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The Father and Sun Quest week six- feel free to join

Welcome to the sixth week of the Father and Sun

The reason for the name is the week before it's Father's Day and the week the Quest ends it's the Summer Solstice.

Welcome to the final week of the quest. There will be another one starting on Monday so definitely feel free to join. I will put the post up on Monday. I will try first thing but I am visiting my Dad for a few days as a belated Fathers Day present.

This final post for this quest will go up on Friday as usual, so anyone who wants to contribute to the virtual run feel free to put your longest distances up on the Friday post.

It's been a strange week on here this week. The new forum seems to of upset a few people. I haven't changed over yet so I have that yet to come. Also there is talk about pressure coming from the site. I really hope that the quest doesn't feel that way as I have tried to make the quest as light hearted as I can. It all about doing whatever you want to do but not feeling like you have to leave the site once you have graduated. I set it up because I was feeling lost after graduation and wanted to talk about what to do next, also keep my motivation going a bit. The whole point of this site is to be supportive and not competitive.

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.


























Take care Rfc x

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This week has gone well. First full training week under my belt. It all about times rather than distances and for some reason I am finding an old familiar comfort in going out for a timed run rather than a distance one. Back to stretching again which seems to be helping with my running. I have to say I am still not a confident cyclist and am teetering on not enjoying the sport. Today I had to get up early to do a 45min cycle and if I would of allowed myself I would of got out of it, but I did it. Happy running to you all.


You might like this quote I came across: "I do not train to swim, bike or run faster, I train to remove quit from my body and from my mind."


Like it.



Firstly and most importantly - I don't think the Quest puts any pressure on anyone at all. For me, the Quest has been a useful tool to help me set achievable goals to help me progress my running, and to share my successes and frustrations in trying to achieve them.

As I understand it, people are frustrated on two counts - first, the new site isn't very easy to use. I haven't tried it yet, so can't comment. The second is that within the main thread of C25k, we do see people repeately talking about either not being able to complete 5k in 30 minutes or the fact that some very fit people keep saying how they have managed 5k in a super amazing time. I don't think the Quest is responsible for this, more that people have different levels of fitness and some can and some won't complete the 5k in 30 minutes by the end of week 9. Some people are also very statistics orientated and are so focussed on knocking time off their PB's that it can perhaps be demoralising for newer/less fit runners or for those with other goals. There is nothing wrong with knocking time off PB's, but it's useful to remember that other people may have other goals rather than being superfast. There is a post in the main forum about getting some sort of update in place that is visible to all new starters to emphasise that the goal of C25k is to get people running, and to give them a framework in which to do so safely.

Right, rant over! Glad you are back in training RFC and had a good week. I am a very nervous cyclist and admire you for taking on a triathalon. I hope your future training goes well. I find it hard enough at the best of times to get out for my runs, so to fit in cycling and swimming on top of that, I think you are going great guns.

I had a good week: I'm half way through an extended 10k training programme and really enjoying getting out there for an hour every other day. I am starting to think about what I could do after this programme is finished, so any ideas would be appreciated.

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Sometimes I think we put the pressure on ourselves. That in itself isn't all bad I suppose. We had to stretch ourselves to complete the C25K but its when running becomes a chore that the problems set in or perhaps when we feel we have to keep up with others. Maybe baby steps is the best way as that's achievable & avoids injury. As for me my aim has been to enjoy my runs & I have but there have been very few runs. I started a new job 3 weeks ago & am doing a lot of daily travelling atm. By the time I get home I need to eat (it's an anti migraine thing) & then if I wait an hour before running, it's bedtime. However, next week I'm off 3 days so I'm hoping things will get better. The travelling should also become more local as the job beds down. So fingers crossed.

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I understand on the food thing. I am having trouble fuelling my early morning runs and cycle. Enjoy your days off.


Thanks Rfc. I will.


Sounds like your 10k plan is going well, I am looking for post triathlon, I think I might try 10k but the walk run version. The more I look around though I realise there is so much scope to do things. I never knew that so much went on during the summer weekends under my nose.


