Spring into Summer Quest week 4 - feel free to join

Welcome to the fourth week of the Spring into Summer Quest.

Happy Easter to everyone. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves. The weather has been difficult especially on Sunday so I hope you were able to make use of the better days.

It is great to add some new names to the quest, so welcome to all our new members. There are some great goals that people are working towards.

I was asked the question if you had to post every week. Like the Quest itself it's a very personal thing. Whatever helps you through the coming six weeks. Every week I will put a post up on Monday morning where we can all talk to each other, but if you prefer just to read and not post that is fine too. The quest post is always read by a few people and if support is needed it will always be there. Good, bad or even indifferent runs can be shared. Advice can be sought. And definitely feel free to boast (or as we call it sharing our achievements)

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.

























Miss wobble













Take care Rfc x

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47 Replies

  • Hi RFC- my challenge for next 30 days - is a s follows:

    30 day plank

    30 day squats

    spinning sessions

    park run

    30 day challenges start today - once I have cleared this easter hangover:-)

  • Hehe I'm with you on the hangover today.

  • Good luck!

  • I completed my 4 runs last week, and managed to fit in an extra 1.5 runs too :-) combination of bank holiday and long weekend away :-). Run 5 was a wonderful 5k trail run which came as a nice surprise: I did my usual run and just carried on. Run 6 started with high hopes but I got half way round and had to stop due to a-hem 'lady' problems. But since I was only hoping to get 5 runs in anyway, it was a nice bonus.

    Week 4 has got off to a good start: just back from the first of a planned 5, and hopefully 6 runs.

  • Sounds like you are going great guns. Well done. Six runs in a week, that's quite a lot. Promise me you will listen for niggles and give them some TLC if needed. Happy running.

  • Thank you, will take it easy & listen to what my body says :-)

    I think it was the change in environment as much as the holiday which spurred me on this week. I was staying 10 miles outside Edinburgh. Beautiful peaceful and inspirational scenary.

  • Suzy! That sounds hellish! Rather you than me mate

    I've been doing all my scheduled runs towards my 10 mile run in July (it's confirmed now). Ran 40 minutes yesterday and have to go out again today. Up to this point I've never run two days in a row, so it's a bit new, but so far so good and I'm managing. Surprising myself actually. Got to take care now not to injure the old body. Creak.

  • You'll be great. I went out for a run every day last week except yesterday and it was amazing. I really missed it yesterday but had an early start to the day and needed to remind myself that rest days are essential- I injured myself the last time I pushed too hard. Let us know how it goes x

  • You'll be fine I have found that people put a lot of work Into all the training plans and they take it all Into consideration. You will be more than. Ready in July.

  • Only walking today as was a bit silly last night and have a hangover. Last week was a bit of a washout as well, only managed one 5km run (did I really say only). And one short run. No swimming or biking but did do some weights and lots of walking. My problem was that I didn't fuel the epic week before. I come from years of constant dieting and it's pretty ingrained in me. I calculated things out and realised that on most days the week before, calories in minus calories out I was only reaching between 600-800 calories a day, so no wonder I crashed after that. I am working at adding more good calories in. Since the increase in my thyroxine I don't feel so hungry all the time so I have lost that little helper to fuel my runs. So now I am on a stricter regime that hopefully will keep me going for longer. Good luck to everyone, enjoy the sunshine while it's here.

  • Well having just eaten a whole bag of chocolate cherries, on my own, before anyone else got up, I think I can say I'm not on minus calories & I won't crash. As you are now our running role model I'm not sure hangovers & crashing are quite the thing.

    Anyway for some reason I'm only getting out there twice a week. I'm changing my job soon & the pre training is keeping me at work longer but I'm fairly sure this is an excuse not a reason. So 3 days it is from here on in. Chi running, or my attempt at it, is still cutting my distance & as long as I'm improving I'm not too worried. Not sure I'm actually improving. It's hard to tell if you're doing it right without someone watching your movements. We'll see. (or not)

  • Hehe I know, Bad Me, will do better. Do your muscles feel in a different place as you Chi run? Or is it mainly about foot strike. Good luck with the new job, happy running.

  • Thanks Rfc, My muscles don't feel any different but from what I can gather the angle of tilt (you are supposed to lean forward from the ankle) and the length of stride dictates your pace. I think I'm trying too hard & leaning too much because I'm running faster than I can, if that makes sense & after 500metres I have to stop for a breather (before I expire on the spot) although that was better on my last run. Fingers crossed. At only 2 runs a week so far, I know I haven't done enough of it yet to make a difference.

  • Managed to get out three times last week and this morning did the first of what will hopefully be three runs this week, so pleased about that :)

    It's been getting a bit warmer here so I've been eyeing the ridge along the top of the mountain as a possible location for a run. At about 800m above sea level it is only about 250m above where I normally run, but that could be 2 or 3 degrees C cooler so it could be worth the drive up there!

