W6 R1 at 6am!

I decided to try an early morning run today and it was successful!

Fell out of bed, kit on and off I went.

It was lovely and peaceful, didnt see a soul and it felt good. Was worried I would get dizzy and headachy but nothing.

I am struggling to fit everthing in at the moment. My daughter has given up on c25k but still needs to train for the rfl so I am doing a bit of both. I feel happier knowing I can sneak in an early morning run when needed.

So W6 R2 will be friday night.


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17 Replies

  • Fantastic :-) when is your r4l? Mine is on the 13th July. Hope the rest of your training goes well. Love morning runs, though have never made it out as early as 6:00 - sounds lovely. Enjoy :-)

  • Ours is the 13th as well. Im trying to relax about it and accept that my daughter is unlikely to 'jog' a lot of it so I am finding myself another 5k run to aim for . I am usually awake by 6 at the latest so it makes sense!

  • Do you have a local parkrun you could try? Good luck for the 13th :-)

  • Yes, I have registered so once I am confident I could do it I will!

  • I'm doing my first (if all goes to plan) on Saturday. I'm going to do w7r3 there and then just wing the rest!

  • Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

  • Well done you! I love getting out early, I usually have half a banana or a bit of malt loaf to keep me from feeling lightheaded and then just go for it. Enjoy your running x :-)

  • Early mornings are the best!

    Nobody else around, cool enough to run and the rest of the day to enjoy the increased energy levels.

    Good luck with W6R2

  • Ooh I haven't had malt loaf for years. Have added it to my shopping list!!

    Its a great feeling knowing the rest of the day is 'free' (apart from the huge pile of ironing)

  • Sounds like a lovel run. Early morning runs are special aren't they.

  • It was. The sun just starting to show. Not convinced I would feel the same in the middle of winter!

  • It's great isn't it! I went out early for week 6run 3 and it felt like I was a real runner :-)

  • In the middle of winter you have to wait for the sun to come up to melt any ice that's about. Running in winter is easier, apart from ice, as you don't get too hot

    Keep up the good work Catkin. Gently does it and you'll be at the end of the programme before you know it.

  • Did my W6R1 this morning at 6am, too. I love that time - especially in the summer when it's daylight. Being in London means I don't quite get the place to myself, but I can run down by the river so that's very relaxing. I'm amazed that I've made it this far in the programme. It was a little difficult this morning, but certainly manageable. For the first time I feel like I can call myself a runner and not feel like a fraud.

  • You're a runner... :) You run... therefore you are...

    Good luck with Week 6 - it's a tricky one... slow and steady! 1 run down already though so well done!

  • Great post - I love a morning run (up before the kids and the madness of the day), it's usually cooler and I can run along the river with pretty much nothing but the ducks, the water and one or two silly people like me out running at silly o'clock... It's a great way to start the day!

    Good luck on your next run!

  • Actually I find early morning run the best for many reasons. You hardly would have any commitment at that time of a day, one way of guaranteeing that you will run. You need to ensure that you have an early night otherwise you will be running like a zombie.

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