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Week Six of the Spring into Summer Quest - feel free to join

Welcome to the six week of the Spring into Summer Quest.

Well here we are the the final week of the Spring into Summer Quest.

As usual I will put a post up on Friday where, if you want to, you can log your progress.

I will be doing the virtual run distance next Monday as well as putting the new Quest up.

I think we are divided on the weather at the moment. I have had some cold days out and some really hot ones. I am not sure if there is a so called running season but I am finding more people out. I have a feeling the london marathon motivates people to put on their shoes. Also I think a lot of people start training for specific races.

I was asked the question if you had to post every week. Like the Quest itself it's a very personal thing. Whatever helps you through the coming six weeks. Every week I will put a post up on Monday morning where we can all talk to each other, but if you prefer just to read and not post that is fine too. The quest post is always read by a few people and if support is needed it will always be there. Good, bad or even indifferent runs can be shared. Advice can be sought. And definitely feel free to boast (or as we call it sharing our achievements)

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.
























Miss wobble















Take care Rfc x

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As some of the days are getting hotter and my runs longer I am having to work on my hydration. I went out for a 5km run last week but had to cut it short because I felt so dehydrated. I made it to the water hydrant in the park gasping at just under 4km but it wasent working so thought its only 1km, but stopped the run at 4.1km as my body said no. I went out yesterday for a 5km and took my "0" water bottle for the first time. It's annoying but I am sure I will get used to it. I have been out twice with my husband for wk1 run 1&2. He is enjoying it. These I think will become my speed runs, as I think his pace is so much quicker than mine. So this week I have done:-

Swim 1km

Runs. 4.1 & 5 km

Bike 10 km

And lots of walking.


Congratulations RFC. Sounds like you are getting a lot in.

I am consciously making an effort to drink more now as the weather warms up, particularly before going to bed and before my run. I could definitely feel the heat getting to me this morning.

Last week I completed my 5 runs, one of which was my first park run which I did with my OH and my sister. It was the first time for all of us. We completed in different times, but it was a good experience for all of us and we are going to make it a regular family event. My daughter and the dog weren't happy because it meant being left with my very nervous brother in law for an hour but an hour later and early morning ice creams all round, we found another family tradition may have been started. :-)

This week, my goal is to step up training. I'm signed up for 2 10k's, one this month and one in July. I'm using them as my before and after: I'm a third of the way through my 10k training at the moment, so it'll be a measure of progress before and after finishing.


Thank you. Sounds like a really fun family day. I often run in the park and finish near the ice cream van. Always very tempted. 2 x 10 km that sounds like a goal. Good luck on your 10 k training plan.


Lovely to run with family I always park car near cafe on parkrun route and nice lady has scone with butter and jam all wrapped up for me so I can eat on way back to car after run


I ran yesterday and have to run again today as I am training for a 10 mile race.


I am in awe running on consecutive days, watch you go. Well done.


Kind of frustrating run this morning. Saturday I went out, and for the first time ever, bailed out of a run. I'd gone out intending to do 30 minutes to clear my head at the start of a stressful weekend. Warmup walk felt fine. Started running and within seconds my breathing felt way peculiar. Then I got a kind of hot feeling in arms and across chest (not painful but hot and sweaty). Went back to walking and immediatly felt OK, but when I tried jogging again, it again just didn't feel right. So I walked home. No idea what was going on, but it just didn't feel good.

This morning I gave it another go and managed my 30 minutes, but I was way slow - 12mins/km and no way I felt able to speed up. I'm not fast at the best of times, but am usually around the 9min/km mark, so this was significanly slow. I have a busy week, so I'm just going to try to do two more 30 minute runs, no pressure on myself about distance or speed, and see how it works out.


sounds like something is out of synch, so just take it easy. Maybe you are coming down with something... or just tired?


Sounds like you might be coming down with something. Take it easy and don't push it. Sometimes our bodies know before our brains do. Take care.


Current best guess is that the pollen might be bothering me. My mum, aunt and daughter are all asthmatic, so was my granny. I've never had symptoms bad enough to go to the doctor, but I do get the odd wheezy day. Definately taking it easy !


I've started using a new thing this year. It's called allergy defence. It's a little spray that has a slight peppermint smell, but it coats the nasal hairs and stops the pollen getting through. It's £5 but it been a godsend this year. I find the hayfever decongestants dry my nose up to the point it hurts, so this suits me better.


