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W6 r1

Been out first thing to do this run this morning and couldn't believe how hard i found it!

So for w5 r3 I ran 20 minutes non stop and felt I could have gone further, and today when it was split into runs of 5, 8 and 5 mins with 3 min walks inbetween I found it super hard?! And Michael Johnson telling me that this should be easy for me now really didn't help 😂😂.

I find that running first thing in a morning without any food or at least a litre of water in me really hinders me, I get tired super quick and it is all so hard. So I'm going to try and stick to going mid morning or later on in the evening as that seems to suit me better. I do love getting out early in the morning though so shame it doesn't really agree with me.

Just wondered if anybody else had different times of day that they find runs easier/harder?

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Worry not.. this week upends a few folk... that is what the programme is about,different disciplines etc!. We usually issue a warning for this week as it can be a real upsetter :)

You just keep it slow and steady and you will absolutely fine... :)

If the time is not suiting you, then find the time that is:) I love the early runs, but I do have my cuppa and two bikkies.. plus a sip of water before leaving the house. Hydration as you obviously already know is essential, every day, not just run days :)

I never run at another time as the morning run starts my day with a smile :)


Glad its not just me, I went into it thinking yeah I can do this I ran for 20 minutes, haha it was a blooming struggle but yes I still did it so that's that, it's never going to be easy is it. Think about 10am is my optimum time 😁. Think my doggy was running me a little too quick as well so think I might leave him at home for the rest of this week 😂

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Michael Johnson is just wrong. Laura would never say that. This one is harder than you think and going into it thinking it's easy is a surefire way to struggle. You will be fine next time.

I can't run first thing without anything to eat so my first thing routine is like oldfloss - 2 plain bickies and a glass of water. It's later I can't run. Too close to bedtime and I can't sleep. I guess it's about experimenting and finding what works for you.


I might swap to Laura, ive enjoyed Michael up until now but hell no that annoyed me this morning 😂😂


Week 6 catches many of us out. If you completed the run you did great. Run 2 here you come🏃🏻‍♀️


Thankyou! Yes you're right I did complete it even though it was tough so that is an achievement!

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