Couch to 5K

Week 5 Run 2

Is it right to say I'm now more than half way through!!!!!!!!!!!


I did not wish to run today, I wanted to stay lazing on my lovely comfy bed. But I dragged myself up and off I went (genuinely thinking 8 minutes....erm how will that work?) but wow it did, I didn't struggle as much as I thought, my pace was better than it has been, it was a very very good run.

Still terrified about this next run, but that's okay, my body is obviously in better shape than I think (still some progress to go though)

And the nice thing I wanted to share is that apparently my passion and enthusiasm for the program is inspiring others to sign up and start themselves, so wow fitness is catching apparently.

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dont stress about the next run, take it nice and easy, its more mind over matter, but, when you get to week 6, now that may just kick you up the a***, it catches loads of us by surprise. Isnt this programme amazing


Its great seeing the improvements isn't it! You're doing really great so focus on that, and try not to worry about what comes next - you've got this far :) Its totally normal to be terrified, and knackered sometimes - but you'll make it through :)

And you're helping others on their way too - that's pretty amazing!


It certainly is catching - and dangerously addictive. Beginning to get to the longer runs now - how amazing you will feel as you work through them.

Good luck!


Well done !! I found W5R2 not as bad as I had thought it would be, too. Like you, I was then terrified of R3 but I did it today !! Soooo proud of myself and absolutely amazed that I managed it, and you will be the same ! I have had exactly the same thing inspiring some people to start the C25K as well ! It's lovely !


Great stuff ! - and it also very addictive, good to hear youre enjoying it , keep going :-) xxx


Me too just finished run 2 and have same scared thoughts on next run but we can do this mind over matter x


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