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Very confused on my first run outside! How far did I run?!!

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Hi all!

So after graduating on Sunday I decided to give running outside a go this morning as I've only ever been a treadmill runner!

So it was nice and cold which stopped me sweating so much but hurt my chest a bit at first when I was heavy breathing! But after I got used to this and my wireless headphones packing up and stopping for traffic pushchair etc I shall do it again!! I wasn't as embarassed as I thought I would be, I was proud I'd got off my tush and was running!

One niggle tho if you could help me out?

Google maps said I ran 5k, mapmyrun says 4.7k and samsung phone says 6k!!! How far did I run?! Have you guys got any good apps I could use that are accurate or should I invest in a gps watch? I run for 30 mins whatever at the mo but would like to expand and would like to know how far I actually get! Also do I start the timer when I actually start running or include my walking in it which lowers my ave pace?

Sorry for all questions lol

Thank you!😊

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Hi there. I use Strava to record my runs and it seems quite accurate as long as you have a gps signal. I love running outside and couldn’t imagine running on a treadmill. There’s so much more to take your mind off what you’re actually doing! I start recording the run from the start of the run so don’t include the walking at each end or, as you say, it doesn’t give you accurate data on the run. Well done for being able to run 5k already. I graduated yesterday and can’t get further than 4K in 30 minutes but hope that will improve over time.

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AlwaysatryerGraduate in reply to Poppypieces

Hi thanks for that ill try Strava! Yes I'm a very nosy person so it's much more fun isn't it having a look around as you run it makes it go so much quicker! I've probably run less then cos I haven't really run 5k in 30 mins, I've run and walked 5k ish in 40 mins! I noticed I had to flog myself a bit harder tho outside I would def say it's easier to run 5k on a treadmill on flat as there were a few inclines I didnt notice till I ran it! Think u are doing brill for running 4k outside in 30 mins!

Whatever we do we are doing something and that's the best bit! Feeling proud after every run secretly chuffed after 2 months about how far we have come!! 🤗🤗

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PoppypiecesGraduate in reply to Alwaysatryer

I know exactly what you mean about hills. I try to run a fairly flat route as I find I can’t breath otherwise! I don’t want to get demotivated and give up so I’m just going to carry on doing what I’m doing and hope my speed improves. Although I’m just happy (like you) to be actually out there RUNNING and as long as I can keep going for 30 minutes that’s enough for me. I still don’t believe I’m doing it, do you?

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AlwaysatryerGraduate in reply to Poppypieces

Yes even a small incline is massive mountain to me! I've also noticed I ached more today with my thighs being outdoors!

But no i still have to pinch myself that it's me RUNNING lol for 30 minutes ha ha. There was no pleasure halfway through this it seemed a chore but now I feel sluggish the day I don't run and even tho sometimes I think I can't go on anymore during a run, I enjoy it and am still a smug graduate lol 😂 keep telling everyone I can "I ran 30 minutes today" ha ha

Yes here's to all of us just keepin on keepin on! 🎖🎖🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

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Strava works for me and seems to be accurate

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AlwaysatryerGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Thank u Strava seems to be winning here lol!

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All GPS devices are prone to errors and it is more likely the device than the app at fault.

Running watches tend to have better GPS units, but even they sometimes give erratic results.

If you want to know your running stats, just measure the running.

If you want workout stats, record the lot.

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Cheers 👍

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