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The Father and Sun Quest week five - Feel free to join

Welcome to the fifth week of the Father and Sun

The reason for the name is the week before it's Father's Day and the week the Quest ends it's the Summer Solstice.

I have been a bit absent this week. I am sorry for that. Just back from holiday and my husband had a suspected dvt. So it's been a bit manic, the good news is that the outcome was that he just had a nasty bruise from stretching from a really bad cramp after the flight. The importance of gentle stretching.

I hope everybody is doing well. It's hard to believe we are two weeks spa way from finishing another quest. I am pleased to tell you there will be another on after this.

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.


























Take care Rfc x

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Things have been all over as I explained above. I start my proper triathlon training tomorrow. This is a detailed plan that has four training sessions a week doing all three disciplines twice in the week, adding in weight training as well. I am Feeling a little fragile today as I had a blow out last night. Note to self must not use electrolytes tablets for a hangover, it's an expensive way to feel better, but it seems to work. I am feeling nervous as there is no wiggle room now as regards to training. To me this is the final countdown. Happy running to everyone.


Good luck with the trialthlon training ! And glad to hear hubby didn't have a real dvt - how scary !


Likewise glad to hear all is ok with your husband. Frightening thing to be worried about. Best of luck with your training. I'm sure you will be fantastic :-)


So pleased to hear your husband is okay - that must have been really scary. All the best with the final countdown - is the music playing for you? :D


My week 4 was good. I did a nice easy jog round the park on Tuesday and on Thursday I did Speed. Saturday I thought I'd give a longer run a go. Summer is setting in here (about which more below) but before 10am the temperatures are OK, and I figured that the path by the river would be cooler, because of a breeze off the water and also because it is shady. So I duly set off at around 9, with Saturday Live for company (last week's obviously). Although I'm not planning to follow B210k rigorously I thought I'd try out the 10min/1min run/walk interval, also to see how he run/walk interval function works on my new Garmin F15. Disadvantage of my chosen route is that to get to the river I need to go through the industrial estate (OK) but then over a bridge across the motorway. The bridge is pretty much in full sun and boy it was hot, with heat reflecting back up from the surface as well. But I got across, then dropped down onto the river path and as expected it was much cooler. This used up my first 10 minutes (my phone display just changed to a big black square saying WALK - I suspect I could also set a buzzer, must investigate) walked and then ran my second 10, before turning back. I was really hoping that the return trip over the bridge would co-incide with my final walk interval, but no such luck - instead I got to walk across the bridge over the river, which was very nice. ANYWAY my jog up the motorway bridge was a study in how slowly it is possible to put one foot in front of the other, before I headed home. At the end of my final 10 minutes was pleased to discover that I had done 4.8km, so I decided to keep going to 5k, which I did in just over 44 minutes. Hooray - almost a minute down on last weeks 5k AND 3 minutes down on my first ever, despite the walk intervals... I even felt confident enough to do my stretches in the park before I got home.

This was also the first outing for my new shoes, and they felt good ! Nice and supportive and no rubs.

This week brings a whole new dilemma. Plan had been to do a nice easy 30 early afternoon today, but it is stinking hot ! Forecast is for 38C this afternoon (thats over 100F) and radio and TV are all warning not to do stupid things in the heat. I suspect going for a jog in the middle of the day counts as a stupid thing ! Not being a morning person AT ALL, I'm going to experiment with going out late evening. Except I expect the park to be buggy (plus I'm not sure how safe it is late evening, even if its not dark yet). So I may well need to stick to the road. (Forecast says weather will stay like this for at least 10 days.) Will let you know;


Gosh that's hot - take care and hydrate well. I had my first evening run last week (home from running group meet) and it was lovely, quieter than mornings and cool - not that it's anywhere near that hot here.


Definately hiding from the heat and drinking lots in the afternoons ! (When my children were babies we tended to spend summer afternoons inside with the shutters closed and the TV on)


That's hot. It was no where near that in Spain and I was suffering on the exercise front. Good for jumping in the pool though. Hope you find a time that suits. Happy running


Welcome back RFC! I hope you and OH are now restored somewhat after your journey. Upping training by a day a week is hard!!! I couldn't hack it !! I had to drop back to three days a week until I'm fitter and stronger. Working on that by doing exercise DVD's with Jillian Michaels, and walking.

Now back to running after my painful/swollen ankle. Got measured up for new shoes yesterday so went for a run in my new Nikes last night and everything was hunky dory. No ill effects this morning, so fingers crossed I'm back to training for my upcoming road race


Glad the nikes are doing there job. Go easy on that ankle as you get used to it. Happy running


Glad to read MW & ajwyld's new shoes are doing the job. I like my new shoes too but as I've blogged have had an Achilles niggle which I'm hoping will ease away. Going to ease back on my running this week to give it a rest.