  • Sounds like your coming back to top form again. Will you have to cope with thinner air at that height? That's like serious training in my eyes. Happy running

  • Not sure about the thinness of the air at that height. I lived up at 1200m for 3 years (higher than Snowdon, not as high as Ben Nevis) and it seemed a bit thinner up there. I'll let you know once I've tried it! Planning a run on the sea front on Saturday morning this week though while it's still a reasonable temperature down there.

  • Happy Easter everyone. Chocolate eggs all round. Suzybenj I like your 30 day idea. Note I say 'like', it doesn't mean I'll 'do' it. :-D Count me in please Realfoodieclub. Everyone is doing well.

  • So sorry there are gremlins in This site I'm am sure I added your name yesterday but it wasn't there this morning. Sorry for any confusion of course you are counted in.

  • Thanks. Did my run, it was very hard yet I was going slowly. Kept looking to see when I'd hit the distance. Waved at someone today but realised I didn't know him as I got closer. Luckily he was on the other side of the road, so I just jogged off laughing to myself. Who says us Southerners aren't friendly? :-D

  • Having a rubbish time with family commitments clashing with my run schedule.

    And then when I thought "Easter weekend. I will get my runs in then", I came down with a streaming cold and hacking cough. So don't think, sniff sniff, I will get any, cough cough, runs in this, splutter splutter, week either.

    Well done everyone else who seems to be getting impressively fit. You never thought when you were lounging on the couch, pre C25K, that this would ever happen did you?

  • That's a pain. Time for patience. Don't forget there's always next week. Get better soon.

  • Poor you, what a rotten time to come down with something. I hope you have treated yourself to a lot of TLC. It won't be long till your out there again, give your body the rest it needs. Take care.

  • I had a good run today as it was a scheduled "easy" 40 minute one. So I hit the trail and had a lovely time. I'm on the third week of training already. Crikey!

  • I'm not quite sure where I am with reporting my runs so apologies if I've said this before! I was away but took my running kit with me, and although I was in beautiful Florida, ended up running round and round the hotel car park because I couldn't get to anywhere else! On the second attempt I veered off round the back of the villas, reckoning that these were probably a bit more upmarket, and indeed they were, with a lake and a fountain and herons and egrets and lots of lush grass, so that was much nicer :) I didn't go very far because it was too hot but now I'm back in Derbyshire the Quest continues, although the sore shoulder is hampering distance attempts right now. But there's still time. Happy running, everyone!

  • Sounds like you found a nice run while you were away. I bet the weather is very different now you are back. Hope your shoulder gets better soon.

  • Two runs instead of 3 last week (for the first time in ages) but both were long (by my standards). Wednesday's was intended as a no pressure fun run, but I ended up doing 5km at my fastest yet average pace (in 41 minutes). Having done 5.5km the previous Saturday I set out this Saturday full of confidence to do 6k. I did it, but boy was it hard. Couldn't get any kind of decent pace going (lungs weren't co-operating) so ended up taking a full hour to do it - but on the plus side, I did manage to keep up my slow jog for the full hour ! Sunday I went for a longish walk and I now have a blister on my foot :-( so not sure if I'll attempt a run today or not - but if I do, I'll keep it short.

  • Wow your going great. I am on 43 min for my 5km. Did I really just say that. I am going to stick here for a while I think, I would like to feel a bit easier before I go up. I know what you mean about walking I am getting very protective over my feet, I have now even bought walking socks so they protect my feet for running. Hope they heal soon.

  • It could be co-incidence, but I've started doing the Speed podcast once a week. Its also a good way of fitting in a short run without feeling like I wimped out. (I don't have time to do more than 30 minutes on a weekday as a rule).

  • Have come to a halt with my training as have done something nasty to my poor foot, I suspect peroneal tendonitis. So have reluctantly imposed a minimum 2 week rest from running. Have managed to keep up with 5x50 challenge by walking and pilates, which feels like a cheat. Hoping this will clear up soon. :-(

  • Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that. Your doing the best thing by resting it. Do you have to do any exercises to help it heal or will it do it on its own.? 5x50 is about keeping active, it's sates clearly not to the point of injury so your definitely not cheating. Just think years ago you probably wouldn't of been doing any of this, so go easy on yourself and I hope it heals soon.

  • Thanks for the support and kind words rfc :-) I'm just flexing the foot as much as I can, icing it every night while watching TV. Have got some kinesiology tape which I hear good things about, so will give it a go today while walking. You're right, I definitely wouldn't have been doing 5k every day years ago, amazing how soon it becomes normal.

  • Had a good time with the speed podcast today. It let me get a good workout with a shortish run in the sun. As it is nice and sunny, I decided just to run round and round a little park near my house - the advantage being that about half of the paths are in full shade. Tried to time things to be in a nice shady bit for the fast intervals. No trouble from the foot blister at all !

