Did my longest run yesterday!!! very happy! :) and didn't lose my £5!

Did my longest run yesterday!!! very happy! :) and didn't lose my £5!

My knee seems to have happily been a temporary problem from last weeks parkrun :) but i couldn't go yesterday as was working! Got very overheated on Thursdays run, so decided to get up early yesterday! so my run started at 6.45am, down on Shanklin seafront. Set my watch and did 5 min warm up walk along the 1st bit of prom, then off i went. Have mentioned to OH that i would love to be able to make it all the way to Yaverland and back, wasn't 100% sure of distance, i have done the route from either end but never joined up the two! i know to the pier and back is 5k as thats a regular route, so i took it steady, there were a fair number of dog walkers and one "pro-type" runner (not like me!)who flew past me whilst i was on my warm up! before i knew it i was at the pier, lots of coaches were lined up at the hotel picking up people(mainly pensioners) who were on their way back from a lovely week on the sunny IOW! A flashy sports car was stuck behind them and not looking impressed as they weren't going to move for a fair while!! One elderly guy pretended to run with me for a couple of strides, having a chuckle, and two old ladies asked me to take their body with them would i?! everyone seemed in a good mood! Had my running bottle with me , i thought it would be annoying but it gave me something to hang on too and i liked having a drink on the go so will do that again!

up the small hill then on towards Yaverland! i was determined that i would make it, at least to the end then on run back see how far i could get! OH had said i would owe him a fiver if i didn't make it, as he was having to do parkrun in the hot weather! and as i'm strapped for cash that was a good incentive! made it to the fab "Cheesy chip" cafe(not its real name but mine for it , touched the railing then back i came! Pro-type runner came past me again, this must be his second lap, he was going at a good old pace! Approached another lady runner by the pier, should i overtake? crossed to other side of road as i always never know whether people are happy if you go past them, and whether to say hello or does that look like showing off? i really wasn't going that fast!!

The end was in sight! i like the fact that this run lets you see the finish post, so to speak! had no music today as wanted to soak up the atmosphere and also my phone was out of charge, but i think it was better that way! hit 7k! blimey! bit further to go yet! rounded the last stretch, could i do a speed up at the end like Parkrun?! YES!!! stopped the garmin 57 mins!! ( so i ran for 52!) and 8.25k inc walk at start! I'm still in shock!! maybe i could book in for that 10k in Bournemouth in Oct after all!! :)

Made it home by 8am, quick shower then off to work for 9am! took breakfast with me , got there by 8.45 so time for little sit down, coffee and munch! Felt a bit flaky at 10am but other that that ok!

So i can vouch for the fact that a positive attitude and a challenge can do wonders!!! :)

Happy running and Happy fathers day to all DADS!

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8 Replies

  • Hi ali that sounds like a fantastic run! I told you the 10k will just sort of creep up on you! So put in for that 10k in October. Really pleased you kept hold of your fiver! Keep it up, sounds like you are enjoying yourself x

  • yes i did like that one! think i was in a determined mood! thats 2k further than before so very pleased! will put in for 10k when get paid next! :)

  • Well done Aliboo, that sounded fantastic. Definitely think you should put your name down for the 10k, you've got loads of time before October to train, and at 8.25k, you're almost there already :)

  • That sounds like a lovely run that had its amusing moments :-) I'm with you on carrying water too; it's essential as far as I'm concerned.

    You'll be fine for the 10K in October; it's a good time away yet, so plenty of training time, and you're almost there now. Go for it! :-)

  • thanks think i will be asap! :)

  • hope so! would love to get that magic 10k mark! :)

  • You must be really pleased. Sounds like you had an enjoyable run all before work too!! I think you should sign up for that 10k in October definitely.

  • thanks doodle1, it was nice to be out early, i keep waking up 5ish most days , need darker curtains!! it was definitely cooler! :)

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