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Week two of the Father and Sun Quest - Feel free to join

Welcome to the second week of the Father and Sun

The reason for the name is the week before it's Father's Day and the week the Quest ends it's the Summer Solstice.

Well it seems summer is trying to make an appearance here in the UK. I am finding that every season has its trials where running is concerned. Winter as you try to keep warm enough before your body warms up summer trying to cool down as you feel like you are overheating. The thing is find the most difficult here in the the uk is switching between the two in the same week. Last week I had to go out in the my winter running gear as the temperature had just dropped yesterday

It was full summer running weather.

Hello and welcome to our new runners this week. I see we have quite a few new names. Don't feel shy, we are a very friendly bunch and feel free to dip in an out of this post and put your progress down. Or just read, the choice is yours. The point of the quest is to make as much use of it as you want. Whichever suits you best.

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.


























Take care Rfc x

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I realise that last week I forgot to put my quest down. Today I was thinking about my six week goals and suddenly thought that I am away for 3 out of the 6 weeks. It's a really busy time right now. I go away tomorrow for 2 weeks then Back for two weeks then away for one. I will still be keeping up with all on here so don't worry.

My training goals are to get through this period with no loss of fitness. The second time I am away I will be visiting my Dad and It luckily Coincided with my week off training. I have been advised that when training for endurance events as training gets harder it is more important to give the body a full rest. It is going to feel very weird going a week without running, swimming or cycling. Knowing my dad we will be doing a bit of walking which will be nice.

My other half is doing well with the program, getting through the runs. He says while I have to be away he's still going to go out on his own. So another runner that seems to have caught the bug.

Happy running to everyone

Take care.


Have a lovely time rfc! Are you sure you don't mind posting when you are away? I'd be happy to post the quests for you (although I couldn't pin them). Let me know if I can help out.


Thanks for the offer. I love this "job" even if I was in the back end of beyond I think I would still be on here.


Enjoy your time away - and likewise, happy to help if needed. Good news about your other half. Mine, now he's graduated says he really appreciates the benefits. He feels fitter and more alert. He's a skinny bean pole and not into competitive running, but is going to be running 3-4 times a week to mainitain his fitness, and the change in him is amazing, especially he is a lot calmer then he used to be.


Thank you for the offer. Might be a bit later on Monday but I should be fine. Glad to here about your other half.


Last week, I went out running 5 times and I tried all the graduate podcasts, stepping stones, stamina, speed. Quite frankly, aside from the stamina one, I don't think I'll both much with the others- didn't really get on with them. Longest distance last week was 8k in 80 minutes. I'm running London Bupa 10k next week. I'm using it as a benchmark for my performance.

Other than that, am half way through my b210k training programme and suffering route fatigue. I have a 5k route, a 6k route, two 8k routes and a 10k route mapped out. I do my long runs at the weekend and usually have no time constraints so it doesn't matter how long I take, but during the week, I try to keep my runs under an hour. I am just getting so bored of my shorter routes, and I can't use my longer routes, because it would mean the OH coming to pick me up, which is impractical. Changing my playlists seems to be helping but any tips on how others cope with this would be great.

This week, because I am supposed to be tapering I really am going to try and be strict with myself and only do 3 runs (Mon, Wed, Fri) before the 10k on Sun.


I have had quite a good week. My main goal for this quest is to get back to running for longer distances (working up to a half marathon) again because during the 5x50 challenge I have mostly been doing shorter runs than I was before. However, since this week was the end of the 5x50 challenge, I guess my first goal was just to finish that, which I did! ( I also finished off with a 12K run, which was not too bad, so it bodes well for the future. I think the main challenge will be mental, because running for 2 hours when you are only used to half an hour seems very daunting - even when you are probably fit enough and know you have done it before.


I missed Sunday's run as I have a painful ankle. It was my knee but that seems better but it's the ankle on the opposite leg. I think it's since upping the mileage to train for the 10 miler I signed up for. Doing ankle and calf exercises and might run today. Hey ho


I got out 3 times last week.My longest was 10.5 K and the other two 5K of which was the crappiest run I've had in a long time...maybe ever. I should have gone out at least an hour earlier, I was too hot too soon and just couldn't get my a**e in gear.Had to walk a few times and even had a quick sit down....that was a first ! Anyway, just chalk it up to one of those bad runs and not dwell on it.

Did exactly same route this morning ,weather still hot...but went really problems :)

Now just wondering how I'm going to fit the rest of my morning runs in this week( including a 10K+) as we have mega thundery forecast for almost the whole week :(

Have a lovely time away Rfc x


3.56k was my fastest and only run as I've been focusing on swimming and the Strength and Flexibility podcasts. However, it was my fastest average pace ever so I was well pleased with that, especially as I was taking it easy and definitely not trying to go fast as I was a bit overdressed and wearing active sandals as I found my running shoes weren't in the car.

