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Where is my Runners high?

Wr8R2..was the run from hell. I started off motivated to go out for my run and then it all went down hill from there. My legs felt like lead and I had a stitch from the onset, determined not to let down myself down I kept thinking I dont want to fail so close to week 9 but my brain would not switch off my negative thoughts and my mind was telling me its "ok to walk" "its raining why are you punishing yourself?" "your legs hurt give up". I continued to put one foot in front of the other and kept running and for the first time I felt that I was punishing myself and how on earth is this fun? I hated that I felt like that and then started to feel really low thinking once I had finished I probably would not run anymore because, why do something that is not fun.

Up until now I have enjoyed the challenge and have been mentally motivated on all runs. I did finish the run I didnt give up, but didnt even feel remotely pleased with myself. This was a 'runners low' for what point do we feel that runners high I have heard about?? I do plan to run again after my rest day I just hope I dont feel like that again.

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I have hated week 8, finished last night. It's the middle bit, first & last 5 mins are ok lol.

Not sure how I feel about the extra 2 mins next week, but there's only one way to find out :-S

I think week 8 is about pacing yourself, I went out way too fast on the first one and have brought that down a bit each run, so I can get to the end with a fast finish so I can feel better when I stop.

Anyway, loads of waffle, but I get where you are coming from totally.


good luck with week9 let me know how you go


All runners get bad run days, honest!

Running is about mental challenges as much as physical so well done you on keeping going! :-). And I am lucky I havent had a stitch whilst running (yet)!

Different tips to help you include the one already made about pacing. Also to count to 50 slowly in your head and tell yourself you can stop after 50, then start counting again! (Paula Radcliffe tip!)

My other trick when things get tough is to ask myself what would my sister Fran do? She took up running aged 47 and is preparing for Snowdon Marathon (her 7th marathon in 4 years ). I text her after every run to tell her how it went, so I feel "accountable".

As for the runner's "high", I know that, now and again, when things are going well, I just get a very very happy feeling once I am in my stride,(accentuated by the amazement that having been a "non runner" for most of my 50 years, I am actually doing it at all!).

Good luck, keep it up you are doing brilliantly x


Hi !

It looks like you experienced a fatigue "wall". You were motivated but your body was tired and not ready for today run. It did happened to me in the past and what I did was to take an extra day rest giving my muscles and energy system a chance to recover.

You say that up until now you have enjoyed the challenge, do not let the negative messages of your left side of the brain ( the centre of logic) to hold you back; focuse on the positive side. Go back to the W8R2 but start the run at a slow speed. ... and if the motivation runs slow, here are some mantras I use:

I feel confortable- I'm in control

I can feel myself getting strong

I am having fun

One, more step, one more step...

I have all the time to finish this run

Good luck and let's know how are you doing



So I "mantraed.". I am in control and luckily today I did feel in control. As for i can feel myself getting strong.. I got the giggles as I said that to myself because I said it out loud and then realised what I said..nobody heard but it definatley lifted me. Thanks for the advice.


Have you tried listening to your own music? The podcast music gets dire and made it feel like an endurance test. I have now completed the 5k 30 min challenge but have not done it with the week 9 podcast. I went for pure cheese such as Barry Manilow's Copacobana! Far more motivating in the rain. Keep at it. I'm sure it will get better for you.


Thanks Jeds.. I have on other runs listened to my own music as it is pretty'Dire" but found that I need Laura to motivate me on the last 5- 10mins and although I use Runkeeper that only gives me 5 minute warnings and i cant focus on my ipod for the times. When I graduate i am looking forward to making my own playlist to run to.


Thankyou for the support..W8R3 was much better both physically and mentally. Onto the last week W9 here i run!


Well done ! Just completed my W8R1 and it was great !

Enjoy your a few runs left !



Well done to you! We all have tough runs.. No one is immune and we're all left wondering 'what the hell happened there?' but a new day = a new run. Enjoy your graduation week!


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