Maybe cos you are are out side more with running you are more exposed to pollen


I am allergic to house dust AJ and use a spray similar to RFC Prescribed by hospital and makes huge difference


Feel you frustration AJ The last couple of weeks my speed has really slowed down -by about 2or3mins a mile.( Due to overeating and and pressure) So you are right to try and take pressure of yourself and try and relax and enjoy your runs


I know when I take the pressure off & relax I actually have a better run. I've taken the virtual pacer off my Garmin now because I'm in charge.


Just realised my name isn't on the list at the top - but i have been questing when I've not been ill!!!

Still feeling very tired and throat got sore AGAIN on Thursday, however I ran three times last week - only 16 minutes each time but it was all I could do comfortably. Took rfc's advice about not running to the point of exhaustion, in case the lurgy kicks off again. I went out today and managed 20 minutes, fingers crossed that's me back on track.


Your names there now. I was sure it was there before. Good to see you out again. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Thanks RfC x


You look after yourself Beth and hopefully dr get to bottom of what's wrong


Interested to read about that anti-pollen spray, where did you get that rfc? Another fellow sufferer here, but so far not affected yet (sunglasses help). I'm back into running this week after a couple of weeks out due to tendonitis in foot, have got some new orthotics after gait analysis and so far seems to be doing the trick. Also using kinesiology tape and finding it helps.


Notbad I need to use that tape to tie me to the nearest lampost, so that it can spring me into running faster!

Am attempting to try to get to 10k but boy do I procrastinate. You'd think by posting on here I'd get out there!


Hehe that old procrastination chestnut, it's a bit of a pain isn't it. I have that with my bike. I can think of a million reasons not to get the bike out, I really have to push myself. Hope you beat it. Happy running


Did my run. Wasn't a happy one. Found it tough and even going down hill I was still so slow. Kept thinking of all the people on here and just wondering how the heck everyone does it!

runningnearbeirut - It must be hard running in that heat.


I will let you into a little secret, there are some of us who start our runs and our bodies just cry out, not this again. I am finding that once I get past the 3km mark my body adjusts and I feel a bit better but I have struggled to find that zone that everyone talks about. I love running for the before and after. Some days the Inbetween has to be gone through for high afterwards which I admit I am slightly addicted to. By the way I find downhill running as hard as uphill, it gets different muscles and they are not used to it. Take care and heres hoping to happy running coming your way.


Ah thanks Realfoodieclub. I tell myself I need to more consistent with my runs, because I'll not improve if I go out so sporadically. Telling myself and doing it are two different things though. I'm waiting for that 'high' and / or the 'zone'. Onwards and upwards to us all on The Quest.


Sorry to read your running hasn't been going too well Tinyrun, probably just a bad patch, keep trying and it'll get easier. I'm finding it hard work at the moment too, having lost fitness from a 2 week break - perhaps we can both rig that k-tape up catapult style? ;-)


Notbad I think I'm just lazy and a procrastinator, which basically equals lazy. As I said I need to be more consistent. I have no injuries, or anything stopping me and read on here to both support others and myself. Got to stick with it as I do like it mostly. Yes I think I wrote that last sentence. :-D Yes we could catapult to the end of a race...


I got it in Sainsbury chemist but I think it is in most places. It's package is orange and blue. And it's by a company called care+. It's billed as non drowsy, antihistamine and steroid free. Suitable for 18+ months. So very gentle but I find it's been great for me. Good luck with the new orthotics.


What I DID this week:

2 runs - one pyramid intervals and one intended 5k that got cut short because I just couldn't keep going.

What I DIDN'T do this week:

a) Run round the hippodrome in the southern city of Tyre. Would have been an awesome place to run, but I couldn't get myself out of bed in time before it got hot and I had other things on.

b) Run yesterday in 36 degree heat. No time, too hot(!) and a forest fire about 3 miles away to add to the pollution and further degrade the local air quality.

What I INTEND to do the rest of this week:

a) Make the most of a positively balmy 24 degree afternoon and run 5k later. Hydrating now in anticipation...

b) Do another interval session and another 5k.


