another one down - week 5 run 2 beaten

Tried a new route today and was a little worried about how I was going to manage 8 minutes continuous running but the first 8 passed quite easily and I felt I could have gone further.

This first 8 had however been mostly down hill but the brief uphill was taken in stride.The five minute walk was a pleasant stroll down a back lane.

Then came the the 2nd and final 8, it started well but then I turned off the lane and hit an evil hill that felt like hell on earth and destroyed any feeling that this was going to be a simple run.

I am pleased to say though that with legs like lead and thighs complaining at every step I kept going and eventually my favoutite phrase was heard "slow to an easy walk to cool down" and another run had been defeated.

Up next the dreaded 20 minutes.


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12 Replies

  • Congrats on wk5r2! When are you going to do r3? My try will be tomorrow. Both dreading and looking forward to it.

  • It will be tomorrow evening for me (Friday). I am dreading it but give myself an outside shot at completing it first time as I felt OK at the end of the first 8 minutes and the section I walked didn't seem like it was anything too rough to trot down so it will be the evil hill finish that really tests my resolve.

    I suspect its going to be a mental battle more than a physical one and neither my own mind or the run will be allowed to beat me (at least that is what I keep telling myself)

  • Don't dread it! Just take it slow and steady! And enjoy it because this run is a turning point and you'll so proud of yourself for doing it! :-)

  • Go for it (both of you). Slow and steady... everything you've done until now has prepared you for W5R3.. it's looks scary (I remember thinking it too) but just take it easy and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. By now you'll have learnt to pace yourselves so start slowly, listen to Laura and you will surprise yourselves...

    I look forward to your "look at me - I ran 20 minutes non-stop" posts over the weekend! Go for it! You're ready!

  • Congratulations! I cringe at the very hills you write about! Good luck for R3 :-)

  • My thinking is if I deal with hills while learning to run then they wont scare me later.

  • Like aussiegtc says, you are ready for this! How do I know? Because the program and Laura say so! Heed the advice to take it slow at the start- better to be at the end of the run thinking you could have gone faster than running out of steam before you finish. Enjoy the run.

  • Just relax and don't think about it as the dreaded one. It's just another run and you can do it!

    Best of luck.

  • Go Kermit Go. I did it yesterday, you CAN do it tomorrow. I focused, one foot in front of the other, 1,2,3,4 breathe (or whatever works for you), I also had a few hills to contend with, nothing major but anything other than flat is a hill to me! I surprised myself and felt I had a few more minutes in me at the end of the 20. Be warned though I found the first 5 long and worrying. I also run really slowly, think a snail would beat me. Good Luck, look forward to seeing your completion post tomorrow evening ;-)

  • Well done, you did great! I remember that optimism all too well, only to have it crushed by the final push of the 8! You did it though - and the 20 is easy in comparison for some reason!

  • I've got to do it on Saturday and am dreading it! Can't see me being able to do the 20 minute one!! Well done for doing it :-)

  • Well done. I'm sure you'll be fine with the 20 minute run. Take it steady and good luck :)

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