Run for Mum quest week 5 - feel free to join

Welcome to the Run for Mum Quest week 5

Please feel free to join. Here is the original post that explains what it's all about.

All you have to do is reply to this post and ask for your name to be added.

Welcome to the beginning of week five, just two more weeks of this quest. Another great week of weather. I hope it has been the same for everyone.

The next quest will be called the Spring into Summer run. So get your thinking caps on for what you would like to achieve for those six weeks.


































Good luck and happy running.

Rfc x


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37 Replies

  • I had a great run last Monday but in hindsight probably pushed myself too far too fast after the op because by Monday night I had a sore throat the developed into a full blown cold. I think the 3 mile sports relief is out the question. I have a triathlon taster on Saturday. 3 hours of three small training sessions with tips and advice. Right now I feel like a big fraud. I have lost a lot of confidence with my running and the cycling is dire. I am sure I am going look a bit silly. I know they are doing it to go through rules and regulations and to help but I am sure everybody else is going to be fitter than me. I already now there is a hill in the park that I can't get up with the bike and will look like a right mug getting off my bike and walking up with it. I just hope they are nice to me.

  • You're not a fraud rfc, you've just had some health setbacks - but the one thing you've shown us here is that you have determination to keep going. That determination will serve you well for the triathlon, which I so admire you for doing btw, I wish I could swim like you can. Best wishes for Saturday, I'm sure there will be other people just as nervous and unsure as you may feel. Take care. x

  • I agree with what everyone else has said - not a fraud at all. You're still recovering from your op. Just think what you would say to anyone else on here in your circumstances! All the very best for Saturday - just do what you can :)

  • I just think you are amazing. Certainly not a fraud, and they'd better be nice to you on Saturday. Just remind yourself of all the people not on bikes going up that hill and remind yourself of the people you are inspiring on this website.

  • Not bad has said it all Your confidence just sounds a bit low You have boosted a lot of us on this forum so maybe time to follow your own advice Believe in your self and try not to worry -once you get there I am sure you will meet other newbies who feel the same Often the anticipation is worse than the actual event ( think back to your 1st 20 min run ---bet you thought you couldn't do that either ) Remember and let us know how you get on Good luck and try and enjoy the day

  • I totally agree with notbad and Fitfor60. I sink after about 50m of swimming and haven't been on a bike for almost 20 years. You have my admiration for attempting a triathlon, and with your determination I'm sure you'll be fine, daunting as the prospect of Saturday probably seems like now. If it's a taster then it must be aimed at newbies, so you definitely won't be the only nervous one even if everyone else is very good at hiding their nerves.

    Anyway, this past week I managed to get out for THREE runs for the first time this year! Very happy with that, and the last one was down by the sea front and I managed 6km - the longest since I ran 10km after building up my distance through a bridge to 10k programme.

  • That great that you managed to get out running three time and 6km is a fantastic distance. Sounds like things are coming back together for you. Happy running

  • Thank you guys so much. The one thing I will say about people who run is on the majority they are supporting so if all of them there on Saturday are half as nice as all of you on here I should be fine.

  • I second what they've all said. I'm sure you'll be just fine. Good luck & enjoy the day.

  • Oh sorry forgot about that- just one run last week. We lost central heating & hot water for 4 days & having one cold shower a day is quite enough. OK so I'm a bit nesh but everything back working today & I've been out for my run & played on my instrument of torture ("foam" roller- foam just makes it sound so nice & cuddly- it's not). Hopefully this week will be a good week.

  • A bit nesh! You are so brave - cold showers are not my thing at all! Brrrr! I would have decamped to the nearest sports centre! Glad you have the hot water back :)

  • Ooh cold showers I hate them. I won't go In the plunge pool at the gym. I am glad it's all sorted now. Hope your having a productive relationship with foam.

  • It's definitely productive but we are not destined to be friends.

  • 4 runs last week. Longest run 6.2k and still going strong. Will be out tomorrow for my first run of the new week.

    Rfc - hope you are feeling a wee bit more confidant about Saturday. Remember it's a taster so there doesn't need to be any pressure. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Thanks. 4 runs that's doing well. I am glad its all going well.

  • Good luck for Saturday - I bet you're not the only one walking up the hill with your bike - it's a sensible plan to conserve energy.

    I managed 3 runs again last week, the longest being 6.4k - I haven't run that far for 7 weeks, so that's good. Despite the lovely weather, my run today was hard work. I didn't want to go and faffed around planning a shorter and shorter route until I finally gave myself a stern talking to and got out the door. I realised it's time to start the B210k - it's one of my goals and with only 2 weeks left on the quest, I'm running out of time!

  • Hehe I hope not. Three runs and 6.4 k that good going. Good on you for getting out there even when you really didn't feel like it. You might find starting the bridge adds a little excitement.

