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Week 9 Run 3 completed!

This has been an amazing journey, and I loved my run this morning. The weather was fantastic, the light was amazing and all the dog walkers were very friendly.

I felt strong enough to slightly increase the pace for a few seconds every few minutes, and this meant that I ran quite a lot further than I did for the other Week 9 runs, even though I was still very slow.

I'm looking forward to continuing to improve my running and to be able to run a little bit better each week.

I'm hoping to run a Parkrun on Saturday - I fully expect to be last or near the back, but I should be able to keep running for longer this time (maybe the whole 5K??)

Thanks to everyone on this forum for all your help and support - it's been invaluable.


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Congratulations, Helena. Off you go to get your badge🍾🎓🏆🏃👏 any celebration plans?

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Congratulations! Great stuff :)

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well done! Just give the parkrun a go, start near the back and take it steady and you'll probably find you pass a few people, and some will pass you, but slow and steady will get you round .


Hurray, we're both done. Parkrun on Saturday then! What's the plan after that?

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Well, I'm going to continue to run 3 times a week, including a Parkrun once a fortnight.

My next few goals are:

Finish Strength and Flex programme (hoping to do this on Sunday)

Run a whole 5km

5km in less than 45 minutes

(hoping to do this on Saturday)

5km in less than 40 minutes

5km in less than 35 minutes

5km in less than 30 minutes

What about you??


Occassional parkrun a when I'm allowed to skip watching son at cricket. A gradual lengthening of my weekend run to 10k over the summer. I really should do some strengthening and stretching, but I can't imagine leaping out of bed early for that. I am stiff this morning tho!

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