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Tight calves - for regular runners??

I went on a run last week after a layoff of 4 days. About 3 ks into the run, I started to get quite tight calf muscles. Considering that I have done quite a bit of running over the past 4 months , used to get tight calves but thought that I had finally escaped their clutches, I was a bit annoyed. I may not have warmed up enough - but I generally usually don't so nothing much was new there --- I changed my running form a little bit in action by lifting my knees a little higher and concentrated on driving them forward instead of driving my feet forward - and the pain did go away. So - was it my form ? , the lack of sufficient warmup? the early hills in the run??

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Yes -- one week, I think that it is my lungs which is my limiting factor -- the next week I think it is my legs - the next week it is my weak mind !!! :(

I ran 5ks non-stop tonight, over 1 minute per klm SLOWER than I ran 10ks 3 days ago using run/walk where I actually walked almost half of the distance!!! )



I am very, very lucky, my husband has a diploma in Sports therapy, he did it many moons ago, but can still remember the basics. What I thought was a tight calf was an Achilles problem that was causing the fibres in my calf muscle to " knot " He massaged my leg last night and unknotted the knots - ah the relief ! I am so so lucky that I have him to sort out my little niggles :-) xxx

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Of course , no problem :-) As long as you promise to give him back ! :-) xx


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