I am still on the old site on the basis that I will migrate once the glitches have been sorted

Hi RFC, glad to hear things are going well!

I did manage to run a 12 k run last week, my longest one to date, but once again I am laid up with my dodgy ankle. I had planned a long run this morning, as I have this 10 miler looming, but can't run at all. I have taken Ibufren last night and this morning. The swelling has gone down but the pain is back. Doh! I can feel it running up the outside of my leg, up my knee.


Hi Miss Wobble, sorry to hear that. Might your ITB (the band of muscle on the outside of your leg from your hip to your ankle) might be tight. Have you considered foam rollering or sports massage to help loosen it up?


Bad news about your ankle and leg MissW, it's been going on for a while now hasn't it? Too much dancing in high heels? Hope it's only a minor setback m'dear. Why not make your way over to the injury couch, I'm pretty sure there's a box of maltesers and some sherbet dib dabs left. :)


Oh Misswobble, I do hope you get better soon.


Sounds really painful and how frustrating when you were just getting back into the swing of things. I hope it heals really soon. Lots of TLC needed.


Managed 5.2k, last week, my furthest so far. Have no intention of trying to run any further at the moment, just concentrating on building stamina and consolidating the gains made so far. glad things are going well for you RFC


5.2 that's great, never ventured that far myself, I am sure that .2 is equivalent to 50k in my brain. Glad it's going well.


First of all rfc please please don't have any worries about the quests putting us under any pressure. I find them so supportive and to be honest some weeks they have really helped me when I been feeling bit low and not quite 100% . I like the fact they are only 5-6 wks long and you always say you don't have to post every week . Also love reading how others are doing no matter what level of runner they are. It's all very personal journey and I am as happy reading about someone training for a HM as I am reading about someone who running short distance once a week for fun. We are all here to support each other So thank you for setting quests and please continue doing so.

Anyway to my week Mmm bit of mixed bag Not achieving any of my original goals but really happy cos think might be at turning point to get back to eating bit more healthily . Also really enjoying running all be it not the 10 k I was aiming for. Last week went to 2nd running group session ( still slowest but that's ok ) and did 1st junior park run with grandson which was great Like a breathe of fresh air Would highly recommend you beg borrow or steal youngster if you don't have one at home and give it a go

Happy running everyone

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Fitfor60 are you trying to get us all arrested. Beg or borrow is a bit dodgy but steal? That is so naughty. I'm with you, there are so many posts on the forum, I can't keep up with them & sometimes I feel those going through the 1st 9 weeks together inspire each other. So the quests keep me going & sharing with the others on their various challenges is good.


Great new on the food front, I know it's been bugging you. That must of been a proud moment going with your grandson, for both of you. Sounds like things are coming together for you.


Oh goodness waletta I am the last person to encourage anything dodgy ( my dad was a policeman and we were always told he would be sacked so we would have no money if we were caught speeding , drinking underage etc It's funny how things stick with you all your life) Anyway I have been looking up origin of phrase and can't find anything -- sounds sad but am trying to keep busy as am trying so hard not to go into kitchen and eat. On serious note agree with you that questers almost feel like little sub group within HU Good luck with this week


Hi All, I've not been part of this quest due to one health problem after another. In fact it's almost 3 months since I was running regularly but I am delighted to say I did week 1 run 1 yesterday and seem to have no ill effects today. Intend to do the same tomorrow then maybe move on to week 2 on Friday. It's my mini quest for your last week :)

RfC you seem to be on track with your trithalon training - very very impressed. Also saw the post about pressures and focus on times etc etc, which I do understand. However I think the quest is very different and allows for everyone to put whatever seems like a bit of a challenge in - see mine above :) I am hoping there is a new one starting and I might even put something in about doing lots of exercise on my IT bands in there too. :)


Hello and welcome back, glad your on the recovery train. Remember to be kind to yourself and lots of TLC, it makes recovery smoother. Look forward to putting your name down on the next quest.