One of my swims was terrible for all kinds of reasons but the one before went well, and I'm plodding on with Strength and Flexibility.


Managed the 3 runs last week as quested. This is the first time for ages so quite pleased. Quested to enjoy my runs & I am actually focussing on this. Running naked & really observing & appreciating everything around, virtual pacer on Garmin turned off & do you know it doesn't make a blind bit of difference to my pace, it just makes me relax & look forward to going out again. (A bit like the old days when trying to get through the C25K nine weeks). I seem to zone in & out of "Chi Running". Used quotation marks as I've no idea whether or not I'm doing it right but my breathing seems to have improved. Saying that I didn't have a good run tonight (could have done with some rain - boy was it hot) but I feel relaxed about that too. I think someone may be slipping something in my drink. Have a great holiday RFc.


So having signed up last week - I didn't manage ANY runs ! Hurt my hip about 10 days ago. Went out to try a gentle run once last week, but stopped within a minute as it was obviously doing me no good at all...

Planning another cautious try tomorrow, as I'm now not getting any hip pain at all when walking.


Oh dear Aj! Sorry to hear you're hurt. I hope you can have a successful run tomorrow. I did some stretches before and after my run this evening to try and prevent me from siezing up as I have been doing.

I managed my run this evening so I've only missed one run of the challenge so far


Managed to fit in my 3 runs last week, despite work getting in the way.

Final/graduation run of 30 minutes on Sunday, then 2 x 5km's during the week :)

Due to work bringing me down to Essex to stay with my M in L, I ran a new route with hills, fields and roads. Very happy with a PB of 31:50 on Saturday.

Might just get 3 runs in this week. One done yesterday, but now have 3 long days in London (what was I thinking when I said yes to that - oh yes, MONEY!!), so will try for Friday afternoon when I'm home.

Good luck to everyone else with the quest.



Sinusy headachy thing still lingering so struggled with runs last week Managed 3 but much slower and shorter Starting to feel better today hurrah! Going on holiday on sun so hopefully back on track when I get home Hope you enjoy your hols rfc Happy running everyone


Have a great holiday Rona and glad you are feeling better:)


And gentle cautious run was successful! Did 22 minutes with no pain. Concentrated on keeping my bum tucked in, as that seemed to help relieve the pain when I was walking in the days immediately following. I also attempted some stretches when I got home.

Hip is a bit stiff now, but that is also because I spent the evening at my 11 year old's end of year orchestra concert in the MOST uncomfortable seat !


So glad to hear you managed your run, I do the 'tucking the bum in' move too. I do think it helps!


Still not back up to strength - now having trouble with actually running. As soon as I take a few steps the outsides of both of my thighs start feeling stiff and weird! I am currently in Portugal on holiday and tried a wee run the other day, I managed 10 minutes (and the sides of thighs 'thing' was getting a bit easier as I ran then I walked for a couple of minutes then 5 minutes run then walked then 3 minutes then stopped! I was totally done. Mind you it's been over a week since I last ran, and over 2 months since I was at my peak!

Still, I am feeling better in relation to some of the other health probs I have been having. I think my breathing is better, peak flow was poor a couple of weeks ago. I have an appointment at ENT clinic for an assessment and had bloods taken. I have appointment with GP to get some results back on the 2nd June, so will see how that goes.

I think I am going to have to go back and redo the programme again, I think maybe from week 4 and see how I get on. I am going to have a go today and if thighs are okay, continue running 3 times a week. That will be my quest. Bit of a change from the last but one, which was to get to 7k (which I did!). Hope all of you are happy, healthy and running well. X


And another gentle cautious run completed this morning. Lovely sunny morning for it, and at 10am it was still cool enough, though shade patches were welcome. I woke up feeling a bit ikky - whether from a labrynthitis "flashback" or an over-heavy-handed rum and mango juice during Graham Norton last night... Anyway I convinced myself that in either case a run would help. Did 30 minutes round my local park, and no hip pain again - hooray. And felt quite human again. Did some hip stretches when I got in "just in case" !


Joined the quest to encourage me to run 3 times a week with the aim to be able to do 5k in 30 mins. This week I have done all 3 5k+ podcasts. Completed my first ever 5k in 36.15 which I was quite pleased with. Finished the week off this morning with the speed podcast and managed to keep up the pace quite well. All in all a positive first post graduation week, looking forward to the next!!

Good Luck with the quest everyone :)


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