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W5 R2 - Done !!

Ok so had played golf this morning and it was a bit damp out there so I expected today to be tough.

2 x 8 min runs with 5 mins walk in between.

I coasted the first eight minutes and didn't even break into a sweat !!

Second eight minutes was a bit different though - I made a massive miscalculation of where I thought that section was going to start.

I had to begin running at the bottom of a steep incline which was a bit of a pain !!

Just dug deep and got on with it thinking about all you guys saying 'slow down Richard' in my ear.

The eight minutes was up and I carried on for another couple of minutes as well - partly because I was about a million miles from home !!

Sweating like mad by the time I got home and sat down to type this but I am already recovered.

I still marvel at the progress I am making and have to pinch myself that I, fatty Richard has just run 8 minutes and then 10 minutes.

Loving it now !

For all those who read my last ream of drivel I also wore my new (early) birthday running shoes.

They are Asics GT - 1000 4 and it was like wearing slippers - truly wonderful !!

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I liked your last ream of drivel, even if you've now decided that's what it was. ;-)

You're nearly at the breakthrough run, but it sounds like you're already beginning to break through if you're managing extra minutes. (I think I only managed extra minutes on about my 4th repeat of Week 5, and I made it through run 3, even having barely made it through run 2, first time - if memory serves well).

Now I'm looking forward to hearing that Run 3 is in the bag.

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Gary, thank you for the compliment.

I am very self-deprecating as it tempers my natural confidence so no-one thinks I'm arrogant.

So the big one is due on Saturday morning as I am playing in a big golf thing in the afternoon.

I am usually enthusiastic to post sitting down and typing as I come in.

I will be as interested as anyone to see how quick I post afterwards - maybe the ambulance will have a laptop in it !!


Brilliant ! Well done Richard, good job ! :-) xxx

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Wow, well done. All the best with day 3. It is going to be fine, just take your time, relax and breathe well, the programme has already prepared you, don't listen if ur brain tells you to stop, u will do it!!



Well done! But It gets harder when you run continuously and it's quite different to hitting a little white ball around a course..

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Well done. I completed W5R2 last night and felt great. Like you I barely broke sweat during the first run - maybe because I took it so slowly, but I keep telling myself it's not a race. I always told my hubby ( who is a runner) that I wasn't a runner; now I'm changing my opinion. Hubby is amazed by how well the C25K programme is working, and so am I!

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Eastofthegate - well done.

Like me - Saturday could be the big one !

I carefully paced myself to try and make sure that I could make it rather than go all out and struggle.

As everyone has told me, the pace will increase as I get fitter.

Like you, I have been amazed at how good this programme is.


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