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The end of the Father and Sun Quest. New one starting on Monday

The end of the father and sun quest

Welcome to the end of the Father and Sun

The reason for the name is the week before it's Father's Day and the week the Quest ends it's the Summer Solstice.

Here we are at the end of the quest

There will be a new one starting on Monday.

If you want feel free to record you longest distance in this quest for the virtual run.

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.


























Take care Rfc x

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Sorry for a bit of the rush post today. I am spending sometime with my Dad so we are heading out to Scarborough today. A day at the seaside. My longest run was 3.5km this quest. My runs have gone down a bit because I am doing timed runs on my training plan at the moment, I am on 25 min runs.


Have a lovely day in Sunny Scarborough.


Hi RFC, longest distance 5.2k (that 0.2 is very important!) Very pleased with that distance. Both challenges I set myself (graduating and running 5k) have been met. Happy happy :)


I've not made it out for another run this week (no swim either) However I am in my running underwear even though today is an insane day to plan to run....

But you can put me down for my 5k last week (it was probably a bit more but I'm not tussling with Ancient Mum)

I am very happy to have completed the NHS Strength and Flexibility programme this Quest (must hassle someone again for my graduate badge on that HU forum) - I did find myself going through some of the moves on a dog walk last night.

I'm also very happy to have done that 5k run as it is something more than running maintenance towards my end of June goal.

And very pleased to be back to swimming - goggles, face in the water, much better style (even though I've not been at all this busy week)

I've also been shifting lots of stuff around!

Planning my goals for the next Quest!


My longest was 6km this quest and I'm happy with it. (My initial target had been to work up to 7, but I had a labrynthitis relapse about 3 weeks ago, which meant scaling back, and just being glad I could manage to get outside and walk some days.)


My longest distance this quest was 7km.


Thanks RFC Have a fab day in Scarb!

My longest run this week has been 9 MILES !!! Ooooooooooooh


Well done everyone whether you achieved what you wanted or not you got out there and gave it your best shot. My longest run for the virtual run total was 10km.

Hope you are having lovely sunny weather in Scarborough rfc, so long since I was last there - happy memories of Peasholm park and some very cheeky squirrels.


Enjoy time with your dad Last time I was in Scarborough I was expecting my youngest and he's 30 this year !!! So guess it might have changed a bit . Anyway didn't quite manage 10 k runs as planned so longest this time was 8 k


Oh, I love Scarborough, have fun! Can you put me down for an 11.5k please? Quite proud as it was also my longest run to date!


Well done everyone. I'm down to 4.5k this time but as Tesco say "every little helps".


Hi Rfc and fellow Questers , I haven't met any of the challenges I set myself this time...most weeks lately I've managed two, not three runs....none of which have been the 10Ks I'd hoped for and I've probably only just knocked the time of my 5K down by a minute or two...but that's pretty irrelevant now really...I don't have accurate time to the second when I run,so I've decided I'm not bothered about timings .

Fair to say I think my mojo deserted me a bit over the past couple of weeks, though I've always managed to get out twice weekly, the weather has turned very hot here,very suddenly ( went out at 7.30 am...6.30 UK time and it was already the time I got back having managed a difficult and slow 7.3K it was 23.5C) I'm going to have to start getting up earlier :)

My longest run this time was 8.5 K hopefully things are looking up !

Have a great day at the seaside Rfc ....and Happy Summer Solstice everyone :)

just edited this as got my longest distance wrong yesterday...did 0.3 K more than originally wrote...every little helps :)


Hi Rfc and everyone, I'm afraid I haven't done well at all this time :( The best that can be said is that I'm still running, but my greatest distance is only today's 2.5k, I'm afraid. Having said that, when this Quest started I was only running intervals of 2 minutes, so today's 20 minutes was a good step up from there. Onwards and upwards, and as I said, at least I am still out there. Happy running to all who can, a swift recovery to those on the bench, and good luck to those who are entering races :)


My longest was 5k.

Only one again last week, but a tough one as I picked to go the wrong way round Harrogate and more of the hills were up!


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