Glad your husband's okay Rfc, what a worry, especially post-flight.


Best to rest if it's niggly, our bodies can be very sensitive. Take care.


Phew RFC, hairy times!

My week went better - I have graduated from the NHS Strength and Flexibility programme so that's one element of the current Quest ticked off. This week I did in the house to be sure of having the right props. I had a dodgy moment with the wall press ups on the last session after no problems throughout the programme, I think I must have got a bit too cocky and stood too far away. My shoulders are telling me that if I never do the bench drops again it will be too soon - which is obviously a message that I should do as Laura says and repeat that Week 5 podcast from time to time!

Again not much running but I did do one (and another today) Very, very squelchy both, filthy up to my knees (less than 3k in 30 minutes). First one I listened to Radio 4's A History of Disability podcasts. Bit concerned about my partner in crime, not quite herself (ie staying closer on runs, and a bit diffident about stairs, getting on the bed) so I didn't have her on the waist belt lead to do a longer run on the canal path towards my 10k goal - but I'd better get back to some longer runs this week.


Congrats on the strength and flex. Two things I have to add in on the new plan. I am sure the strength training will help you get to your 10k goal.


I actually did my 3 runs this week - the first time since March! I'm glad to be getting back into the routine. It won't last long though, we are going on holiday this week and I may not take my running gear.


Glad it's coming together for you. If your anything like me it's was good to have the rest, but has made me more determined when I got back.


Well, I'm off to the hospital this morning for a CT scan on my shoulder to see if they can see what the problem is. It's really affecting my running so I hope they can sort it out! I've gone back to intervals which has b*ggered up my Quest again :( but at least I'm still getting out there I suppose. I can only run for a few minutes before my shoulder and arm lock up - I guess it's the repetitive motion. When I stop and walk I can clunk it free with a bit of a wriggle and then I can start again, but this is no way to go on, I know. Anyway, intervals will do for now. Happy running to everyone else :)


Good luck with the ct scan, I really hope they get to the bottom of it. Well done you for finding a way round it, be kind to yourself though.


To get fitter I' m doing strengthening exercises but push ups and planks are not going at all well as my arms are not strong enough, so I can't actually do them yet. So I shall keep practising


Hehe I know what you mean. I can't do either of those. I can do mock push ups. I use a park bench back and do the same movement, it still kills me though. One day.


Worth having a look at the NHS Strength and Flexibility podcasts (back to Laura!) as they have 'accessible' push ups.


Sorry to hear about your shoulder Anni!!!!!! Crikey me, we are all a bunch of casualties I must say!

I hope all goes well and that you will be running proper in no time


I got my 3 runs in last week and was very happy with them all.

Tuesday was first place in my private Beeston Parkrun ;) - as posted elsewhere.

Then a very windy run round Holme Pierrepont water sports centre on Thursday led to my first 5k under 30 mins, 29:14 yay :) Was interesting to see how far 5k really is. We had a walk round the day before and the OH said that a lap of the rowing lake would make a good run for the next day. Way too far I said! Looked it up on a map and found that it was 2k long, and a complete lap was almost exactly the 5k. Rarely can you set off seeing that far straight ahead - a little daunting! Watched some people on the white water canoe course and decided I'd stick to running.....

Finished off the week with an uneventful run Sunday morning, passed a car boot sale, but luckily had no money with me.

Onward and upward everyone :)



Sorry for the late post. I'm about half way through my 10k programme. The runs have been getting incrementally longer,aand I'm running every alternate day. It may be the heat but for some reason I'm really struggling this week - it seems to be taking longer than normal to recover and I'm exhausted on the days I do run (yesterday I went straight to bed after getting home). I am making sure to drink extra but I hope this heat doesn't last much longer. I've already started going out for my runs at 4:30 and I hope I don't have to get up any earlier.


Well I had a physio appointment late morning that meant I switched my workday (I'm PT) to work this afternoon, partly so that i could go for a run before it got too hot.

Out the door at 9am, and although it was still pleasant in the shade, in the sun it was already hot. I also wasn't feeling at my best, so I ditched the plan to use Speed and decided just to jog round the park for 30 minutes using my own music. Route was dictated by my search for shade, and I managed a nice mix of running on paths and on grass, round some ponds and through the trees. Pace was nothing spectacular, but I'm very pleased I did it. I did feel a bit like a hamster in a wheel to some extent, as he shady route I worked out was quite short so I went round it several times. Great advantage of this particular location, in addition to the trees, is the drinking fountain by the entrance - so I didn't need to carry water with me, it was always accessible and very much appreciated.

Weekend is going to be harder. I'm busy on Saturday all day and on Sunday morning. I suspect I'll end up with just a quick 30 minutes either Saturday or Sunday evening.


Well the planned "quick 30 minutes" today turned into 50 minutes and 6km. Pretty chuffed !


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