Couch to 5K

Aussie210K - 7K Run Tomorrow

And then a whole weekend off... <bliss>... I know I can do the distance and I'm ready to get a long run in now... Sensibly... And I shall set the Garmin to only show me distance and just tick off the kilometres and not distract me with timings... Slow and steady Mr Aussie will be... :)

Might need to get out early - it's looking warm out there! Happy running folks!

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Good idea to switch the timing display off! When I run my long runs, I tell myself that I don't care about how slowly I'm going, as long as I can continue to running the distance. And then I find myself checking the speed every now and then anyway, much to my own dismay :-) So I think you're on the right track there mate!




Good Luck Aussie!

I would never have thought to get shot of one of the parameters on my Garmin. It occurs to me I should have given that a go during B210K to stop myself chasing longer distances, darn!

Lovely looking route too, I hope you enjoy it :)


Have fun Aussie!

I shall be out there on Sunday morning. I hope it's not too flipping hot!


Good luck Aussie!


Thanks guys and girls! I survived it - 47:27... happy with that... that seems to be about "my pace".. :)


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