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W5 R1 - Done !

Good Morning

I have just got in from completing the above and I feel great.

I had been complaining that my route was just one massive uphill struggle and it was absolutely exhausting me.

Well I have changed the route to one that is much fairer - rather than a total uphill slog, on this one where there was an up it was followed by a down and vice versa.

What difference did this make ?

I absolutely caned it !!!!

I am so happy - with a much fairer route I have the energy and the burning desire to succeed.

I know it will be getting much harder but forgive me celebrating this small step.

Thursday is my next test but using my new route I feel that I have enough fitness to win !!

Finally, can't believe how my recovery is improving. I sweat it out and in a few minutes I feel great !

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Brilliant ! Well done Richard ! You sound very positive and so determined . The change of route has certainly paid off !

Really pleased for you , keep going , you're doing great !! :-) xxx

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Fabulous! Keep up the good work!

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I forgot to mention I also slowed my pace down a touch thanks to everyone's advice.

What a difference !!


Good on you

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Celebrate away! We love celebrations around here! It reminds us of our own "small" steps. And it's an excellent idea to adjust that run until it's a pleasure, and not just all one endless struggle. Your hill has made you strong, but that's not everything. You can go up again when you one day feel like you could enjoy that struggle.


Gary - thanks for posting - you and poppypug always have something good to say !

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