Parkrun run report :)

Parkrun run report :)

Hi everyone, I'd just like to start off by apologising about the lack of run report from last week, when it came to writing the run report I had no memory what so ever of the parkrun didn't even remember waking up in the morning and had no memory of saturday until around 4 in the afternoon, I sat down to write the run report at about 7pmish (it was a saturday, I knew what day it was but when I came to think about what to write I couldn't remember anything before 4) hence no run report last week, so I do apologise,

Getting to this week's parkrun run report, I hope you all had a great weekend, I had parkrun saturday morning then a football presentation saturday night, didn't stay too long but stayed for a couple of hours, got back for around 10, which meant I pretty much went straight to bed to get up early to go help out at junior parkrun on the sunday since great run local has had to be cancelled over the next couple of weeks (yesterday and next sunday has been cancelled due to other events happening in the park hence why I've said I'd volunteer at junior parkrun instead of just staying at home and not doing much)

So getting on to last saturday's parkrun, I have started training for the bury10k, I'm just doing this one for fun, you get a medal, a tech t'shirt and a goody bag at the end of the race, it's in my home town so I thought why not when a friend said he was/had entered the race before me, and asked if I was, I didn't want to because of the price but have managed to persuade my mum in to paying almost half of the price so I just had to pay just over £10 for the race, part of a christmas present, I never in all my life thought I'd be getting my mum to pay for a race or paying part of the money for a race as a christmas present, how things change,

so anyway saturday according to my training table I'm using out of a running book was my rest day but didn't want to miss running in the parkrun so I ended up just running/walking with a friend I made a few weeks back whilst I was tailrunning, we had a great natter with the tail runner and my friend managed to run more than he did when I tail ran with him I was so proud of how far he has come over the last few weeks/couple of months, and I got my parkrun in but didn't run to fast so it was almost a rest day, over the next few weeks I'm going to put my name down as tail runner so I still get my parkrun in but don't go all out during the parkrun like I was beforehand plus I enjoy volunteering and wearing the hi-vis jackets,

I really enjoyed this week's parkrun going at a steady slow speed, able to get my rest day in without doing too much running on the day, I know it had to be saturday for my rest day, as long as I'm near the back or at the back as tail runner, I don't see why I should give up running in parkrun since I want to keep up the consecutive bolton parkruns and what better way than to put myself down as tail runner until after the bury10k, I get to help the people at the back and volunteer and get my parkrun in all at the same time, what better way to start the weekend/saturday than parkrun :)

I finished just before the tail runner and after my friend andy, as he did a sprint finish and I didn't want to run to fast at the end since it was my rest day, we stopped went and got our barcodes and finish tokens scanned and then we started walking away, told him how great he did and I said to him do I get a high five for his amazing sprint finish and he gave me a hug instead :)

I then went back to where my friends bill and julie was stood marshalling and we had some pictures took of us 3 doing star jumps all at the same time, they was still marshalling well julie was marshalling bill had ran in the parkrun, julie is injured at the moment, so chose to marshal instead, we all decided to stay with julie as a family had started a tad bit late and then the pram broke a little bit so they had to stop and fix the wheel all the while the tail runner was none the wiser there was anyone behind us but the marshal's made sure the tail runner knew and they kept an eye out on the family and walked around with them, they all managed to finish the parkrun and I was really pleased I got to cheer them all across the finish line, it's a fantastic thing that they come back and run the parkrun, a mum and her children and none of the children moan and want to stop, a couple of them always want to run ahead but aren't able to because they are under the age of 11 so have to stay with their mum,

I had a great time and am looking forward to next week's parkrun, going to e-mail parkrun and put my name down as tail runner, I'll explain that I have the bury10k coming up and saturday is supposed to be my rest day but don't want to stop running at parkrun so what's better than tail running?

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, I sure did, and am really looking forward to next week's parkrun and helping out at junior parkrun as well :) I had a great laugh with the footy team on saturday night, told the coach that I can't train for the next couple of weeks until I can change from the tuesday night to thursday night for running club (SRC) and then should be able to start training with the footy team after that, I have also told them about my wrist, turns out it was just severly sprained that was just over 3 weeks back and then last monday went and took a tumble and landed pretty much all my weight on my right thumb so have strained the tendon in the same wrist that I have sprained, don't do things by half me, I've got to wait a few weeks til I can go back to gymnastics because of my wrist, well shoulder is a bit sore as well from the tumble but that's practically fine now since I've been resting it as best as I can whilst still getting some short slow runs in :)

Take care everyone,

Siobhan xx

P.S. The picture is of me, my friend bill and my friend julie, yeahhhh we are all as tall as each other, julie is a little bit smaller than me, don't think that will be for much longer as on saturday I was stood next to julie and looked like we was almost the same height and bill is probably nearing 6 ft but with me and julie jumping really high and bill not jumping as high we are all roughly the same height :) this is what parkrun has done to me, me and bill was chatting after junior parkrun on sunday and he made me realise I should be proud of myself for how far I have come at parkrun in the last year, going from not being able to run the whole course and walking up the hills (I did graduate at parkrun and I did run for the 30 minutes and I did run up the hills and I can run for longer than 30 minutes now but at parkrun it's still a bit of a struggle getting up those hills) I got my PB and I ran the whole distance even the hills which was tough but worth it once I got cross the finish line :) my PB still stands at 34:42, I can't imagine not going parkrun and seeing my friends each week even if some can't make it that week just seeing some of the friends I've made at parkrun makes me happy even if I can't smile properly due to nerve damage in my face :)


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12 Replies

  • Love the idea of volunteering as tail runner to make sure you still get an easy run in on your rest day whilst you're training for your race. It's people like you who make Parkrun the success it is. Well done Sioban x

  • Well done Siobhan. Excellent piece of writing once again. Very entertaining reading your reports. Glad your hurt bits are getting better and good luck tail running. I really must make the effort and go to park run more often as well. Take care. Best wishes Andy. X x x

  • Brilliant Siobhan- your reports are always entertaining and full of enthusiasm :)

  • Wonderful, as ever Siobhan... and you have a lovely smile!

  • You're awesome for volunteering so much AW. A real role model for us all. Glad to hear there's another race on the horizon and great picture.

  • It looks like fun was had by all. Well done!

  • Love the star jump photo! You have a great crowd there Siobhan. Good luck for your 10k but, hey no more tumbles and sprains before then! Let's hope not anyway. Isn't that always the way that if you fall, you manage to fall on your injured side?! Happens to me too and my daughter is the same.

  • Great report and lovely photo! Good luck for the 10k.

  • Brilliant photo - you look great! Always good to hear what you've been up to . Well done to you for volunteering too!

  • Ah love it ! Great photo and lovely post :-)

    Its always good to hear about your week , hope that wrist of yours feels better soon.

    Have a good week Siobhan xxx

  • Great photo there Siobhan! You have some good friends at parkrun by the sound of it. Good luck with the training for the 10K. When is it? xxx

  • You are doing a great job of volunteering at Parkrun. Well done you for giving so much of your time to make Parkrun a great place for all those runners. Good luck in all your preparation for the 10k. Keep posting to let everyone know how you are going.☺

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