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The Father and Sun Quest week four - feel free to join.

Welcome to the fourth week of the Father and Sun

The reason for the name is the week before it's Father's Day and the week the Quest ends it's the Summer Solstice.

Here we are just past the half way point of the quest. I am So sorry to read about all the injuries we seem to of picked up on the quest this time. I wonder if we should be actively talking more about rest or easy weeks. As I have been reading more about training it does seem to be quite an important part of any training regime. So maybe it's something we should think about.

I am the first to hold my hand up and say I don't want to take time off or have an easy week but I think sometimes what the brain wants isn't necessarily what the body needs. Any thoughts would be greatly received.

I was thinking of maybe actively each of us nominating a reduced week each quest, that fits in with our weeks and training. Everything I have read about it says that it is very beneficial to training. Thoughts as to what would be considered a rest week would be good. Obviously it would be relative to each person so maybe In Terms of percentages would make more sense. Any links to articles would help. I will be home soon so I will be more in the case.

Here is hoping the next week is better for most of us.

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.


























Take care Rfc x

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My exercise has been all over the place but thankfully I got to the bottom of my troubles and when I get home training will start again. A couple of months ago my doc increased my thyroid meds and I forgot that he said if any of the overactive symptoms come back reduce the dose to every other day. I think I have been slowly getting more and more overactive as the weeks have gone on and finally the penny dropped when I had been out for a meal (a massive meal) and came back and was still stuffing my face. This is a sure sign my thyroid was out. I also couldn't cross my legs while sitting without pulling my right leg over my left as I didn't have the muscle strength, so running has been out the question. Any way I took the dose down and symptoms are finally going now. I feel my age rather than over 100, with all the aches and pains. I am on my old dose till I get home the when my proper diet (been letting it slip on hols) and training starts again I will do the alternative days. Hopefully problem sorted. Good luck to everyone.


It's amazing all you achieve & on top of all that you do it whilst balancing this thyroid thing. Hope this week is on the up for you.


It must be hard to try and get the thyroid meds right - I hope you can get them all sorted and that all the aches and pains go.


Hi RFC I hope your week will go well!

I am having another go at running today, after not running since Thursday. My legs are so painful that I've not been able to get out there. I have been doing plenty of dog walking though as he needs a lot of exercise. I was thinking about my walking trainers and I have had them for donkeys years and there's hardly any tread left on them. I think it's time to get some fresh ones in view of all my leg aches. I don't think it can be helping. I'm going to get some fresh road running shoes too

The time is running out for my race training (listen at me, race! Ha!) I should have been doing 8 miles runs by now ready for 10 miles next week.

I have to walk into town and back so that's more miles on my legs. Dentist visit and I can't put it off as I had to cancel it already cos I couldn't walk!


Hope that went well. Are you sure you shouldn't be resting?


Hi RFC I'm out too at the moment. Did my first ever 5k and finished w9 last week but have either pulled a muscle in my back or possibly picked up a chest infection ( surely not both simultaneously?!) so can't run. Getting checked out this pm. Legs wanna run but the rest of me says no. Fingers crossed I'll be running again soon before all that hard won fitness drains away : (


It won't drain away that quickly don't knacker yourself (hoping that isn't too rude a word- can't ask my daughter she went to bed early) by not looking after yourself when you are not 100%


Ouch - hope you feel better soon!


Well done on your 5k & congrats on finishing Wk9. Take it easy & you'll be back before you know it. If you're feeling run down as well it's best not to push it.


Food for thought RFC! My Quest is going well by the standards I set myself but I am very keen on the 'achievable' element of these things. I am now into the last week of the Strength and Flexibility podcast ie I didn't complete the whole thing in May because it just didn't work to squeeze all the sessions in. This is about being as fit as possible for life rather than my life being about keeping fit. Similarly, I went swimming three times last week and on no occasion did I swim my target number of lengths and yet I am very happy. My style has improved tremendously, I tried a bit of crawl and my children came with me and got some exercise too. Watching my elder son power down the pool was a reward for all the hassle of swimming lessons a good few years back.

And I did manage one run this last week - that was a bit of a shocker, I had notions that I might go for a 5k to begin building up the distance back towards my Quest goal of 10k but in the event 30 minutes running was a real mental challenge. (Tough terrain too - I went to a part of the wood I've not been to in ages, it was great but boggy, trees down etc)

The thing is, and to address RFCs point, I feel confident enough now that these activities are part of my life that they will happen so that I am comfortable not second guessing myself if I don't feel up to it on any particular day.


That's such a great thing to read - "I feel confident enough now that these activities are part of my life" - yay! :)


Got two runs in last week, due to dodging the rain, flooded rivers and trying to set out on holiday.!

New route yesterday - rough towpath and too hot for my liking, but managed the 5k in a reasonable time, even after working 12 locks during the day, so very happy bunny.

Already found some pros and cons of new slimmer and fitter me. Pros - jumping on and off the boat and walking between the locks is far easier than this time last year. Cons - not so much of me to throw against the stubborn gates and bruised/sore base of spine due to lack of cushioning :)

Looking forward to this week, lots of new scenery to take in.

Good luck, best wishes and get well soon as appropriate to everyone.

Frances xx

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Interesting about the lack of cushioning. I am having to sleep with a pillow between my knees on many nights because they are too bonily painful.


I only got 2 runs in last week - carboshed by family commitments again! But I did a long walk one day to make up for it. In fact the walk may be the longest thing I do this quest.


