain a bit more.


  • Thanks Carol, I'm sorted. I was trying to upload as you would a photo, never thought to copy and paste the URL address duh ;)

  • You can't actually upload the file (I don't think). You copy the link in the address bar and paste it on your blog. (click in the address bar and it highlights it blue, right click and choose 'copy', then on your blog, right click and choose 'paste'.)

  • Looks like it was still a good run there Carole so no idea why you think it was a bad one. 7+miles is still one helluva distance and in good time too. You should be proud.

    But yes, you're right - never leave the house without a plan. Nothing worse than thinking you'll just wing it and end up in unchartered territory or in a valley with no way out other than uphill; I made that mistake last weekend.

    It's pouring with rain here now, kinda hoping it calms down for my run in the morning.

  • Sounds like a great run to me Carol! Well done!

  • I guess, guys, because I did 10 miles last week and managed 6.2mph for that run, that I should be at least equalling the pace or upping the distance. Just been a busy week; and had only had some scrambled eggs on toast all day before the run at twenty to five in the late afternoon. Also, I usually go out with a planned set of music to listen to, and ended up mishmashing over two sets of Interval runs; didn't want to stop long enough to sort my mp3 player out; that's how flipping OCD I am! Once I'm running, I don't want to stop till I have to stop at the end of the workout. Somebody kick me for goodness sake!


  • And who was the donut that said you're not a runner til you've been doing it for 3 years!..If you run, ergo you are a runner.

  • Hi viv,

    We are runners, but apparently until we've been running three years, we are still at the beginner stage! Only answer is to keep running then!!


  • 3years?? I'm going to pack a bag, in 3 years of running, I could be somewhere really exotic!!!

  • "Like" !!! Wait up stayinbed, I'm coming with you!

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