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The final of The Spring into Summer Quest - A new quest will start on Monday.

Welcome to the end of the six week Spring into Summer Quest.

Well here we are the the final week of the Spring into Summer Quest.

It's Friday and the weekend is starting, feel free to post your acheivements and share how the quest has gone for you.

It really doesn't matter if it's been fantastic or rotten. It's all about sharing. I know there are some that have really struggled this quest. Bugs and injuries have been around, but the main point of the quest is that we are all here still trying. No one could ask any more of you.

I will log the virtual run on Monday morning so anyone who wants their longest run added please post down below what your longest run is.

The next quest will start on Monday and it will be called

The Father and Sun Quest.

The reason for the name is the week before it's Father's Day and the week the Quest ends it's the Summer Solstice. So get your thinking caps on for Monday.

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.

























Miss wobble















Take care Rfc x

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My longest run is 5.02 km.

The quest has gone well for me this time. I am upping my training and hit the elusive 5km for the first time ever. I keep going back and doing it every week as I cannot believe that I managed it, so keep checking to see it's not a fluke. I have done a speed podcast this week, that is so beneficial so I will add It in Every week. It was Also it was so nice to hear Laura again. I've had to increase my food this quest as well, as eating 1500 kcal a day and exercising as much as I am is not enough. Happy running to everybody and thank you all for being part of this.


My longest run is 8km

Likewise, it's been a hit and miss start but I've hit that 5k target too. Thank you RFC for organising this quest as it's really help keep me going since finishing C25k.

I'm now running regularly at least 4 times a week, covering 5k each time. I also did my first Parkrun.


Longest run was 6km. I've enjoyed having the quest to motivate me and will certainly sign up for the next one. The last couple of weks have been hard going - only managed 2 outings instead of the planned 3, and yesterday I compounded things by hurting myself due to my own stupidity (see my post on insoles).


My longest run was 11.57km which was nearly a month ago.

Unfortunately it went downhill from there on :-( Foot and knee niggles have plagued me and I'm only just easing back in - trying not to panic about my 10k in July... Upwards and onwards!

Like the new quest title rfc, you are really clever to think them up. Funnily enough our son's birthday is always around Fathers Day so it's really 'Father and Son' for us. :-)


My goal for this quest was to run 2.5 miles in 30 minutes but the best I've managed is 2.2 (3.54 km). Struggling to go any faster at the moment but am continuing to run for 30 minutes three times a week and am focussing on just enjoying it!


Sounds like we're at about the same level Latte_Lady. I'm trying to get to 8 mins/km for half an hour which would give me 3.75, but I can't maintain that pace for that long yet !


I've been running regularly but shorter distances as I've started from scratch on a Bupa training plan for a 10 mile race I've entered. I have completed all the runs so far but I have hurt my ruddy knee so am wondering whether to abandon today's run. I am due to run a

10 k today. The longest run of these sessions thus far has been 7.45 k.


It's been a rubbish month for me. Have hardly run during the whole of April because of bad cold, infected ear and penicillin adverse effects. So the best I can offer is 3.5k.


Can I update my longest run please RfC? I ran 10 k today!


This quest started of really well and I ran 12.87 k in the first week which I was totally amazed at Then had couple of ok weeks and then for varies reasons runs seemed to get shorter and slower so bit of a mixed quest . But this and 5x50 have kept me plodding along so thanks again to rfc. Have great weekend running folks


I'm down this quest to 5.30K. Happy with this as I'm trying out the Chi running method. However, I'm disappointed that I'm only getting out twice a week. I need better planning & a little more time. Mind there a again, better planning would give me more time.


My longest has been 5.11km in 43:11, it took Laura's stepping stone podcast to get there and I'm really pleased with it. I'm still more of a snail than a tiger and am nowhere near doing it in 35 minutes but back in February I could barely run a minute and now I'm running for at least 30 minutes a few times a week. Slowly my speed will improve...

Happy running all :)


My longest run is 10k

I have managed my 100k total, but not sure exactly how many more than that because I did a few on the treadmill and forgot to log the distance (doh!), I am so used to my gps thingy doing it for me!! Well done everyone xx


Thanks Rfc for organising this ...and well done on reaching your 5K ...and beyond !

I managed three runs a week , with the exception of the week before last when travelling back from my break,bad weather etc meant I only fitted in two ( yeah..excuses ,excuses ,blah ...I should have got a third in....).

My longest run was 10.7K ,completed this week.....I managed to do my first 10K last month and didn't expect to exceed that this week ,so very happy with that .I doubt it would have been reached without the incentive of these quests.....so once again, thankyou .

Happy weekend and happy running everyone :)


my longest run was 7.5k which i was very happy with


Managed to run 2 or 3 times every week, so that was good. Discovered pyramid interval running and have enjoyed the 2 runs I've done of that. Managed to get one sub-30 minute 5k in (along the flat route by the sea that I go to when I've had enough of this mountain). My longest run was 5.35 km.

So overall probably OK. It's felt like hard work during the last 6 weeks, but that is probably due to general "busy-ness".


Sorry - a bit late with my post. I did manage to stick with the 3 runs per week as my pledge to this quest. My longest run to date was 5.3 which I was happy with as I had just graduated when this quest started. My time wasn't fantastic but given that I wasn't running when I staretd C25K in February I am happy with 39 minutes. Well done to everyone - there are some great achievements posted.


Longest was 5.06k. Have been trying to do The Bridge to 10k so I don't want to include those as there are walking breaks during those sessions. That's a fast pace runningnearbeirut. Well done all.


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