Not meeting any of my quest this time round Runs in Spain were much shorter and slower and food intake through the roof Anyway back home now and accepting that not going to be running 10 k regularly at moment ( Spain and sinuses have got in way) but hey giving myself permission to adapt my quest (hope that's ok Rfc) So plan is to try and build 3xruns back up to where I was 4wks ago and then see where I want to go from there. I am also ,after weeks of dithering , meeting up with new running group on Wed . Really nervous but looking forward to the challenge -- I think! Good running everyone and speedy recovery to those ill or injured


After not running for a bit due to injury I did 5 k this evening. Well chuffed!


Blinking 'eck. Well done.


I know what you mean about scheduling more rest weeks but having had one week off due to migraine, I didn't run last week either as I was coming home from work so tired I was worried about setting another migraine off. So this week came & I really had to push myself out of the door because my confidence was starting to wane. To be honest I needn't have worried & it was great to be back out there again. I really don't know whether or not I needed last week as a rest week but it doesn't seem to have done any harm not running for two weeks. The jury's out.


Sorry to hear about the migraine but I'm glad the two weeks off didn't do any harm to the running. And how nice that it was great to be back out there again :)


This is so encouraging Walette. Reckon by the time I'm fit enough to run again I'll have been out for at least 12 days, if not 14. Was thinking I'd be almost back to square 1, so your post had made me very happy. :) Cheers m'dear x


The thing is it's doable but I think because we are newish to running we just don't believe in ourselves. My running confidence ebbs very quickly but from here on in I'm going to tell the little demon whispering nonsense " I don't care I'm going to do it & in my time".


Hmm, the rest week idea is interesting. I definitely believe in taking it easy every so often, I used to push myself to the limit every run but the penny is starting to drop recently (only taken 2 years).

Very happy with my progress this quest, back up to 10k last week due to one very rainy morning which was perfect conditions for going for it so I did. I love summer rain for running in. Only ran twice but both runs were good. Last night plucked my courage up to go along to a running group and enjoyed the new variety, track, fartlek and hill session - sounds a lot written down but lots of very slow jogging in between. Glad I went along :-)


Wow, 10K? :) :) :)


Thanks, I've got a 10k next month and so it's good to know I can get it done. Weirdly that 10k felt easier than some shorter runs I've done. Good to see you about on the forum and out and about again, sounds like you've had a very healthy, fun holiday. :-)


Oh where have I been?! Not run for a while and initially was because of work and then no reason at all. I seem to keep writing that. Disappointed in myself. Just need to get out there now.

Notbad - Congratulations on joining a running group.

Realfoodieclub - I hope your thyroid is now behaving.

Good luck everyone.


No, don't be disappointed! You'll be back out there soon when it's right for you. I hope you have a good next run :)


Hello again - I've been missing for a short while, but it hasn't been too bad. I've been away on holiday with my running friends, one of whom started C25K in late October because of me and the other friend, and is now running 10K (gulp!), and the other friend has lost her fitness and motivation completely. So we went back to running intervals - the first run was 90 seconds run, several mins walk x5. On the second run we did 2 mins run x 5. I'm really hoping this gets her back into it, and it didn't do me any harm at all. Also, we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked! So although I haven't done that much running, I have been quite well exercised and I am liking this idea of not pushing it too hard. I find that thinking I *have* to go out and try and do 4k or whatever is quite daunting, so I might go back to intervals for a while and try and get back into running regularly. Go Questers! :)


Hello all. Sorry for not replying to the thread for a few weeks. Week 1 was great, four runs, but I then did a mischief to my ankle which meant no running during week 2. I then went off and had a huge paddy about it, mainly annoyed at myself for pushing too hard - I was due to take part in the London BUPA 10k but had to pull out. I've eased back into running over the last week and a half, and am currently on track for 3 runs a week. I am absoltely not going to do any more because my ankle is still not up to it. Also have some personal issues. Very frustrating, and I'm sorry to hear that others have been having difficulties during this quest too.

I think you are all amazing for sticking with training in one form or another, and not giving up. I'd just like to say thank you again to RFC, as without these quests, I quite probably would have thrown the towel in when I had my injury this time and given up.

Having the rest week seemed to help me from a mental point of view but was also incredibly frustrating in another way. I felt like I lost fitness but my runs, when I restarted, seemed easier.


Sorry to hear of your injuries. Make sure you take some time out & ease yourself back in. Your fitness may have taken a slight dent but it won't be long before you achieve the same level & improve. It's good to hear you haven't given up.


Feeling back on track today, having done 2 of my 3 planned runs ! Last Sunday I did a 5k funrun, so on Tuesday I went out for a gentle jog round my local park. My usual running time is early afternoon, and it was pretty warm, so I stuck to shady paths and did as much as I could on either dirt tracks or grass which worked OK. Used my own music and didn't worry over much about pace or distance...

Today I'm working this afternoon, and have a physio appointment at 11.30, so I went out at just after 9 (this counts as majorly early in my world, I'm in awe of those of you who get up before dawn !) and did the Speed podcast. It was still pleasantly cool and as it had rained overnight the dirt tracks were nice and soft. (They are red cinder over dirt, and most have a good layer of decomposed pine-needles as well). Got some nice friendly nods from the municipal gardeners, and even felt confident enough to do my stretches against a park bench at the end.

Plan for run 3 is Saturday morning along the river with last week's "Saturday Live" podcast for company. I'm not sure yet whether I'll aim for a slow 6k (aiming to work up to 10k gradually) of whether to do 4 x 10 minutes with 1 minute walks. (à la Sammi Murphey programme).

happy running or resting !


I managed 3 runs last week including a parkrun where I took just over a minute of my time from the previous one. It wasn't my best running week as still a little bit tender from my fall & very wary that I'll fall over again! But aiming for 3 runs minimum this week plus taking another minute off my parkrun time on Sat.


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