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Spring into Summer Quest week 3 - Feel free to join

Welcome to the third week of the Spring into Summer Quest.

It is great to add some new names to the quest, so welcome to all our new members. There are some great goals that people are working towards.

It's been a great week for the forum this week with members going the distance with the marathon and new younger members joining In on the program.

I hope everybody is enjoying the better weather and that's it's helping everybody getting out there.

I have a feeling we might of lost a few members temporarily as they search for their passwords to get back into the site. So hopefully they will all be back on here soon.

I was asked the question if you had to post every week. Like the Quest itself it's a very personal thing. Whatever helps you through the coming six weeks. Every week I will put a post up on Monday morning where we can all talk to each other, but if you prefer just to read and not post that is fine too. The quest post is always read by a few people and if support is needed it will always be there. Good, bad or even indifferent runs can be shared. Advice can be sought. And definitely feel free to boast (or as we call it sharing our achievements)

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.

























Miss wobble









Take care Rfc x

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What's the conversational thread called RFC? I don't want to post in the wrong bit

Ta for everything by the way. You're a saint


No problem. This is the thread for talking? Is that what you mean?


I had quite an epic week for me last week. I cycled for 15km in one go and managed to do two 5km runs in the week. As well as two swims. I have still got little breaks In The 5km but my Saturday run was 5km in 41 min including a little walk. There were hills involved as well, so I am well chuffed with that. Went for a run this morning but my muscles are a bit niggly so I didn't push it, will go for a walk later to loosen them up a bit. The muscle thing is a combination of heavy training in the week and going out on Saturday night in heels and walking for an hour in them. So not used to that. Have a good happy healthy running week everyone.

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Hi RFC. Yep, that was what I meant.

Here goes me then. I am in training for a 16 k (I say that while giggling cos I can't quite believe it yet) Ran yesterday but no rest day today as I have to run again (which is a complete change for me as I've always been used to rest days). These two runs are "30 minutes easy" which I am ok with. It's not started getting hard just yet.

Prior to starting training last Monday I was running every other day and even managed a PB 5 k time.

Later this week one of the runs is "30 minutes speed" which should be interesting as I'm not a speed merchant. LOL As if you lot didn't know that already. Ha ha


Well done rfc & misswobble, I had noticed your long bike ride on 5x50 team page rfc - very impressive distances. Good luck with your speedwork misswobble, not my thing at all either but the hard work will pay off for you I'm sure.

I had a really good week, only three runs not four but all good and enjoyed my long run which was just over 11.50 km, good weather is really helping. Still starting off bit too fast and progressively tailing off until the last km so will have to be stricter with myself - I'm no Edna Kiplagat (except in my dreams). ;-)


Hi all, i just did a post on the 'general post bit' as I am sooo pleased that I got out for a run today. I have been a bit under the weather for the last 2 weeks so not contributed to this new quest at all, however I am now feeling much better and did a 25 minute run today. Covered 3.7k. Plan to take it slowly this week and not push myself to far too quickly (which I have been known to do), so hope to go out another couple of times and work up to 30 minutes and, if all goes well, 5k by the end of the following week.

Enjoy your week everyone and have fun running too. To cap it all it's a lovely day here in Edinburgh, sun is shining and it's actually quite warm!


Well done everyone for getting this far and welcome to the new joiners to the quest. Personally, it's been another difficult week for me: I got out for my 4 runs but cancelled my 5th one, which I was looking forward to ;-( Never mind. I am aiming to do my 4 runs early this week as am going away for the bank holiday weekend. If I can, I'll try and get a fifth one in - we are going up to Edinburgh, so if anyone has reccomendations on places to run there, I'll try and go past them. It'll be nice to fit in a run in a different location, but I have also learnt my lesson from the last two weeks and will not try to do too much too soon.


Hi tanyag Where about are you staying in edinburgh If you want to pm me I can suggest good places to run How long / far do you want to run


Hi Fitfor60, in Dalkeith. A 5km/40min route would be nice. Thanks for your help.


Oh you're all putting me to shame! Was great listening to the marathon whilst trying to run yesterday. May keep listening to it as long as it's on, so I can feel motivated. :-D

Good luck with this week folks. I will attempt to do 2 this week.


I only managed one run this week. :-(

Babysitting at the beginning of the week and Mother problems at the end, so only ran on Thursday


After Chi running workshop at the start of wk2 of quest I am struggling. I'm having to spend less time on computer as I had 3 migraine attacks in wk1 & consequently only managed one run that week. When trying to chi run I'm going too fast & so I'm doing something wrong & I can't keep up with myself & definitely can't do the distance. Tonight was a bit better at 3.5K. I'm going to keep trying as I have to give it a fair try. Well done folks- even one is better than none.


Waletta I like that - 'Every one is better than none'

Realfoodieclub - can you add my name to list above please. Seeing it, makes me more motivate to do it! :-)


With pleasure. I had noticed you hadn't joined this time and wondered how you were doing. Great to have you onboard.


I've got to look at it like this because I'm struggling & don't want to get behind.


Thanks. Where do I put down that I join as I thought that I just post on each new weekly one? I've been slacking a lot, so must get myself out there. Reading Suzy B's marathon story puts me to shame. What a great inspiration she is. How's your triathlon going?


When each new quest start just ask for your name to be out on the list. There is no strict rules or anything like that anytime you want to join you can. Triathlon training going well, might of overdone it a bit last week energy is a bit lacking this week but we all learn. Happy running.


Go you. I am in awe.


Having not had time to fit in a run on Monday, today I planned a nice easy amble beside the river. No pressure, no paying attention to pace or distance, just enjoy myself in the sunshine. But I left runkeeper on to get time cues, and found myself running at a much faster pace than previous outings, and feeling able to keep it up. Result was 5km in 41 minutes. This is only the 2nd time I've run 5k, and the last time (about 2 weeks ago) it took 47 minutes, so I am really pleased. I've been using the speed podcast, so I can only conclude that it has helped ! There is a 5k run in my town first week in June (for cancer research) and I figure that I can probably now enter it without having to worry about coming last !


Not been able to follow training plan this week due to lots of little grandchildren staying at various times Good lesson learned though -- not the end of world if I have to change timing /day/ length of run planned run . I kind of like to be in control and it's been good for me to be a bit more flexible with runs . Probably managed to run at least 75% of distance I had planned but walked more so all ok Also ran races on beach at whitley bay with little ones Grandson says I still need to practise more and as they are still beating me he could be right! Still eating too much and just can't get back on track argh!!!!! Happy running everyone


Done a run this week. It says I've improved but I think the time is wrong. Still pleased that I did it.


Found the quest last week and joined from week 2 - goal to run 30 mins twice a week and whatever distance over 5k I can do on a weekend. The quest idea being to ensure that I keep running having completed C25K. However, although fairly good run on Tuesday (4.45k in 30 mins), I haven't been able to run today as I had hoped. Shins a bit tender yesterday,so thought I should rest the legs for a day or so - although I did keep my Pilates appointment last night. May have to wait until next week (after Easter) when I can get started again. Boo!


2 park runs without any walky bits! My husband wants me to enter a 10k with him in June. If I can do 5k now I should be able to do 10 by end of June?


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