I would imagine its wise not to run in too much heat and definitely wise not to run in smoke filled air. Can you go to the hippodrome any other time or was it a one time offer? I hope your weather stays clement so you can get out there. Happy running.m


It was actually trying to rain when I went out this afternoon - and just 18 degrees, which was great but didn't stop me feeling rather warm by the time I got back.

The hippodrome is open any time - but I don't often get to Tyre for long enough to try to schedule a run in.


Well that's my modest goals (if I am remembering them correctly!) ticked off: I've worked my way through all the C25K+ podcasts and Audiofuel Pyramid 180, and I am back swimming. I have a feeling there was something else....


Sounds like your doing well. I notice it's the second mention of pyramids this week on the quest, are they some sort of interval training? Glad things are going ok, happy running.


Yes... the speed and duration of the 'sprints' increases to a peak and then you work your way back down. (I have to say that all the running to the beat does not seem to have increased my speed!)


That sound interesting, I'll have a look at that. From what I've read intervals work quietly, all of a sudden you just realise things are a bit easier or faster. I really must start on them, stuck on enjoying running 5km. ( hehe did I really say that).


This last week not been great due to various things and my head being in a very funny place I managed some runs but much much slower and shorter than usual Went away at weekend with all children grandchildren and dad and had great time Had 1st run with a daughter who is nearly finished c25k so that was really good Somehow I ' lost ' the guilt I have been experiencing lately re overeating so feel mentally back to normal and will address trying to lose weight later Enjoyed run this morning even if felt like I was plodding along Thanks again rfc for quests as they are a focus and comments great support when feel I am slipping Happy running everyone


Glad to hear your feeling more like your old self again. Maybe you just needed a break. Sometimes our bodies cry out for something and we just don't understand to start off with. I am sure you will come On leaps and bounds now. Happy running.


Still not meeting my goal of 3 runs a week. Almost made it last week. This week is another heavy training week at work. They are trying to turn me into a techno geek. Not going to work on me - I was the one who tried to find the battery compartment on my MP3 player so I could replace the batteries. However, the runs I have done I have really enjoyed. I've relaxed a bit more & eventually seem to get into my stride but that's a good 2K into the run. Have run a few hills (inclines). Still trying to do the Chi stuff. I may have to go to Tai Chi classes to get my head round it.


I know what you mean about relaxing into the runs a bit. I find my feet, so to speak at 3km and that's where the problem has been for a long time I was pushing to get to 3km and stopping. Hope work eases up a bit for you soon. Happy running.


Thanks Rfc.The relaxing things works for me. You think it can't and prepare myself for a slow run saying "que sera sera" but the time is no worse & sometimes better but the run itself feels easier. As for the job- It's a newly created service & I'm sure when we actually start the job it will become easier. The preparation is daunting.


I've been doing tai chi for over 10 yrs and still toying with idea of chi running Mentioned this before to someone on H U so apologies if it was you waletta What do you find is the biggest difference to ' normal' running


I really am finding it difficult to take it all on board but I managed to get the book "chi running" by Danny Dreyer & have just reached chapter 4 where he actually starts to cover the running (It might have been me that you mentioned it too because I went on a chi running workshop March/April & did write something on here about it). Anyway, both suggest you alter your technique bit at a time. I'm not patient & so have tried to do it all -It's not possible. It is different & the biggest surprise was that they filmed us at the workshop & I would have sworn I wasn't heal striking. I couldn't have been more wrong but without someone watching you it's hard to know whether or not you've cracked it. Anyway, the start of the book is about the chi principles about being aware of your core & practicing techniques to learn instruct your body to do what you want it to do & if I've taken away anything in the last 2 weeks it's been to relax & enjoy the run, to try the belly breathing techniques which did actually help. I find the lean very difficult because I run to fast for me when I lean but that seems to have worked better the last 2 weeks & I have slowed down to a manageable speed. Sorry this is so long. I imagine with your tai chi experience you may find it easier. I'm going to keep at it as it is supposed to enable you to run without injury. There's a few videos on you tube but I'd opt for the Danny Dreyer ones first if you decide to take a look.


That's interesting I might have a look at that book Thanks for the info


Still not running regularly :( but I did manage some tourist running which was nice - a little trot round a very nice park in Paris :) Everyone else was looking sleek and serious but I plodded round in my C25K graduate T-shirt and vowed to do better when I got back home. Hope everyone else is doing better! Happy running all x


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