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Week three of the Father and Sun Quest - Feel free to join

Welcome to the third week of the Father and Sun

The reason for the name is the week before it's Father's Day and the week the Quest ends it's the Summer Solstice.

Here we are at the third week of the Quest. I hope it is going well for everyone. As far as I have seen on the weather forecast things are very changeable. I hope your runs are going well.

Hello and welcome to our new runners this week. I see we have quite a few new names. Don't feel shy, we are a very friendly bunch and feel free to dip in an out of this post and put your progress down. Or just read, the choice is yours. The point of the quest is to make as much use of it as you want. Whichever suits you best.

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.


























Take care Rfc x

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Well I am on holiday and my running is not going according to plan at all. Everytime to set off to run my calves seize up. I think they are kicking up a fuss from using a new bike before I came away, for a trial and also from being lazy. I say lazy because I used my stretching place at home to put everything out for holiday to pack, and rather than move things I just stopped stretching 5 times a week. So effectively I lost two weeks of stretching. I feel a bit silly now, but i am hoping I can loosen them up, otherwise I will have to go far a massage when I get back. I am getting some gentle stretches In between trying to do gentle runs. Hope it's going better for everyone else. Happy running.


Take it easy rfc, and one thing you are definitely not is lazy! I hope your calves get a bit easier as the holiday progresses though and that you do mange another few gentle runs. Have a lovely time.


I agree with lizziebeth, take it easy & make sure you don't make things worse as that will set you back further. Enjoy the holiday & hopefully you can ease yourself back in.


I managed 2 gentle runs last week, both without causing any dreadful pain to my hip. runkeeper even tells me that pace and distance were best ever on Saturday...

Planning a 30 minute run today. Wednesday I'm to a 3 day conference that is usually pretty "full on", but I will put my running stuff in, in case I get the opportunity to fit in a run. (Will be spending 8 hours in the car on Wednesday so I'm sure a run would do me good on Thursday if I can manage it). Another 8 hour car day on Saturday, and then Sunday I'm doing our local 5k funrun. This is my first every organised run so its kind of a big deal. Hubby and I have entered as a team (he has promised to stick to my pace).

Happy running everyone !


glad to hear your hip is still improving - mine has just flared up!


I also googled "hip bursitis" and found that different sites were all recommending the same "cross legged" stretch, so I started doing that every day, and side leg raises. Since the pain went away, I've restarted cautiously and tried to concentrate on running with my bum tucked in, as that seems to reduce the pressure on my hip... Anyway so far so good - but I think in any case you need to rest until the pain goes.


Life seems to be getting in the way a bit doesn't it? Well after my totally chilled out report for the week before last, last week I missed every single target. I only ran once & that wasn't good & didn't bother me at the time. The week rolled on & I had planned my time around a day trip to London training for my newish job. However, I didn't count on the migraine & 3 day pay back. I'm going to really need my running to de-stress this week as I start new job tomorrow & my IT equipment doesn't like me much. I have drawn a line under last week & am planning a good week. Plans of men & mice eh?


Migraines are so unfair waletta Apart from the dreadful pain they just muck up all your plans Sending you sympathy but that's not a lotof help sorry


Thanks Fitfor60. I used to get really miserable when they'd come so frequently that I'd give up trying to plan things. I have to say the injections have made a big difference but sometimes there is no stopping them. Still having difficulty getting back out there atm. I think tomorrow I will have to go out whatever just to break the cycle.


Well, my plan to re-start the programme from week 4 hasn't gone to well. I did go out on Friday and completed week 4 run 1 (In portugal) but I'm afraid it was pretty hard going on my hips especially. That's right, nothing to do with voice, malaise, sore throat, wheezy cough that have been bugging me for a couple of blooming hips! After the run i was walking like my mum before her hip replacements. That was Friday, they feel a bit better today but I think I will lay off another couple of days minimum. I may leave it until I have my next gp's appointment (next monday) and see what he says. Honestly I can't believe this, I can hardly believe I ran 7k just over 2 months ago. Feeling frustrated but will have to cultivate patience. Happy healthy running all!


that doesn't sound so good. Hope the GP can help.

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Maybe hips complaining cos you haven't been running so much lately?? Feel your frustration but sure when you get all clear you will build back up to where you were . I know you will be annoyed cos you seem to have had one thing after another Life can just be a pig sometime Hope all goes well at dr Beth


Due to work and rain (yes, I'm a wuss!) I only ran twice last week.