  • Another week without running, this time I came out in a spectacular rash after finishing my antibiotics (for the lurgy that lasted the two weeks previous to that). Actually a rash wasn't accurate after the first two days because all of the red splodges joined up and I was just one huge red splodge! I have now discovered via my gp that I have become allergic to penicillin and her words were to make sure I told everyone because if I got penilicillin again the reaction could be much worse. So I am telling all of you :)

    However, the rash is almost gone and I went out this afternoon for a wee run. Managed 10 minutes then walked for 2 then ran for 7 then walked for 3 ran for 3 and walked for 3 then ran for 3. I've not had any alcohol for weeks but I think all of the chocolate has had an impact. I had to cheer myself up somehow and chocolate was on hand. It's hard because, apart from that wee lull while I was on the antibiotics and felt fine, I have not felt my usual cheery self all month. The tides are turning though so I hope to be out again on Friday. My goal for the rest of this quest is to work towards getting back to running 5k 3 times a week. Fingers crossed. Happy running everyone. hope you are all having a great week and that those of you who are ill or injured make a quick recovery.

  • Ouch poor you. This happened to me after I was mistakenly given antibiotics during what turned out to be glandular fever (doctor wrongly thought I had strep throat). I was told to drink lots of water to try to flush it out of my system!

  • Scary isn't it? I have been drinking loads of water too and think that might help. I read about the glandular fever and antibiotic link as I did have sore glands but seeing as I didn't have much of a sore throat and I am 56, seems unlikely to have been that. It is almost away though, apart from my legs having a beautiful bluish hue about them, which is apparently part of it too! Away to drink more water :)

  • My doctor "missed" the glandular fever because I was the wrong age for it. She sent me for a blood draw and the lab technician spotted it straight away...

  • Oh lizziebeth57 that didn't sound good. Some people carry a note with them to say they have an allergy to penicillin. Do you carry a wallet or anything with your when you're out running? If you have a medicine cupboard at home I'd put a sticker or something in there so that people know.

    Good luck with the runs.

  • I usually put a scrap of paper with my name and address in the zippy wee pocket at the back of my running trousers, but i am thinking I might get a wee bracelet or tag on my trainers might do the job. You can get the tags to say anything I believe...but I will just stick with name/address and no penicillin :)

  • I had a similar thing to that a year and half ago. I had felt so unwell that I had completely forgotten about coming up In a rash. It only came up when I had the op in Feb and the nurse said to me "your allergic to,penecilin" to which I said "am I" It was on my notes but had completely slipped my mind. I think it was because they said maybe but its officially in my notes now. Take it slow and steady some of these virus's stay in our system for a while, be kind to yourself, you know you will get back to it, cause all your posts are written with such determination. Happy running.

  • Thanks so much Rfc. I am still not 100% got a bit if a cough again :(

    Can you remind me what you did to get back up to strength again? I am thinking of going out and just doing 15 mts. Then stopping. And doing that 3 or 4 times before I add on another 5 minutes. The stopping and starting I tried on Wednesday was really tough. But maybe I was aiming too high too soon ;)

  • I had to tone everything down. The main thing I found was at the beginning never do anything to exhaustion as when you get there while your in recovery, youve already put your body under too much pressure. So little easy bites. It's better to just do, say 1/4 of what you want every other day for the first week, then by week two you can try half then on to 3/4. If you get my meaning. I made the mistake of trying to get back too fast too soon and just kept getting more and more bugs. Good luck and I know you will get there.

  • that makes total sense... I think I have been trying for too much too soon then i get fatigued again so I will be going for a 1/4 this coming week :)

  • I've not been doing very well these last 2 weeks. I wasn't well which curtailed my running. Then I seem to have lost my mojo with it. Since graduating, I don't seem to have the same motivation. I really do need a structured plan. But this week I have done a run on my treadmill and plan to do another tonight. As long as I keep going.

  • It's difficult after you've been ill but I promise it dosent take you too long when you get back Into the swing of things again. Don't push yourself too hard in the first week. Set a time or a distance that is easily achievable for you. At the moment it will do you untold good to come out of a run feeling really,positive about it. Happy running.

  • I think having a plan helps, before this bout of ill health I had decided my aim was to get to be able to run to 10k. So I was going for 1 longer run each week, one run focussing on speeding up for short 'sprints' and a couple of runs at whatever pace and distance I felt like. Usually 5 k but not always. I was really seeing and feeling an improvement and these quests really help.

    I hope you are up to full strength now and your mojo comes out of it's resting place again soon :)

  • Managed my 3rd run of the week this morning in the sunshine by the river. Again a bit of a mental battle, but I shaved 2.5 minutes of last week's time, so I'm happy with that. (Still taking almost an hour...) What I'd ideally like to do next month is push up to 7km without exceeding the hour, but that may be a tad ambitious...

  • I started Week 4 of my 10 mile training plan yesterday. I have to run again today. I hit the trail yesterday and explored a new bit but ended up in a field ploughed up by cow feet and it was horrible to run on! Good to find another bit of countryside though, sort of refreshes the enthusiasm. Keep up the good work everyone!!!!! In the words of Young Mr Grace, "you're all doing very well"!

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