Me too RfC. Did week 2 run today and still fine so week 3 on Saturday. Then we will see how it goes :)


Just as it takes a while to learn how to run 30 minutes, it can take a while to learn to have confidence in yourself more generally and not always be thrown into a pit of despair because others seem to be doing 'better' than you. (Most of us will have an occasional moment of frustration that we are not doing as well as we would like - and so long as it is occasional, it is probably a healthy thing driving us forward)

I'm having a real project this year of lots of plans and targets about all sorts of things, breaking big goals down into smaller ones, and I am finding it helpful. The Quests are part of that.

So this week I have rested on my laurels a bit having graduated from the NHS Strength and Flexibility programme - although I was rather pleased to feel a need to run through the exercises (not that I've done it yet) I was very pleased to get a 5K run in towards my 10k goal, although I can see now that the GPS problems down on the canal might mess things up and perhaps I should pick somewhere else. There are places I've not run for ages - I hope I can get a longer run under my belt in the next few days to post about on Friday. It won't be the 10k but I'm not worried about that as I started the year with the goal of 10k by the end of June and this is a high pressure week for me in other ways and the 10k should not be my priority. What I do know is that making time for *a* run is part of a strategy to cope with it - isn't that great?

Ooh and I managed an extra couple of lengths on one swim last week!


Sounds like you have a really healthy attitude to your exercise regime. I have been going back to some old runs lately and I have really enjoyed that. Who would of thought that my brain would have good memories of runs. I always find it amazing the little benefits that come from learning to run.


Ooh RFC, can I have that to send to an influential brigade of 'experts' who reckon that all that is wrong with me and others like me is that we have a maladaptive attitude to activity ie kinesiophobia and if only we thought straight we would be leading normal economically active lives?


Thanks for the kinds words folks! I ventured out this morning for a slow jog on the trail near my home. It was cooler as it had been raining earlier, still quite humid though but can't complain. I got round the course I'd set myself and felt quite all right. I just hope the rest has done my ankle good. This morning when I woke up my calves were dead tight! I took an Ibufren last night before turning in. I did a bit of stretching before attempting the stairs and I felt fine afterwards. Comes to sommat when you can't rock the night away without needing a stairlift in the morning! Groan


Misswobble, do you think these problems could be from changing to a new shoe? I went back to the shop today with mine and the assistant thinks it's the altered foot strike may have caused my calf/achilles trouble. I've been advised to run/walk a while and take mileage down. Hope you get sorted!


Agree with others, no way do the Quests pressure anyone, quite the contrary from what I've seen - we are always cautioning each other to take it easy. It's lovely to have this place where other people share the same hobby and with it all the concerns, set backs, and joy of course.

Zilch running from me as calf seized up, new shoes probably the culprit so will be trying to ease into them with some teeny weeny little runs next week.


Hi rfc and everyone, just popping in to say that the Quests are not pressuring in any way at all, rather the opposite, I find. In terms of running, I'm actually going backwards, being back down to intervals of 3 minutes max (shoulder problems still) but I still find it okay to come here and say that! I had a lovely run last week, though - running tourism again while I was away in Copenhagen, all down by the water's edge with lots of run/walk bits. It was great! Happy running to all those that can, and a swift recovery to those on the bench :)


Another one not feeling pressurised by Quests. I signed up post-jantastic, as I find the community and accountability helpful. Today I did the stamina podcast for the first time. Boy was that hard work ! But to my surprise I did manage to go a tiny bit faster in the last 5 minute section - though I'm not very good at running in time to music.


I had a gammy ankle which was what prompted me to get my gait checked and some new shoes

I can't expect shoes to cure the ankle though if there is something wrong with it but it should help support it. ! The shoe I chose doesn't feel very cushioned though having run in it


Definitely didn't have my right head on last week (it was my lazy head - like Worzel Gummidge had for those old enough!)

Only got one 5k and one 3k, but that's better than nothing - that's what I'm telling myself anyway. Did get quite a lot of walking in though as we have been boating to many new places. Was also very chuffed that I climbed the 209 steps to the top of Boston Church Stump Tower without being out of breath - unlike the OH and getting fit was his idea I the first place :)

This week isn't looking too promising either - now where did I put my Running Head??


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