  • Managed all my runs as planned last week But eating just gone all over the place!! Eating everything in sight and too too much cheese, butter, white bread so feeling sluggish, stomach pains, headachy...... been going on for nrearly 3 weeks So dissapointed /annoyed as havnt felt like this since started running and I had thought I had cracked attitude to food thing Need to get a grip and give myself a shake to get back on track Sorry for the moan Belated good luck in runs this week to all fellow questers

  • Just a thought is it possible as your runs have got better and you've built more muscle your body needs more fuel. It only has one way of asking and that's hunger. Maybe the thing you have to work on is running fuel, if it has all it needs from fuel it might not crave the other stuff. Sort of you tell it what it needs rather than the other way round. If it is that, the brain has a tendency to ask for calorific stuff first ie cheese and butter. Maybe try adding In some nuts and avocados and see how it is. Heathy fats. What ever it is I hope you find peace soon, I know what it's like.

  • Yes Rfc I was aware I needed to eat more and for wee while just increased portions and extra snack so all went ok for while and then my dad wasn't very well so eating increased and more and more and ..... You know how it goes Also thought if I lost a certain amount lbs every week I could be weight I want to be for race in May . I KNOW that as soon as I start putting on pressure eating goes to pot Why do I do that ! Going to give myself a talking to Think I just need to try and be more conscious of trying to get back to healthy eating . Hopefully more positive report next week

  • Just saw this Rona. Remember to talk kindly when you give yourself a talking to. Sounds like you know what's happening, and you are saying you do need to eat more so what about going to the shops and stocking up on nice, good for you things to eat. And I don't mean, lettuce - not that there's anything wrong with that of course, but you know what I mean!

  • Thanks Beth Feeling bit better now Little bit more positive Had some lovely raspberries yesterday and managed 1/2 day of good eating so step in right direction Just trying to relax and stop thinking about weeks = ? lbs to lose Actually felt lot better after moan on here Its like once you admit problem you can move forward Once again forum friends to rescue

  • Glad to hear that you feel a bit better, and I agree get something 'out' and it loses some of it's power. Avocado's are my thing. Yum!

  • Rubbish, pants, going backwards again :( Breathing all over the place, shoulder so sore I couldn't do my bra up properly so spent most of one run hoping desperately that it wouldn't come undone :D , referred pain (I think) causing my ribs and stomach muscles to hurt too but off to the physio today so will ask her to sort everything NOW please!!! Never mind, I'm sure it will all improve next week. That's the thing at the moment, it's all so inconsistent. I managed 5k last week and was ecstatic - now I'm down in the dumps because I struggle with 20 minutes. Perhaps I'll be back to 5k next week!

  • Sorry to read that Annie, hope your physio helps. Well done on achieving your 5k, remember it's in the bank. :-)

  • Thank you - today was 4k (fantastic!) and a very painful physio visit! It's all a bit baffling :O

  • I am so sorry you are on so much discomfort, I hope the physio sort you out and your back out there at them soon. Good luck

  • Thank you - a physio visit today was painful and a bit depressing and hopeful all at the same time :D and I ran a good 4k earlier, so that was great!

  • Cold showers are nothing to what you're experiencing. I hope things get better soon. The week before last I was finding it difficult but decided that 20mins was better than no run as notbad said - it's all in the bank.

  • You are so right - any run counts. As it happens, this morning's went really well and was 4k, so I'll take that :) Thanks for the support!

  • Poor you, you are having a bit of a dip eh? I am pretty sure you will be back at 5k soon but in the meantime 20minutes is 20 minutes! You've not got new trainers have you ? I can't remember. I wore my new ones three times so far and have really sore neck and shoulders and I think they are the cause - think I should have broken them in ! Just a thought. Hope the physio helps.

  • Thanks for the support - no, trainers are still my nice comfy Brooks. Interesting about your new trainers though - I would never have thought of that! And yes, at least it's 20 mins not on the couch so that's better than nothing :) Happy running!

  • I've stuck to my targets and the milder weather has helped as have these lighter mornings. Got my 9.5k on Monday but what a mental struggle it was, have to remind myself I have done this before and stop thinking about how far I've got to go when I'm only half way. Mind games.

  • 9.5 k wow that's great. I know what you mean sometimes I can be my own worst enemy.with that. Good luck with the mind games

  • You've said it not bad It's all about mind set What are we like

  • Taking it easy this week - and I feel so smug saying 'taking it easy' and meaning 2 x 33 min runs and parkrun saturday! But I was so proud of last weeks parkrun, that I feel I won't do better this week, so my plan is to slow down and run that little bit further before I walk on Saturday, and try to walk for 1 minute rather than 2. On my run on Tuesday, my heart rate didn't rise above 163 in the 33 minutes, which was fantastic! When I started, I was much slower and it only took a few minutes before it hit 180/190. I know now I can run 4km in 30 minutes, and i know I can slowly push that out to 5k, so my next goal is to run the whole parkrun. Once I can do that I'll worry about how fast I'm going. Ultimate goal is a half marathon in May 2015 (there's one at bewl water, which is near where I grew up)

  • Sounds like you are doing really well. I am still working at bringing my heart rate down. It sometimes is good to look back to see how far we have come. It wont be long till you feel ready for your park run and I have no doubt you will ace that HM. happy running.

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