First run included following a "footpath" through a rape field that became a re-enactment of the poppy field scene in The Wizard of Oz.....the path had totally vanished by about 200 metres in. Yesterday was a return to my own cosy safe towpath.

Will try for 3 runs again this week. Off to start my travels, river levels permitting, so new scenery awaits.

Good luck and good health to everyone.



All running suspended due to painful ankle and knee. I am managing to walk,the dog so am keeping moving at least


Everyone seems to be injured or ill!

I managed only 2 runs last week and they were hard work. But at least I can run a bit now and starting to get back some fitness levels.


I agree! I'm another casualty! Hope you're feeling better.


Hope all you injured folk feel better soon, rest is nearly always the best medicine.

I'm doing okay, managed 8.5km last week so not far off my target 10km. Foot twinging a little so will have to be careful though, was going to try a running group tonight but will go next week instead.


I'm pretty happy with how my Quest is going although it hasn't included any running this week which is weird (and also a waste of a lot of support knickers, sport bra and legging wearing as that's what I put on every other day ready to run...) My main focus has been the Strength and Flexibility programme and I've done some swimming. I was inspired to try front crawl today. That and the bench dips for Strength and Flexibility 4 mean my shoulders are complaining. I've been using Runkeeper for S&F and it is disconcerting to see how close my walking and running speeds are still (but then I am not in such rough terrain when I do S&F)


Bench dips ! Feel an ouch coming on just reading about them Google me


I'm dog walking and doing some ankle and calf stretches etc. I felt a lot better this morning. I sat on the settee last night and did some leg exercises and I swear I heard a thunk as if something had released. Flamin hope so!

I feel that my training plan for my 10 mile race is just slipping away and I won't be able to make up lost time


I had a rubbish week last week as I ended up falling over on my first run of the week last Monday. Hit my chin badly on the pavement along with my hand to break my fall - ouch! Had trouble moving my jaw to eat & hand was stiff & quite weak. Still have a bruise on my chin but thankfully no one has handed me the number for domestic violence! I did squeeze in another 2 runs, they were short but I wanted to fulfil my commitment but I didn't get the Parkrun in due to waking up @ 08:45 & it was pouring down with rain. I was thinking of the safety, managed to fall when dry, what damage can be done on slippery surface?! I've done a short run today & plan a run on Thursday & Parkrun on Sat - must set that alarm! Good luck to all on their quest & hope other casualties feel better & are on their feet soon!




Yes - Ouch indeed! I certainly wouldn't recommend it! Hoping to have a better week this week. Good luck with your week / job etc.


Thank you CrazyKitty . In the immortal words heard on Hill Street Blues, "Hey, lets be careful out there."


Not meeting any of my Quest targets as in Spain this week Only managing 20 min very slow runs but really enjoying them Eating too much but funnily enough have absolutely no guilt feelings at all None nada zilch ! Must be sun as so unlike me Probably find guilt returns when I get home so just going to enjoy moment just now . I usually say ' happy running ' but so many are suffering from injuries so I wish you all well and take care


Fitfor60 with so many manning the refreshment stops on this Quest it would be rude not to have a runner make use of them so keep up the good running and enjoying eating work!


Quite agree. Sounds idyllic. It would be a shame to waste the Spanish sunshine feeling guilty.


Yup loads of eating and STILL no guilt ! Did another run this morning but not a flat bit in sight -- meant roads but could apply to tummy as well So so slow but good training


Still don't do hills myself, only inclines & know what you mean about tummy. I'm eating like a lunatic atm.


Sorry to hear folks are getting injured right, left and centre. What are we like!

I managed my first run out on my dodgy ankle. I finished it but I did go as slowly as humanly possible. I quite enjoyed it with no music or clock watching


I'm another ill one :( had sinusitis which developed into a chest infection, so haven't run for 2 weeks. I went along to parkrun yesterday as my first outing, and it wasn't brilliant - my heart rate shot up to 175 very quickly so I decided to walk/run, jogging til it hit 175, then walking til it dropped to 165 - I had managed previously to jog 5k with my HR at around 160, so I was a bit fed up. But hey ho, I will get back into the swing of things (and I know I shouldn't be overly focused on my heart-rate, but even though I have had the ok and encouragement to run from my gp, losing 2 close family members to heart related illnesses at a young age has made me rather paranoid)


Another one for the sick-list. Did Monday's run OK, then spent Wednesday to Saturday at a conference and having labrynthitis symptoms, so much lying down, and no running. However felt slightly more human today, and decided to do the fun run anyway - wrote a separate post about it so won't repeat, but am definately chuffed to have done it !


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