Hi everyone! Love this forum! You all are like sunshine. Yesterday I finished week 1 and I loved it. The first run was VERY HARD. The second much easier, and the third kind of a breeze. I love the bliss I feel for hours afterward. I run at 5:00 a.m. and it just kick starts my day. What a punch. I'm 53 yrs old and have never been a runner. A walker in the past, but pretty much a couch potato for the past couple of years. I am hooked and I know I can go all the way.


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  • Oh it sounds like you are completely hooked already :-D So embrace it and you'll enjoy the challenge! That's what this journey is - you will experience both highs and lows, good and bad, easy and difficult! The gremlins some times creep into your head with there negitive thoughts but you tell them were to go (politely of course ;-) ) and you will carry on wth determination and stubbornness to the very end! On what a great feeling :-) Happy running xx

  • That's great try and remember that feeling for the times when it's tough going. It will help you through. Keep it up & well done

  • Oh, you've got it bad already!

    Welcome to the programme and I hope you enjoy it all as much as week one!

  • Welcome. Well done on flying through week 1. That's a brilliant start. Well done you. Keep at it. Its a great achievement when you complete each week. Good luck.

  • Welcome welcome, you're going to love the whole programme because you're hooked already! :)

  • Welcome and well done :-).

    Before I started I was very nervous and worried. I read this forum for a few days and got the courage to begin - I was so inspired by the many posts from people feeling like I did and the the tales and encouragement - it's fantastic.

    So you sound right up for this so keep up the good work and enjoy :-)

  • Good! Glad to hear it

    Take care, go slow - just jog! You need to finish this thing

    Good luck!

  • Well done, it's a huge achievement! I honest to goodness never thought I would be able to run for 60 seconds in the beginning, but the programme is excellent. Not always easy, nothing worthwhile ever is...but worth keeping on :)

  • Nice attitude .... a runner's attitude in fact! :-)

  • Welcome and great post :) I know what you mean about feeling great for hours after a run. Good isn't it ;)

  • We'll done you, I've got the same high it's brill I'm on week one too I'm same age....tried to do it back in January and failed miserably but been to gym since am a stone lighter and it's something I needed to an itch I gotta scratch...and it feels good all day after...amazing!!!!

  • Well done, it sounds like you have caught the bug :) I am on week 7 and now when I am on the second rest day I start to feel a bit itchy and desperate for a run.

  • Ah wicked! Keep chasing the achievement buzz and you'll be done week 9 in no time :D

  • Welcome! You will enjoy this programme if you are already hooked on! There is a Great feeling of achievement after each run and each weeks achieved, it is just brilliant!

    Happy running :)

  • Well done on completing your first run. You know when I first started I looked at all these people on here with Graduate after their names and thought it would never happen. It's brilliant your enjoying it on the first run. Just post on here weather it's good or bad and you will have plenty of support.

    S X

  • Congrats on the 1st week! Sounds like you are hooked. Keep up the good work :)

  • Welcome and good luck with your new running journey.

  • Jolly well done!! This forum helped me immensely when I hit my low - these guys rock for advice, tips and just general camaraderie. Fantastic job lady

  • Week 2 and hooked already! Love it! Well done... Keep it up... those early morning runs work wonders for me too!

  • Well done and you are right you will do it!!! This is a fab programme. Just remember to keep it slow and steady as you build it up, that way you avoid injury. The buzz jsut keeps getting better. Enjoy !!

  • Awesome - so glad you loved your first week, it took a couple of weeks for me to really get the buzz :) Carry on and keep posting :) And good luck with week two - may the buzz be with you x

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