Couch to 5K

W5 R1 Done

Another one bites the dust!

It was warm last night as I stepped out in to the sun in my shiny new running shoes to tackle the evil incline my town is on.

The first 5 minutes uphill was a killer and my legs felt terrible just a minute in but I eventually got to the top rounded the corner on to the flat and breathed a sigh of relief at running straigh up it in one go for the first time (of course I was told to change to a brisk walk just as i came of the flat and back on to the hill to go down it)

The second five was one of my quicker ones I think and ended in my fastest 1k so far (5:46). The downside to that was that I was now at the lowest point of my run looking back up the hill from lower than i started.

The last five was a tough slog up back up the hill until eventually I hit the point that I round a corner back to the main road and a steady down hill. finally I was told to slow to an easy walk to cool down and got that great feeling of satisfaction that accompanies a run beaten.

Got in to find my wife about to order a new vacuum after telling me ours was beyond repair, fortunatley I was able to spot the problem and solve it with the highly technical solution of ramming a broom handle down the pipe to clear the blockage. All in all yesterday was a happy day.

Onwards to Wednesday and 8 minutes of running.

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Well done! I find gentle inclines a struggle. Keeeeep running!


Ooh - I don't do hills! You must be getting very fit. Well done!


Oh well done you! I am glad Hull is flat! ;-)

I found a bamboo cane also works well to unblock a vacuum pipe :-)

Happy running!


Well done, and it's brilliant that you are tackling hills right from the start of your running career, hills are your friends really because if you can do hills you can do anything :)


It's true Mummy but they are so hard that they put us off running completely. I would run a mile to avoid a hill. Worth doing some gentler ones though guys. Just slopes early on as they do help build up our bods!

Well done Kermit! Good news about the vac too. Did your missus get you to test it out?


Normally its me that does the vacuuming but last night she did it as I showered post run.

I am a lucky man that is well looked after got home post run to a nice tea of salmon rice and salad.

I don't really have much choice with the hills as I don't drive so I have to run from my front door. The initial climb is about 100 m over 1k so its not too bad but its a long slog up it that gets steeper at the end.

Can still feel my thighs today from the uphill sections though. Got a feeling that the 8 minute runs in the next run are going to time perfectly to both be uphill slogs straight from the seventh level of hell


The fact that you don't drive, and walk everywhere, will pay dividends fitness wise. You'll be used to walking hills so a gentle jog up them should not be too great a shock to you. Someone on here was saying that the running shop had told them about "stealth running" uphills, imagining you are silently chasing someone. I did that and it works. I got up on my toes a bit as it was quite steep towards the top. Little fairy steps if you like. LOL


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